#curatorgeneration: Brand Engagement with Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram


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DigitalBinx's Digital Shoreditch talk exploring why and how brands are embracing these social platforms, not only to promote their products, but also to engage new audiences, crowdsource awesome content and drive social commerce

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  • Trends, news, inspiration
  • Choosehashtag before its chosen for you.
  • 50% of Tumblr visits come from users under 35Planning: Editorial angle, content catagories, and blogging schedule
  • Panel discussion tackling how their companies and clients are successfully using Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram creatively and effectively
  • Special thanks to Rabbit, especially Cat Turner panelists and you – Please stick around for a drink or two!
  • #curatorgeneration: Brand Engagement with Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram

    1. 1. CURATOR GENERATION• Challenge• What’s happening?• Questions to ask• What is a Hashtag• Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram• Conclusion• Table top• Prize winner#curatorgeneration
    2. 2. #CURATORGENERATION CHALLENGE • Prize: A bottle of champagne! • #curatorgeneration on Instagram • Winner: Announced in 10 minutes! • Judged by @gemmaphelan
    3. 3. WHAT’S HAPPENING?text • No patience for lengthy • Facebook fatigue • Social is active • Shared interests and identity • Great visuals rank high on Facebook#curatorgeneration
    4. 4. 4 QUESTIONS TO ASK BEFORE YOU DIVE IN Your don’t Consider need to be1. What are your social goals? sponsoring everywher2. Who is your target audience? live events e3. Do you have time/resource to curate non-branded content?4. Does your brand have a strong visual identity? Concentrate on where you are truly connecting and developing relationships#curatorgeneration
    5. 5. WHAT IS A #HASHTAG?! A way to catagorise content in social media • Search a hashtag to monitor relevant conversations #andywarhol • Add a hashtag within description • Communicate it internally and externally#curatorgeneration
    6. 6. Vanity Fair: Original content (153 Notes) TUMBLR• Socially focused, blogging platform• Customise themes to reflect your brand• Content planning• TAGS aid discovery• NOTES display viral journey• REBLOG to share• Commission unique contentBest for travel, theatre, pop culture GOOD: Curate with a RE-BLOG (415 Notes)#curatorgeneration
    7. 7. PINTEREST Social commerce retailer Little BlackContent curation, bookmarking and research BagOn Pinterest:• Already pinned? Pinterest.com/source/topshop.com• Collaborate to curate boards• Be creative with titles and descriptions• Pin from websites and avoid upload• REPIN to share, LIKE + COMMENTOff Pinterest:• Compelling visuals for blog posts• ‘Pin it’ to your browser and social sharing• Monitor traffic from Pinterest to your siteBest for food, design, recruitment#curatorgeneration
    8. 8. INSTAGRAM• Hugely popular, Facebook-owned photo sharing app for iPhone/Android• Focus on crowdsourcing user content• Invite savvy instagrammers to your events• Visualise key messages and calls to actions• Exclusive, timely, behind-the-scenes content• Use hashtags, @ mentions to aid discoveryBest for travel, design, live eventsMy camera app of choice? Camera+#curatorgeneration
    9. 9. REMEMBER…. • Use personally and assess your goals first • Develop visual brand identity to relate to your target audience • Create unique content and optimise posts for increased visibility • Follow to 30:70 creation: curation rule • Tumblr - Visual, bite-sized and sharable blogging • Pinterest - Social commerce, research and bookmarking • Instagram - mobile experiences and live events • Research. Experiment. Evaluate. Plan.#curatorgeneration
    10. 10. GOT QUESTIONS? JOIN OUR TABLE TOP AT 1:45 Featuring: Laura Scott @laura_scott Head of Digital Strategy @Addiction_World Cat Turner @catturner Head of Digital @therabbitagency Danielle Moon @DanniLMoon PR + Marketing Manager @OctoberJobs#curatorgeneration
    11. 11. @hassanmirza on Twitter, Instagram, Pintere st digitalbinx.com#curatorgeneration