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intro to Robotics


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this is a imagining of a presentation i have in my college and i implied to show it to my colleges but this didn't happen

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intro to Robotics

  1. 1. Robotics by Hassan Khaled
  2. 2. what is a robot ? a robot is a machine designed to do one task or more , with speed and precision there are many different as there tasks for them to do four generation of robots exist first in 70s and second in 80s third are in from 1990 to present and the fourth are in development
  3. 3. how to build a robot ? think as the robot is a human being the human need brain (CPU) , need vision hearing etc (robot different sensors), muscles (motors) food to give energy to run the brain and motors ( power source ) , human need memory to store information in the world around them ( storage medium )
  4. 4. purpose of a robot there are many tasks that the robot can do we can use it is dangerous situation when the presence of human can hurt them , we can use them in wars as an intelligence and surveillance means and even take part in battles as armed drones , we can use them as a means of exploring other planets (rovers)
  5. 5. purpose of robot continue personal assistant for older people and children with autism , in large factories to replace inexperienced and lazy workers and give high rate of production with low rate of error and failure of the product , to monitor pollution and petrol spells etc .
  6. 6. curiosity (mars science lab) (MSL)
  7. 7. curiosity continued
  8. 8. spirit rover
  9. 9. nuclear disasters (warrior, quince 2)
  10. 10. nuclear disasters continued(quince2)
  11. 11. robots in war
  12. 12. robots in war continued
  13. 13. robots at war continued
  14. 14. robots at factories
  15. 15. robots and autism ( kasper)
  16. 16. robots at hospital (da vinci )
  17. 17. robots as older people assistant
  18. 18. questions ?