Building Brands through Rich Media


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  • Hello everybody, My name is Hassan Khan and I work for MediaMind as their digital media strategist and account manager for Pakistan.Today, I will very briefly discuss some of the aspects of brand building though rich media. So here we go ...
  • What is rich media? Rich media ads contain images or video and involve some kind of user interaction. Text ads sell with words, and display ads sell with pictures, rich media ads offer all kinds of ways to involve your audience with an ad--expand it, float it, peel it, play video, listen to music, play a game, data capture, you name it While standard display ads may promote brand awareness, rich media ads drive user interaction.
  • Branding is about changing perceptions ... Branding takes time ... People learn by interaction, engagement and repetition .... Today in this busy world, We advertisers are striving hard to find brand moments with our audience.
  • In the real world, we rely on brand building activities and activation …. With such activities we bring our brands to life by:Create interactive experienceTake it to the audienceSpend ‘Branding’ Time
  • Why is interaction important? As i said earlier .... branding is about changing perceptions .... which is done through interaction and repetition When we were kids, Teachers didn’t just talk or show videos, they got us to write things down, got us to solve problems repeatedly – they got us involved… that is what helps you remember
  • Basic psychology suggests the more senses involved the more you are likely to remember things.Traditional media has two senses involved – TV sight and sound. Print sight and touch. Digital media connects all three – sight, sound AND touch. And none demonstrated more effectively than rich media.
  • So you need to reach your customers where they are!
  • You would not build a car showroom, spending a fortune on making the hi-tech latest ideas, then think afterwards about location... If its in a desert, nobody will go there ... like in the brand building activity, you reach out to your customers In online world, You can build the most beautiful brand experience on your website, but if people don’t come to it, it is useless. People will not be getting the brand connection you are craving for.
  • Typically advertisers force users to their site via the clicking standard banner ads .... Online advertising industry today in Pakistan is obsessed with “clicks”, hoping to get someone to leave what they were doing to get to somewhere else you want them to be in order to have this brand experience.This pull strategy is probably the wrong approach
  • The right approach is to push your content to the users where they are … so creating the brand experience there and then ... rich ads allow you to do that
  • Building brands are like building relationships ... If you want to build a relationship - Whether with friends, family or partner. You invest in moments when you can come together and spend quality time .... You dont rush with things ... You dont expect anything instantly ... Cuz this way things might not work out Same is the case of BTL activation ... The time of the customers spent with your brand is important ... Whether they buy your product instantly is not ... If You try to sell a juice brand in a shopping mall by offering a standing discount, its sales promotion .... But if you engage your customer in a game before they win a bottle ... Thats brand building
  • Coming to the online digital world ... If you are focused on quantity and looking for instant results .. You might loose itThis is the mistake we make with standard ads .... We are too obsessed with clicks .... Clicks doent not tell anything about the brand building moments that were achieved ... Click is the effect ... Without knowing what caused this effect ... This metric can be very misleading
  • But if you focus on the quality of time spent by the customer with your brand .... Its building brand moments... Like in rich media .... You dont just focus on the number of clicks .... You look at the complete picture ....... In rich ads .... You measure time ... So how do we measure time? How do we give it a value?
  • “Dwell Time” is the answerNot just what they did but for “how long” – it is “brand time” – a point of measurement that can show the impact on the audience where they are.It goes much deeper then reach and frequency. It goes deeper than clicks alone – all they do is show me exposure, not that I have a connected relationship.
  • Building Brands through Rich Media

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