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Question 1


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Question 1

  1. 1. By Hassan Kawshar
  2. 2. Conventions of a thriller genre is that they will consist of fact pace, frequent action and heroes which are able to quick think in situations that makes them the hero by making sure they break down the villains plans. For a thriller to be a thriller it will have tension in the film that builds up so it excites the audience and they will want to keep watching it and see what happens.
  3. 3. Conventions that we used in our film was suspense, it kept building up so that the audience would be kept interested and not find it boring. Also we used tension to build up that suspense as it would try and make the audience ask the question to themselves why is this happening? They would want to find out what happens from start to finish for the main character.
  4. 4. Here is an example of how we build the suspense, we see before hand in one scene were the character is the doctor there is no suspicion raised, then towards the end the doctor turns out to be the cause of it all, the suspense raises here and it is not something the audience would of expected.
  5. 5. Real films which are similar to our film would be the final destination series, the reason for this is that as our film is based on visions, final destination is the same where the character has a vision which he sees something bad is going to happen.
  6. 6. Films that influenced me and is similar to mine is the final destination series, the reason this is that final destination has visions which are in it where they see how someone is going to die. In our film Lance Filmore has visions as to being in certain situations where it is about his past but both films consist of visions.
  7. 7. What we have different to most thrillers is that we went about it our own way, we added the selection in scenes in different orders to what we thought was appropriate for the story we were trying to show. What is original in our thriller which is in other thrillers as well is that we had suspense in it which every single thriller has.