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Alfred hitchcock


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Alfred hitchcock

  1. 1. By Hassan Kawshar
  2. 2. Sir Alfred Hitchcock’s life Sir Alfred Hitchcock born on 13th August 1899- 29th April 1980, he was a English film director and producer. He was one of the first to apply many techniques in the suspense and psychological thriller genres. Sir Alfred Hitchcock had a very successful career in the British cinema in both the silent films and ones with dialogue.
  3. 3. Hitchcock had many great films out at the time and are also said to be great even now when looking back. Some of these films where: Psycho North by north west The Birds These were just some of the great films that he had produced and on top of these there were many more.
  4. 4. Hitchcock used many different methods in his films, many of his films had twisted endings, thrilling plots which included violence, murder and crime. His films included MacGuffin, Red herrings, Cliff hangers and enigmas. He used these to grab the attention of audience and make them more interested in what is going to happen next or throughout the rest of the film.
  5. 5. Hitchcock's most known MacGuffin was in North by north west where the baddies in the film where interested in the microfilm which the viewers did not know about until the end, it did not have and affect towards the audience as to why the baddies wanted the microfilm, the audience where more focused on the mistaken identity of Roger who is confused to the baddies as another man called Kaplan.