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Services of btcl


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Services of btcl

  1. 1. Marketing Cell, BTCL.Bangladesh Telecommunications Company Limited
  2. 2. BTCL is the largest fixed telephone service provider 1 mil. subscribers countrywide
  3. 3. PSTN ScenarioTelephone Capacity: 13.7 lacTelephone Connection: 9.9 lacUpazillas Covered: 456Growth Centres Covered: 25Total Exchanges: 693Monthly average income per telephone was Tk 356 in June, 2011. RODS (Replacemnt of Old Digital Telephone System ) Tel. 239072; ADSL 35000
  4. 4. Telephone Call Charge for Local/ Nation Wide Dialing (NWD)BTCL to BTCL Tk. 0.30 /min 8AM-8PM(Local/ Nationwide) Tk. 0.10 /min 8PM-8AMBTCL to other Landphone Tk.0.80 /min(PSTN) / CellphoneLine Rent Multi Exchange Area Tk. 160 (Dhaka, Chittagong, Khulna) Zilla Sadar Tk. 120 Upazilla & Growth Centre. Tk. 80 MonthlyMonthly Free Call (BTCL to 50 unitBTCL) Effective from:01 July 200926 October 2012 :
  5. 5. Capacity /Connection Region Capacity Connection Usage Dhaka City 565409 465821 82% Rest of Dhaka 158359 105644 67% Chittagong 241240 164093 68% Sylhet 78894 46909 59% Rangpur 93408 55917 60% Rajshahi 67824 43803 65% Khulna 121020 86593 72% Barisal 39232 21714 55% Total 1365386 990494 73%
  6. 6. Value Added Service(Not available in all Exchanges) Service Charge Hotline Tk. 200 /Month Conferencing Tk. 100 /Month Call Forwarding Tk. 50 /Month Call History (Call details) Tk. 50 /Month Call to Busy Subscribers Tk. 50 /Month Wake Up Alarm Tk. 50 /Month Dont Disturb Message Tk. 30 /Month Absence Message Tk. 20 /Month Call Waiting Tk. 20 /Month Abbreviated Dialing Tk. 20 /Month
  7. 7. IN based Value Added Services:
  8. 8. Free Phone Service (FPS): This is BTCL’s toll free phone service. FPS subscriber pays bills of incoming calls. So the callers can make free call to an FPS number.This service is suitable for different service providers, enterprises, customer care centers and call centers, where people can make calls free of cost.In June 2011, there were 7 FPS subscribers, whereas the capacity was 500. Revenue collected from FPS subscribers in 2010-11 was Tk 1.8 lac.
  9. 9. Pre-Paid Telephony (PPT):The PPT (Prepaid Telephony) Service enables the subscriber to transfer the balance of a Prepaid Card to the account of a telephone number.When subscriber makes Prepaid Phone call by this telephone, the call will be charged to the prepaid account of this telephone number.In june 2011, there were 71 PPT subscribers whereas the capacity was 10,000.Revenue collected from PPT subscribers in 2010-11 was Tk 0.7 lac.
  10. 10. Pre-Paid Service (PPS):The PPS service allows a user to make any call (local, Nationwide or International) from any telephone set by using a scratch card.This call will be charged to the card number (account number in IN system) and will not be included in telephone bill.Pre-paid cards of Tk 200 and Tk 500 are available in Dhaka GPO, City Banks, Dhaka Banks and Basic Banks. Revenue collected from pre-paid card sale in 2010-11 was Tk 12.3 lac.
  11. 11. Data & Internet Services:
  12. 12. Narrowband and Broadband All the telephone subscriber of BTCL can enjoy dial-up Internet service
  13. 13. Click2Net: Dial-up Internet is available from BTCL telephone in all over the country. Telephone line is engaged when user is logged in internet.User has to dial 0101234 and log-on with user ID: bcl, password: btcl. Highest speed is 56Kbps,Theoretically. This service allows low speed internet access to 1 million subscribers in all over the country. Charge is same as voice call charge, that is Tk 0.30 per minute.
  14. 14. Broadband over legacy copper wire. Technology : ADSL I can talk while my brother can Access network is copper serf the net. based. In 42 district cities and 12 upazila towns over copper cable access network using ADSL technology Capacity /Connection: 47,000 /12,000 Brand : Bcube Thanks Speed: 236 kbps / 512 kbps / 1 to mbps ADSL.
  15. 15. Blink: Broadband link is provided through DDN (Digital Data Network), which is spread throughout 73 locations in 41 District head quarters. The service is suitable for point to point 64Kbps to 2Mbps dedicated data communication line. This service will be discontinued in future as newly introduced VPN provides higher speed at much lower cost
  16. 16. IPLC (International Private Leased Circuit):BTCL provides IPLC backhaul from Cox’s Bazar to any domestic location in the country and also local loop from BTCL exchange to customer premise.
  17. 17. IPLC costing Local Backhaul Wet Segment Cost Distant Backhaul Cost IPLC cost has 3(three) / 4(four) cost segment Total cost = Backhaul cost at local end + wet-segment (through SMW4 submarine cable, under the sea) or satellite segment cost (half or full circuit) + backhaul cost at the distant end. At present IPLC through SMW4 submarine cable is more popular than that of Satellite as the cost through submarine is much more cheaper. In Bangladesh end SEA-ME-WE-4 is owned by BSCCL and backhaul is owned by Backhaul Service Provider license holders by BTRC and BTCL is one of them.
  18. 18. IPLS•IPLC: International Private Leased Circuit• IPLC is used for data and corporate voice of an internationalcompany, offices destined in two countries e.g. Huawei has its corporateoffice at Shenzhen, China and Dhaka, Bangladesh. They can apply for,say 2 Mbps, IPLC between Shenzhen and Dhaka• IPLC can not be connected to any PSTN network.
  19. 19. Total Cost for E1 from Banani, Dhaka to Paris, FranceLocal Backhaul Costa) Banani to Mohakhali – Provided by local backhaul service provider (A)a) Mohakhali to Cox’s Bazar CLS (BTCL) i) OTC or NRC Registration fee =Tk. 5000/= Installtion Charge = Tk. 10,000/= ii) MRC (without discount) Say, distance between Dhaka and Cox’s Bazar 425km 0-25 km =Tk. 4000/= 26-50 km @ Tk 165= Tk. 165x25 =Tk. 4125/= 51-100 km @Tk. 140= Tk.140x50 =Tk. 7000/= 101-200 km @ Tk. 105= Tk.105x 100 =Tk. 10500/= 201-300km @ Tk. 63 = Tk. 63x100 = Tk. 6300/= rest 100 km @ Tk. 21= Tk. 21x100 = Tk. 2100/= Total = Tk. 34,025/=
  20. 20. c) Cox’s Bazar CLS to Marseilles CLS (SMW4)OTC or NRC Registration fee = US$285 or BDT 20,000/= Installation Charge = US$300 or BDT 21000/=MRC (Monthly Recurring Charge) US$ 1701 or BDT 119070/=d) Distant Backhaul Charge (D)Total costing (NRC)for E1 from Banani, Dhaka to Paris, FranceNRC = A(NRC)+ Tk.15000+Tk.41000+D (NRC)Total costing (MRC) for E1 for Banani, Dhaka to Paris, France1) for backhaul = BDT 34025/=2) For full circuit = BDT117070/=3) For distant backhaul= D (MRC)
  21. 21.  c) Cox’s Bazar CLS to Marseilles CLS (SMW4) OTC or NRC Registration fee = US$285 or BDT 20,000/= Installation Charge = US$300 or BDT 21000/= MRC (Monthly Recurring Charge) i) for half circuit = US$ 1134 or BDT 79380/= ii) for full circuit =US$ 1701 or BDT 119070/= Note : For half circuit, France telecom (FT) will charge for half circuit d) Distant Backhaul Charge (D) Total costing (NRC)for E1 from Banani, Dhaka to Paris, France NRC = A(NRC)+ Tk.15000+Tk.41000+D (NRC) for full circuit NRC= A(NRC) + Tk.15000+Tk 41000+ NRC for FT+D (NRC) for half circuit Total costing (MRC) for E1 for Banani, Dhaka to Paris, France 1) for backhaul = BDT 34025/= 2) for half circuit = BDT 79380/= + MRC for FT for half circuit 3) For full circuit = BDT117070/= 4) For distant backhaul= D (MRC) d) Backhaul cost for distant end (D)
  22. 22. OSSOSS (One Stop Shopping) agreement can be signed between two parties.If there is OSS agreement between exists between BTCL and BSCCL, subscriber may contact with any of BTCL or BSCCL.BTCL or BSCCL will invoice the total amount to the subscriber adding mark-up and after collecting the total amount one will keep its own share and give the partners share to its partner
  23. 23. Backhaul CostFor BTCL there are two cost segment of backhaul charge.One Time Charge (OTC) or Non-recurring Charge (NRC) which includes  Registration charge and  Installation charge.Monthly Recurring Charge (MRC).
  24. 24. SEA-ME-WE 4 (SMW4) CapacityThe unit of SMW4 capacity is MIU-KmMIU- Minimum Investment Unit, Minimum Investment Unit of SMW4 is STM 1Capacity through SMW4 can be opened through JAC (Jointly Assigned Capacity) and WAC (Wholly Assigned Capacity)Wet segment cost can be half circuit basis or full circuit basis. Half circuit cost is for circuits which are opened through JAC and full circuit cost is for circuits which are opened through WAC
  25. 25. Example of costingBanani –Mohakhali Wet Segment Marseilles-Paris-Paris office, Dhaka – Cox`s Bazar ˆ Dhaka, Cost France • Suppose one customer wants to take 1(one) E1 as IPLC from Banani, Dhaka to Bangladesh to Paris, France Segments of costing : • Local Backhaul Cost • Banani to Mohakhali– provided by outsourced company (A) • Mohakhali to Cox’s Bazar CLS – provided by BTCL (B) • Wet-segment cost (provided by BSCCL) (C) • Cox’s Bazar CLS to Marseilles CLS on half circuit or JAC basis or • Cox’s Bazar CLS to Marseilles CLS on half circuit or WAC basis • Distant Backhaul Cost (D) Total Cost = A+B+C+D
  26. 26. Schematic Diagram of IPLC connection SMW4
  27. 27. Segments effecting IPLC charge. Linking Paris office with Dhaka, Bangladesh Office Banani Paris Paris Dhaka France d) a) Mohakhali b) Marseilles Cox`s Bazar c)Total= a + b + c +d SMW4 Cable Marketing, BTCL
  28. 28. Leased Line Connectivity:BTCL has a countrywide robust transmission network consisting of 41000 Km of optical fiber and many digital microwave stations. The inter-operator connectivity and inter-organizational connectivity with bandwidth in the range of E1, E3, STM-1, STM-4 etc. are leased out with competitive charges.
  29. 29. BSCCL Submarine Cable Mir Novotel BTCL Bangla Trac Mango IGW IGW IGW IGW IIG M&H BTCL GETCO ICX New ICX ICX ICX New ICX BTCL TAX BTCL Mobile Mobile BTCL Mobile Mobile Exchanges BTCLOperator Operator Exchanges Operator Operator Exchanges BTCL Exchanges
  30. 30. IGW (International Gateway) ServiceBTCL has long been working as the international voice carrier and operating international gateways.The legitimate voice calls originated from and terminated to the Access Network Service (ANS) Providers’ network are exchanged through BTCL IGW.
  31. 31. ICX (Inter-Operator Connection Exchange) Service: BTCL provides ICX services to route domestic inter-operator calls.
  32. 32. IIG (International Internet Gateway)Service: ISPs, BWA Operators and Mobile Operators having ISP licenses are connected through optical fiber with BTCL IIG nodes for providing them Internet transit facility.
  33. 33. Country Domain: BTCL is the only provider of .bd country code top level domain registration service. Charge is Tk 1500 for 2 years. http://
  34. 34. Co-location service: Other operators can rent some racks at BTCL offices if required to keep and operate their equipment. Co- location service is available at Mogbazar telephone exchange and Mohakhali Satellite earth-station building.
  35. 35. Infrastructure Sharing Service: BTCL has countrywide active and passive infrastructure facility down to Upazilla and Growth Center level. This infrastructure can be leased out/ rented under the Infrastructure Sharing Guidelines issued by BTRC.
  36. 36. Licenses as OperatorBTCL holds all licenses of entire telecom arena excepting Mobile Service. 1. PSTN license.2. International Gateway (IGW).3. Interconnection Exchange (ICX).4. International Internet Gateway (IIG).5. Internet Service Provider (ISP).
  37. 37. ABBREVIATIONBSCCL: Bangladesh Submarine Company Limited.IN : Intelligent Network.
  38. 38. Thank you• Md. Aminul Hassan, GM, P&D• Md. Alimuzzaman, DE, SEC, P&D.• Zahirul Alam, DE, MEP.