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Kod e yang halal dan haram


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Kod e yang halal dan haram

  1. 1. Kod E yang Halal dan HaramE100 Curcumin, turmeric [Colouring] halalE101 Riboflavin (Vitamin B2), formerly called lactoflavin (Vitamin G) [Colouring][likely to be GM] mushboohE101a Riboflavin-5′-Phosphate [Colouring] [likely to be GM] mushboohE102 Tartrazine [Colouring] [possible allergic reaction] halalE103 Chrysoine Resorcinol [Colouring] ?E104 Quinoline Yellow [Colouring] [possible allergic reaction] halalE105 Fast Yellow AB [Colouring] ?E106 Riboflavin-5-Sodium Phosphate [Colouring] mushboohE107 Yellow 2G [Colouring] ?E110 Sunset Yellow FCF, Orange Yellow S [Colouring] halalE111 Orange GGN [Colouring] ?E120 Cochineal, Carminic acid, Carmines [Colouring] [animal origin] haramE121 Orcein, Orchil [Colouring] ?E122 Carmoisine, Azorubine [Colouring] halalE123 Amaranth [Colouring] halalE124 Ponceau 4R, Cochineal Red A, Brilliant Scarlet 4R [Colouring] halalE125 Scarlet GN [Colouring] ?E126 Ponceau 6R [Colouring] ?E127 Erythrosine [Colouring] halalE128 Red 2G [Colouring] halalE129 Allura Red AC [Colouring] halalE130 Indanthrene blue RS [Colouring] ?E131 Patent Blue V [Colouring] halalE132 Indigo carmine, Indigotine [Colouring] halalE133 Brilliant Blue FCF [Colouring] halalE140 Chlorophylls and Chlorophyllins: (i) Chlorophylls (ii) Chlorophyllins [Colouring]haramE141 Copper complexes of chlorophylls and chlorophyllins (i) Copper complexes ofchlorophylls (ii) Copper complexes of chlorophyllins [Colouring] haramE142 Greens S [Colouring] [possible allergic reaction] halalE150a Plain Caramel [Colouring] [likely to be GM] halalE150b Caustic sulphite caramel [Colouring] [likely to be GM] halalE150c Ammonia caramel [Colouring] [likely to be GM] halalE150d Sulphite ammonia caramel [Colouring] [likely to be GM] halalE151 Black PN, Brilliant Black BN [Colouring] halalE152 Black 7984 [Colouring] ?E153 Carbon black, Vegetable carbon [Colouring] [likely to be GM] mushboohE154 Brown FK, Kipper Brown [Colouring] halalE155 Brown HT, Chocolate brown HT [Colouring] halalE160a Alpha-carotene, Beta-carotene, Gamma-carotene [Colouring] mushboohE160b Annatto, bixin, norbixin [Colouring] halalE160c Capsanthin, capsorubin, Paprika extract [Colouring] halal
  2. 2. E160d Lycopene [Colouring] [possibly GM] halalE160e Beta-apo-8′-carotenal (C 30) [Colouring] halalE160f Ethyl ester of beta-apo-8′-carotenic acid (C 30) [Colouring] halalE161a Flavoxanthin [Colouring] mushboohE161b Lutein [Colouring] haramE161c Cryptoaxanthin [Colouring] [likely to be GM] halalE161d Rubixanthin [Colouring] halalE161e Violaxanthin [Colouring] halalE161f Rhodoxanthin [Colouring] halalE161g Canthaxanthin [Colouring] haramE162 Beetroot Red, Betanin [Colouring] halalE163 Anthocyanins [Colouring] halalE170 Calcium carbonate [Colouring] halalE171 Titanium dioxide [Colouring] halalE172 Iron oxides and hydroxides [Colouring] halalE173 Aluminium [Colouring] halalE174 Silver [Colouring] halalE175 Gold [Colouring] halalE180 Pigment Rubine, Lithol Rubine BK [Colouring] halalE181 Tannin ?E200 Sorbic acid [Preservative] halalE201 Sodium sorbate [Preservative] halalE202 Potassium sorbate [Preservative] halalE203 Calcium sorbate [Preservative] halalE210 Benzoic acid [Preservative] halalE211 Sodium benzoate [Preservative] halalE212 Potassium benzoate [Preservative] halalE213 Calcium benzoate [Preservative] halalE214 Ethyl para-hydroxybenzoate [Preservative] halalE215 Sodium ethyl para-hydroxybenzoate [Preservative] halalE216 Propyl para-hydroxybenzoate [Preservative] halalE217 Sodium propyl para-hydroxybenzoate [Preservative] halalE218 Methyl para-hydroxybenzoate [Preservative] halalE219 Sodium methyl para-hydroxybenzoate [Preservative] halalE220 Sulphur dioxide [Preservative] halalE221 Sodium sulphite [Preservative] halalE222 Sodium hydrogen sulphite [Preservative] halalE223 Sodium metabisulphite [Preservative] halalE224 Potassium metabisulphite [Preservative] halalE225 Sodium sulphite [Preservative] ?E226 Calcium sulphite [Preservative] halalE227 Calcium hydrogen sulphite [Preservative] [Firming Agent] halalE228 Potassium hydrogen sulphite [Preservative] ?E230 Biphenyl, diphenyl [Preservative] halal
  3. 3. E231 Orthophenyl phenol [Preservative] halalE232 Sodium orthophenyl phenol [Preservative] halalE233 Thiabendazole [Preservative] halalE234 Nisin [Preservative] ?E235 Natamycin, Pimaracin [Preservative] halalE236 Formic acid [Preservative] halalE237 Sodium formiate [Preservative] halalE238 Calcium formiate [Preservative] halalE239 Hexamethylene tetramine, Hexamine [Preservative] halalE240 Formaldehyde [Preservative] ?E242 Dimethyl dicarbonate [Preservative] halalE249 Potassium nitrite [Preservative] halalE250 Sodium nitrite [Preservative] halalE251 Sodium nitrate, saltpetre [Preservative] halalE252 Potassium nitrate (Saltpetre) [Preservative] haramE260 Acetic acid [Preservative] [Acidity regulator] halalE261 Potassium acetate [Preservative] [Acidity regulator] halalE262 Sodium acetates (i) Sodium acetate (ii) Sodium hydrogen acetate (sodiumdiacetate) [Preservative] [Acidity regulator] halalE263 Calcium acetate [Preservative] [Acidity regulator] halalE264 Ammonium acetate [Preservative] ?E270 Lactic acid [Preservative] [Acid] [Antioxidant] halalE280 Propionic acid [Preservative] halalE281 Sodium propionate [Preservative] halalE282 Calcium propionate [Preservative] halalE283 Potassium propionate [Preservative] halalE284 Boric acid [Preservative] halalE285 Sodium tetraborate (borax) [Preservative] halalE290 Carbon dioxide [Acidity regulator] halalE296 Malic acid [Acid] [Acidity regulator] halalE297 Fumaric acid [Acidity regulator] halalE300 Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) [Antioxidant] halalE301 Sodium ascorbate [Antioxidant] halalE302 Calcium ascorbate [Antioxidant] halalE303 Potassium ascorbate [Antioxidant]E304 Fatty acid esters of ascorbic acid (i) Ascorbyl palmitate (ii) Ascorbyl stearate[Antioxidant] mushboohE306 Tocopherol-rich extract (natural) [Antioxidant] halalE307 Alpha-tocopherol (synthetic) [Antioxidant] halalE308 Gamma-tocopherol (synthetic) [Antioxidant] halalE309 Delta-tocopherol (synthetic) [Antioxidant] halal
  4. 4. E310 Propyl gallate [Antioxidant] halalE311 Octyl gallate [Antioxidant] halalE312 Dodecyl gallate [Antioxidant] halalE315 Erythorbic acid [Antioxidant] halalE316 Sodium erythorbate [Antioxidant] halalE317 Erythorbin acid [Antioxidant] ?E318 Sodium erythorbin [Antioxidant] ?E319 Butylhydroxinon [Antioxidant] ?E320 Butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) [Antioxidant] halalE321 Butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT) [Antioxidant] halalE322 Lecithin [Emulsifier] mushbooh;halal if it is from soy fat or egg yolk; haram if it is from animal fatE325 Sodium lactate [Antioxidant] halalE326 Potassium lactate [Antioxidant] [Acidity regulator] halalE327 Calcium lactate [Antioxidant] [possibly of animal origin] halalE329 Magnesium lactate [Antioxidant] ?E330 Citric acid [Antioxidant] halalE331 Sodium citrates (i) Monosodium citrate (ii) Disodium citrate (iii) Trisodium citrate[Antioxidant] halalE332 Potassium citrates (i) Monopotassium citrate (ii) Tripotassium citrate [Antioxidant]halalE333 Calcium citrates (i) Monocalcium citrate (ii) Dicalcium citrate (iii) Tricalciumcitrate [Acidity regulator] [Firming Agent] halalE334 Tartaric acid (L(+)-) [Acid] [Antioxidant] halalE335 Sodium tartrates (i) Monosodium tartrate (ii) Disodium tartrate [Antioxidant] halalE336 Potassium tartrates (i) Monopotassium tartrate (cream of tartar) (ii) Dipotassiumtartrate [Antioxidant] halalE337 Sodium potassium tartrate [Antioxidant] halalE338 Phosphoric acid [Antioxidant] halalE339 Sodium phosphates (i) Monosodium phosphate (ii) Disodium phosphate (iii)Trisodium phosphate [Antioxidant] mushboohE340 Potassium phosphates (i) Monopotassium phosphate (ii) Dipotassium phosphate(iii) Tripotassium phosphate [Antioxidant] mushboohE341 Calcium phosphates (i) Monocalcium phosphate (ii) Dicalcium phosphate (iii)Tricalcium phosphate [Anti-caking agent] [Firming Agent] mushboohE343 Magnesium phosphates (i) monomagnesium phosphate (ii) Dimagnesiumphosphate [Anti-caking agent] ?E350 Sodium malates (i) Sodium malate (ii) Sodium hydrogen malate [Acidity regulator]halalE351 Potassium malate [Acidity regulator] halalE352 Calcium malates (i) Calcium malate (ii) Calcium hydrogen malate [Acidityregulator] halalE353 Metatartaric acid [Emulsifier] halal
  5. 5. E354 Calcium tartrate [Emulsifier] ?E355 Adipic acid [Acidity regulator] halalE356 Sodium adipate [Acidity regulator] halalE357 Potassium adipate [Acidity regulator] halalE363 Succinic acid [Acidity regulator] halalE365 Sodium fumarate [Acidity regulator] ?E366 Potassium fumarate [Acidity regulator] ?E367 Calcium fumarate[Acidity regulator] ?E370 I,4-Heptonolactone [Acidity regulator] ?E375 Nicotinic acid, Niacin, Nicotinamide [Colour Retention Agent] ?E380 Triammonium citrate [Acidity regulator] halalE381 Ammoniumferrocitrate [Acidity regulator] ?E385 Calcium disodium ethylene diamine tetra-acetate (Calcium disodium EDTA) halalE400 Alginic acid [Thickener] [Stabiliser] [Gelling agent] [Emulsifier] halalE401 Sodium alginate [Thickener] [Stabiliser] [Gelling agent] [Emulsifier] halalE402 Potassium alginate [Thickener] [Stabiliser] [Gelling agent] [Emulsifier] halalE403 Ammonium alginate [Thickener] [Stabiliser] [Emulsifier] halalE404 Calcium alginate [Thickener] [Stabiliser] [Gelling agent] [Emulsifier] halalE405 Propane-1,2-diol alginate (Propylene glycol alginate) [Thickener] [Stabiliser][Emulsifier] halalE406 Agar [Thickener] [Gelling agent] [Stabiliser] halalE407 Carrageenan [Thickener] [Stabiliser] [Gelling agent] [Emulsifier] [possible allergicreaction] halalE407a Processed eucheuma seaweed [Thickener] [Stabiliser] [Gelling agent] [Emulsifier]?E410 Locust bean gum (Carob gum) [Thickener] [Stabiliser] [Gelling agent] [Emulsifier]halalE412 Guar gum [Thickener] [Stabiliser] halalE413 Tragacanth [Thickener] [Stabiliser] [Emulsifier] halalE414 Acacia gum (gum arabic) [Thickener] [Stabiliser] [Emulsifier] halalE415 Xanthan gum [Thickener] [Stabiliser] halalE416 Karaya gum [Thickener] [Stabiliser] [Emulsifier] halalE417 Tara gum [Thickener] [Stabiliser] halalE418 Gellan gum [Thickener] [Stabiliser] [Emulsifier] halalE420 Sorbitol (i) Sorbitol (ii) Sorbitol syrup [Emulsifier] [Sweetener] [Humectant] halalE421 Mannitol [Anti-caking agent] [Sweetener] halalE422 Glycerol [Emulsifier] [Sweetener] [possibly of animal origin] mushboohE425 Konjac (i) Konjac gum (ii) Konjac glucomannane [Emulsifier] ?E430 Polyoxyethylene (8) stearate [Emulsifier] [Stabiliser] [possible allergic reaction]haramE431 Polyoxyethylene (40) stearate [Emulsifier] haramE432 Polyoxyethylene (20) sorbitan monolaurate (polysorbate 20) [Emulsifier]mushboohE433 Polyoxyethylene (20) sorbitan monooleate (polysorbate 80) [Emulsifier] mushbooh
  6. 6. E434 Polyoxyethylene (20) sorbitan monopalmitate (polysorbate 40) [Emulsifier]mushboohE435 Polyoxyethylene (20) sorbitan monostearate (polysorbate 60) [Emulsifier]mushboohE436 Polyoxyethylene (20) sorbitan tristearate (polysorbate 65) [Emulsifier] [possibly ofanimal origin] mushboohE440 Pectins (i) pectin (ii) amidated pectin [Emulsifier] halalE441 Gelatine [Emulsifier] [Gelling agent] [animal origin] haramE442 Ammonium phosphatides [Emulsifier] halalE444 Sucrose acetate isobutyrate [Emulsifier] halalE445 Glycerol esters of wood rosins [Emulsifier] mushboohE450 Diphosphates (i) Disodium diphosphate (ii) Trisodium diphosphate(iii)Tetrasodium diphosphate (iv) Dipotassium diphosphate (v) Tetrapotassium diphosphate(vi) Dicalcium diphosphate (vii) Calcium dihydrogen diphosphate [Emulsifier] halalE451 Triphosphates (i) Pentasodium triphosphate (ii) Pentapotassium triphosphate[Emulsifier] mushboohE452 Polyphosphates (i) Sodium polyphosphates (ii) Potassium polyphosphates (iii)Sodium calcium polyphosphate (iv) Calcium polyphophates [Emulsifier] mushboohE459 Beta-cyclodextrine [Emulsifier] ?E460 Cellulose (i) Microcrystalline cellulose (ii) Powdered cellulose [Emulsifier] halalE461 Methyl cellulose [Emulsifier] halalE462 Ethyl cellulose [Emulsifier] ?E463 Hydroxy propyl cellulose [Emulsifier] halalE464 Hydroxy propyl methyl cellulose [Emulsifier] halalE465 Ethyl methyl cellulose [Emulsifier] halalE466 Carboxy methyl cellulose, Sodium carboxy methyl cellulose [Emulsifier] halalE468 Crosslinked sodium carboxymethyl cellulose [Emulsifier] ?E469 Enzymically hydrolysed carboxymethylcellulose [Emulsifier] ?E470a Sodium, potassium and calcium salts of fatty acids [Emulsifier] [Anti-cakingagent] mushboohE470b Magnesium salts of fatty acids [Emulsifier] [Anti-caking agent] mushboohE471 Mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids (glyceryl monostearate, glyceryl distearate)[Emulsifier] mushboohE472a Acetic acid esters of mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids [Emulsifier] mushboohE472b Lactic acid esters of mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids [Emulsifier] mushboohE472c Citric acid esters of mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids [Emulsifier] mushboohE472d Tartaric acid esters of mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids [Emulsifier]mushboohE472e Mono- and diacetyl tartaric acid esters of mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids[Emulsifier] mushboohE472f Mixed acetic and tartaric acid esters of mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids[Emulsifier] mushboohE473 Sucrose esters of fatty acids [Emulsifier] mushboohE474 Sucroglycerides [Emulsifier] mushbooh
  7. 7. E475 Polyglycerol esters of fatty acids [Emulsifier] mushboohE476 Polyglycerol polyricinoleate [Emulsifier] mushboohE477 Propane-1, 2-diol esters of fatty acids, propylene glycol esters of fatty acids[Emulsifier] mushboohE478 Lactylated fatty acid esters of glycerol and propane-1 [Emulsifier] mushboohE479b Thermally oxidized soya bean oil interacted with mono- and diglycerides of fattyacids [Emulsifier] halalE481 Sodium stearoyl-2-lactylate [Emulsifier] halalE482 Calcium stearoyl-2-lactylate [Emulsifier] halalE483 Stearyl tartrate [Emulsifier] halalE491 Sorbitan monostearate [Emulsifier] mushboohE492 Sorbitan tristearate [Emulsifier] mushboohE493 Sorbitan monolaurate [Emulsifier] halalE494 Sorbitan monooleate [Emulsifier] mushboohE495 Sorbitan monopalmitate [Emulsifier] mushboohE500 Sodium carbonates (i) Sodium carbonate (ii) Sodium hydrogen carbonate(Bicarbonate of soda) (iii) Sodium sesquicarbonate [Acidity regulator] [Raising Agent]halalE501 Potassium carbonates (i) Potassium carbonate (ii) Potassium hydrogen carbonate[Acidity regulator] halalE503 Ammonium carbonates (i) Ammonium carbonate (ii) Ammonium hydrogencarbonate [Acidity regulator] halalE504 Magnesium carbonates (i) Magnesium carbonate (ii) Magnesium hydroxidecarbonate (syn. Magnesium hydrogen carbonate) [Acidity regulator] [Anti-caking agent]halalE507 Hydrochloric acid [Acid] halalE508 Potassium chloride [Gelling agent] [Seasoning] halalE509 Calcium chloride [Sequestrant] [Firming Agent] halalE510 Ammonium chloride, ammonia solution [Acidity regulator] [Improving agent] halalE511 Magnesium chloride [Firming Agent] halalE512 Stannous chloride [Antioxidant] halalE513 Sulphuric acid [Acid] halalE514 Sodium sulphates (i) Sodium sulphate (ii) Sodium hydrogen sulphate [Acidityregulator] halalE515 Potassium sulphates (i) Potassium sulphate (ii) Potassium hydrogen sulphate[Seasoning] halalE516 Calcium sulphate [Sequestrant] [Improving agent] [Firming Agent] halalE517 Ammonium sulphate [Improving agent] halalE518 Magnesium sulphate, Epsom salts [Acidity regulator] [Firming Agent] halalE519 Copper sulphate [Preservative] halalE520 Aluminium sulphate [Firming Agent] halalE521 Aluminium sodium sulphate [Firming Agent] halalE522 Aluminium potassium sulphate [Acidity regulator] halalE523 Aluminium ammonium sulphate [Acidity regulator] halal
  8. 8. E524 Sodium hydroxide [Acidity regulator] halalE525 Potassium hydroxide [Acidity regulator] halalE526 Calcium hydroxide [Acidity regulator] [Firming Agent] halalE527 Ammonium hydroxide [Acidity regulator] halalE528 Magnesium hydroxide [Acidity regulator] halalE529 Calcium oxide [Acidity regulator] [Improving agent] halalE530 Magnesium oxide [Acidity regulator] [Anti-caking agent] halalE535 Sodium ferrocyanide [Acidity regulator] [Anti-caking agent] halalE536 Potassium ferrocyanide [Anti-caking agent] halalE538 Calcium ferrocyanide [Anti-caking agent] halalE540 Dicalcium diphosphate [Acidity regulator] [Emulsifier] halalE541 Sodium aluminium phosphate, acidic [Emulsifier] halalE542 Bone phosphate [Anti-caking agent] [animal origin] haramE543 Calcium sodium polyphosphate halalE544 Calcium polyphosphate [Emulsifier] halalE545 Aluminium polyphosphate [Emulsifier] ?E550 Sodium silicate [Anti-caking agent] halalE551 Silicon dioxide (Silica) [Emulsifier] [Anti-caking agent] halalE552 Calcium silicate [Anti-caking agent] halalE553a (i) Magnesium silicate (ii) Magnesium trisilicate [Anti-caking agent] halalE553b Talc [Anti-caking agent] halalE554 Sodium aluminium silicate [Anti-caking agent] halalE555 Potassium aluminium silicate [Anti-caking agent] halalE556 Calcium aluminium silicate [Anti-caking agent] halalE558 Bentonite [Anti-caking agent] halalE559 Aluminium silicate (Kaolin) [Anti-caking agent] halalE570 Stearic acid (Fatty acid) [Anti-caking agent] mushboohE572 Magnesium stearate, calcium stearate [Emulsifier] [Anti-caking agent] mushboohE574 Gluconic acid [Acidity regulator] halalE575 Glucono-delta-lactone [Acidity regulator] [Sequestrant] halalE576 Sodium gluconate [Sequestrant] halalE577 Potassium gluconate [Sequestrant] halalE578 Calcium gluconate [Firming Agent] halalE579 Ferrous gluconate [Colouring] halalE585 Ferrous lactate [Colouring] halalE620 Glutamic acid [Flavour enhancer] mushboohE621 Monosodium glutamate [Flavour enhancer] mushboohE622 Monopotassium glutamate [Flavour enhancer] mushboohE623 Calcium diglutamate [Flavour enhancer] mushboohE624 Monoammonium glutamate [Flavour enhancer] mushboohE625 Magnesium diglutamate [Flavour enhancer] mushboohE626 Guanylic acid [Flavour enhancer] halalE627 Disodium guanylate, sodium guanylate [Flavour enhancer] halalE628 Dipotassium guanylate [Flavour enhancer] halalE629 Calcium guanylate [Flavour enhancer] halal
  9. 9. E630 Inosinic acid [Flavour enhancer] halalE631 Disodium inosinate [Flavour enhancer] [possibly of animal origin] mushboohE632 Dipotassium inosinate [Flavour enhancer] halalE633 Calcium inosinate [Flavour enhancer] halalE634 Calcium 5′-ribonucleotides [Flavour enhancer] haramE635 Disodium 5′-ribonucleotides [Flavour enhancer] [possibly of animal origin] haramE636 Maltol [Flavour enhancer] halalE637 Ethyl maltol [Flavour enhancer] halalE640 Glycine and its sodium salt [Flavour enhancer] [possibly of animal origin]mushboohE900 Dimethyl polysiloxane [Anti-foaming agent] [Anti-caking agent] halalE901 Beeswax, white and yellow [Glazing agent] [animal origin] halalE902 Candelilla wax [Glazing agent] halalE903 Carnauba wax [Glazing agent] [possible allergic reaction] halalE904 Shellac [Glazing agent] [animal origin] halalE905 Microcrystalline wax [Glazing agent] ?E907 Crystalline wax [Glazing agent] halalE910 L-cysteine [animal origin] halalE912 Montanic acid esters halalE913 Lanolin, sheep wool grease [Glazing agent] halalE914 Oxidized polyethylene wax [Glazing agent] halalE915 Esters of Colophane [Glazing agent] halalE920 L-cysteine hydrochloride [Improving agent] [animal origin] haramE921 L-cysteine hydrochloride monohydrate [Improving agent] [animal origin] haramE924 Potassium bromate [Improving agent] ?E925 Chlorine [Preservative] [Bleach] halalE926 Chlorine dioxide [Preservative] [Bleach] halalE927b Carbamide [Improving agent] halalE928 Benzole peroxide [Improving agent] ?E938 Argon [Packaging gas] halalE939 Helium [Packaging gas] halalE941 Nitrogen [Packaging gas] halalE942 Nitrous oxide [Propellant] halalE948 Oxygen [Packaging gas] halalE950 Acesulfame K [Sweetener] halalE951 Aspartame [Sweetener] halalE952 Cyclamic acid and its Na and Ca salts [Sweetener] halalE953 Isomalt [Sweetener] halalE954 Saccharin and its Na, K and Ca salts [Sweetener] halalE957 Thaumatin [Sweetener] [Flavour enhancer] halalE959 Neohesperidine DC [Sweetener] halalE965 Maltitol (i) Maltitol (ii) Maltitol syrup [Sweetener] [Stabiliser] [Humectant] halalE966 Lactitol [Sweetener] [animal origin] halalE967 Xylitol [Sweetener] halalE999 Quillaia extract [Foaming Agent] halal
  10. 10. E1103 Invertase [Stabiliser] halalE1105 Lysozyme [Preservative] haramE1200 Polydextrose [Stabiliser] [Thickening agent] [Humectant] [Carrier] halalE1201 Polyvinylpyrrolidone [Stabiliser] halalE1202 Polyvinylpolypyrrolidone [Carrier] [Stabiliser] halalE1400 Dextrin [Stabiliser] [Thickening agent] halalE1401 Modified starch [Stabiliser] [Thickening agent] ?E1402 Alkaline modified starch [Stabiliser] [Thickening agent] halalE1403 Bleached starch [Stabiliser] [Thickening agent] ?E1404 Oxidized starch [Emulsifier] [Thickening agent] halalE1410 Monostarch phosphate [Stabiliser] [Thickening agent] halalE1412 Distarch phosphate [Stabiliser] [Thickening agent] halalE1413 Phosphated distarch phosphate [Stabiliser] [Thickening agent] halalE1414 Acetylated distarch phosphate [Emulsifier] [Thickening agent] halalE1420 Acetylated starch, mono starch acetate [Stabiliser] [Thickening agent] halalE1421 Acetylated starch, mono starch acetate [Stabiliser] [Thickening agent] ?E1422 Acetylated distarch adipate [Stabiliser] [Thickening agent] halalE1430 Distarch glycerine [Stabiliser] [Thickening agent] ?E1440 Hydroxy propyl starch [Emulsifier] [Thickening agent] halalE1441 Hydroxy propyl distarch glycerine [Stabiliser] [Thickening agent] E1442 Hydroxypropyl distarch phosphate [Stabiliser] [Thickening agent] halalE1450 Starch sodium octenyl succinate [Emulsifier] [Stabiliser] [Thickening agent] halalInformasi ni boleh dibaca dari Buku Panduan yang dikeluarkan oleh CAP (PersatuanPengguna Pulau Pinang) CAp telah memeriksa beberapa jenama kosmetik dan barangankeperluan harian dan di dapati kebanyakan bahan yang terkandung dalam produk tuadalah PENYUMBANG kepada KANSER. so..berhati2 semasa memilihTAHUKAH ANDA DALAM KOSMETIK TERDAPAT LEBIH KURANG 50BAHAN PENYEBAB KANSER?Berdasarkan ujian dan pemeriksaan oleh CAP ( Persatuan Pengguna Pulau Pinang) kira-kira 50 bahan kimia penyebab kanser terkandung dalam 120 alatan kosmetik dan produkkegunaan harian!Pembayang mata - 22 b.p.k (bahan penyebab kanser)gincu bibir & pembersih muka - 21 b.p.ksyampu & pewarna rambut - 20 b.p.klosen/krim muka - 17 b.p.kmandiyan bayi - 16 b.p.kbalm & pengilat bibir - 14 b.p.kbedak asas & topeng muka - 12 b.p.kkrim pencukur & penanggal mekap - 11 b.p.kpendandan - 10 b.p.k
  11. 11. minyak wangi/cologne - 9 b.p.kbuih mandian/krim mandian, scrub muka., ubat gigi & gel/mousse rambut - 8 b.p.kdeodoran/roll on & losyen badan - 7 b.p.klosyen bayi & pengilat kuku - 6 b.p.kbedak, sabun & selepas cukuran - 4 b.p.kpenyegar, pensel kening & celak mata - 3 b.p.kmaskara & pelindung penahan matahari - 2 b.p.kubat kumur - 1 b.p.kBahan kimia penyebab kanser yang disahkanPhenylenediamines (Arang Batu)Sakarin- sebatian sintetik yang diperolehi daripada arang batu dan pemanis tiruan yangsudah terbukti boleh menyebabkan kanser hempedu dalam ujikaji keatas haiwan danproduk ubat gigi.Minyak MineralPretolatumFD&C Blue No. 1FD&C Yellow No. 5FD&C Yellow No. 6D&C Red No. 33Haruman8 (mungkin mengandungi derivatif benzena)Talkum (mungkin dicemari asbestos)Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES)Bahan sama mungkin nama berbeza :-Formaldehid - Quaternium-15, DMDM hydntoin, MDM hydantoin, MethanalUrea - Imadazolidinayl urea (Germal 11), Diazolidinyl urea (Germal 115)BNPD- 2-bromo-2-nitropropane-1, 3-diol (atau Bronopol)Titanum dioksidaDEA - DiethanolamineTEA-triethanolamineSLSPedimateKathon GCBHAFluorida-Sodium monofluorophosphate, Sodium fluoridePRODUK YG DISAHKAN - # SIMBOL DISAHKAN1. Hazeline White & Natural Lightening Lotion # Minyak Mineral2. Oil of Olay Moisturizing Cream - #Minyak mineral, petrolatum, D&C Red No. 33,Ramuan "PEG", Imidazolidinyl urea, Titanum dioksida2. Johnsons Baby Lotion - # Haruman3. Johnsons Baby Lotion, Ultra Care For Extra Dry Skin - #D&C Red No. 33,
  12. 12. 4. Haruman, Ramuan "-eth-"5. Baby Magic baby Lotion, Aloe -# Minyak mineral, #haruman, #Ramuan "PEG", #Lanolin & sebatian lanolin6. Johnsons Clean&ClearSkin balancing Moisturizing Medicated Oil Free Lotion - #Kathon GC7. St. Ives Extra Nourishing Vitamin E Skin Therapy Lotion With Antioxidant Vitamin A- #Minyak Mineral, FD&C Yellow No 5., #Haruman8. Organic Aid Vitamin E Moisturizing Cream - #Haruman9. St Ives Vitamin E Enriched Facial Cream - #Minyak Mineral, # FD&C Yellow No. 5,#Haruman, #Ramuan "PEG", #Quaternium-1510. Loreal Plenitude Facial Firming Serum With Liposomes - #Haruman, #RAmuan"PEG", #Ramuan "-oxynol-, #Imidazolidinyl urea11. Estee Lauder Skin Perfecting Cream Friming Nourisher - #Minyak mineral, haruman,2-bromo-2-nitro-, ramuan PEG, ramuan -eth-12. Prevense Enriche Night Cream With Natural Plant Extract - Minyak mineral, FD&CYellow No. 5, haruman, urea & diazolidinyl urea13. Dove Cream Bar - #Haruman, Titanium dioksida14. Enchanteur perfumed Soap - #Haruman, Titanium dioksida15. Johnsons Kids Moisturizing Body Wash - #Haruman, Cocamide DEA,16. palmolive Shower Cream (Deep Cleansing with Pansy for Oily Skin) - #PD&C BlueNo. 1, haruman, Ramuan "PEG"17. Jphnson P.H 5.5 - #Haruman, Cocamide DEA, Ramuan "PEG", Sodium LaurethSulfate18. Mens Biore Deep Cleansing Wash - #Haruman, Cocamide DEA19. Avon Clearskin Cleansing Scrub Antibacterial - #Haruman, Ramuan "PEG", Ramuan"eth, Polyenthlene20. Biore Facial Wash - #Haruman, Cocamide Dea21. Avon Cleansing Foam - Haruman, Ramuan "PEG"22. Eversoft Daily Facial Cleanser - #HAruman, Lauramide DEA, Ramuan PEG23.Freeman Apricot and Sea Kelp Facial Scrub - (Banyak malas nak tulis)23. Hazelini Softening Facial n Foam - Banyak jugak24. St Ives Cucumber & Elastin Stress Gel for Eye & Face - (8 kandungan bahan)25. Alpha Pro Daily Facial Cleanser, Normal to Dry Skin (Creative NetworkInternational- CNI)26. Ponds Cold Cream- #Minyak mineral, haruman27. St Ives Facial Cleanser and Makeup Remover - 7 bahan28. Loreal Plenitude Gentle Cleansing Milk - #MInyak mineral, haruman, ramuan PEG,urea, sebatial lanolin29. Avon Moisture Effective Eye Makeup Remover Lotion - 5 bahan30. Christine Dios Eyebrow Pencil with brush and sharpener (Gris Grey)- 3 bahan31.Avon Luxury eye lining pencil, black kohl - 3 bahan32. Avon luxury eye lining pencil, cinnamon kohl - 2 bahan33. Avon coordinates eye lining pencil (black) - #talkum34. Maybelline Great Line Waterproff Eye Liner (Onyx) - #Minyak mineral, mungkinmengandungi titanum dioksida35. Loreal Lash Out Mascara - #TEA, urea , mungkin mengandungi titanium dioksida
  13. 13. 36. Wella color koleston - 6 bahan37. Brylcream - 5 bahan38. Clairol Nicen Easy permanent shampoo-In haircolor with healthy shine conditioner -4 bahan39. NHance Shampoo - 7 bahan40. Feathe shampoo x-tra mildr - 9 bahan41. pantene pro-V daily treatment shampoo - #Haruman, Methylisothiazolinone42. Wella Sunnydrop Mild Shampoo - 5 bahan43 St Ives Extra Body Keratin With Balsam Conditioner - 5 bahan44. Clairol Herbal Essences Contitionr - 3 bahan45. Organic hair n Root Noursihing Conditioner - 4 bahan46. Avon Total Cover Foundatin (Fawn)- 6 bahan47. Loreal Hydra Perfecte Protection Hydrating Makeup (Sand Beige) - 4 bahan48. Avon Oil Control Powder - 2 bahan49. Shiseido Sun Block Compact (with SPF32 SB5 suncreen) - #Titanium dioksidaBahan kimia berisiko kanser dalam gincu dan pengilat bibir - # Disahkan bahankimia penyebab kanser1. Revlon Colorstay Lipcolor, Russet - #PVP (Polyvinylprrolidone, BHA (Butylatedhydroxyanisole2. Estee Lauder True Lipstick, Icy Brown - #Polietinela, Titanium Dioksida3. Chanel Rouge A Levres Hydrabase Cream Lipstic, 03 or Rouge - #Minyak Mineral,Haruman, Lanolin4. Cover Girl Continuous Color Self-Renewing Lipstick, Berry Brown - #MinyakMineral5. Loreal LIp Color - #Haruman, Polietilena, Lanolin, BHA6. Avon Moisture Therapy Lip Treatment - #Minyak mineral, Petrolatum, Butylatedhydroxyanisole (BHA), Benzophenone-37. Amway Artistry Lip Color, SPF15 - #Lanolin, Oxybenzone8. Banana Boat Aloe Vera Lip Sunblock - #Padimate-O (octyl dimenthyl PABA)Deodoran, Pengilat kuku bertoksik1. Avon Feelin` Fresh Wide Oval Solid Antiperspirant Deodorant- #Haruman, Ramuaneth2. Avon Cool Confidence Roll-On Antiperspirant deodorant- #Haruman, ramuan eth3. Aarid Extra Dry Anti-perspirant Deodorant for Men (sensitive)-#haruman, ramuan eth4. Simple Anti-perspirant roll-on - #2-bromo-2 nitropropane-1-3-diol (BNPD atauBronopol), Alkohol ternyahasli5. Orly Nail Defence (nail dortifier) - #Formaldehid, Titanium dioksida, alkoholternyahasliRacun dalam minyak wangi1. Avon charisma purse concentre - #Haruman, ramuan eth, BHA
  14. 14. 2. Avon rare gold eu de perfum mini mist - #FD&C Yellow No.5, haruman,Benzophenone-33. Avon Vanilla soft musk body spritz - FD&C Yellow No. 5, Haruman4. Treson Eu De perfum (Lancome) - #Haruman5. Tommy Girl Cologne (Hilfiger) - #Haruman, alkohol ternyahasli6. Estee Lauder Pleasure Eau De PErfum Spray - #Haruman, alkohol ternyahasli7. Laura - #Haruman, alkohol ternyahasliAncaman kanser dalam krim cukur & pewangi selepas bercukur1. Avon Wild Country After Shave - #FD&C Blue No.1, haruman, alkohol,Benzophenone-32.Brut Tri-Guard formula shave cream, regular - #FD&C Blue No.1, haruman, TEA,ramuaneth, SLS3. Tabac Original shaving foam - #Minyak mineral, haruman, TEA, ramuan eth.4. Cosways fairway face wash & shave foam for men - #Minyak mineral, haruman,lauramide DEA5. Tabac Original After shave lotion - #Haruman, ramuan PEG, alkohol ternyahasli6. Follow me after shave/cologne - #Haruman7. Gillette for woman satin care moisture rich shave gel, dry skin - #Minyak mineral,FD&C Yellow no.5, haruman, Lauramide DEA, TEA, ramuan PEG, ramuan eth, DMDMhydantoin, menthylisothiazolinone, methylchloroisothiazolinone8. Gillette after shave lotion, pacific light - #minyak mineral, haruman, ramuan PEG9. Gillete after shave gel, wild rain - #FD&C yellow no.5, haruman, TEA, polysorbate80, alkohol ternyahasli10. Gillette after shave splash, wild rain - #haruman, ramuan PEG, alkoholUbat Gigi bertoksikTahukah anda banyak ubat gigi yang berada di pasaran mengandungi bahan ramuan yglebih beracun daripada plumbum dan hanya kurang sedirkit kadar keracunannya daripadaarsenik? bahan ramuan ini merupakan sisa keluaran industri baja, sejenis racun tikus dandigunakan dalam sektor industri sebagai racun serangga untuk membunuh semut danlipas. Namanya? Flouride. Flouride merupakan racun tersembunyi (seperti sinida) yangmemudaratkan, bertoksik dan mampu berkumpul sungguhpun hanya sedikit ditelan.Colgate-Palmolive telah dikehendaki membayar pampasan sebanyak (kira2 RM6000)kepada sebuah keluarga kerana kanak2 keluarga tersebut menderita masalah dentalfluorosis (enamel kotor dan berkarat), iaitu antara tanda pertama keracunan fluorida.1. AbCdent - #sakarin, sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS), fluorida, titanium dioksida.2. Carrie Junior Childrens Toothpaste, Tuttifrutti flavour-#Sakarin, SLS, fluorida,carageebab3. Carrefours protection Bi-Fluor - #Sakarin, fluorida, titanium dioksida4. Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection, Fresh Mint - #Sakarin, SLS, fluorida, carageenan5. Colgate Whitening - #Sakarin, ramuan PEG, SLS, fluorida, Titanium dioksida6. Colgate Junior Mild Sparkling Gel (Wild mint flavour) - #Sakarin, FD&C Blue No. 1,Ramuan PEG, SLS, fluorida, carageenan7. Darlie Fresh n Brite - #Sakarin, FD&C Blue No.1, SLS, fluorida, carageenan8. Darlie (+) - #Fluoride - + label tidak mempunyai senarai lengkap bahan ramuan
  15. 15. .produk mungkin mengandungi lebih bahan penyebab kanser.9. Follow Me Toothpaste - #Sakarin, SLS, fluorida, carageenan10. Formula Gel Junior (+) - Fluorida11. Hydent Salt Toothpaste - #Sakarin, SLS, fluorida, titanium dioksida12. KODOMO LION Strawberry flavour (+) - #Fluorida13. Mentadent P (Oroginal flavour) - #Sakarin, ramuan PEG, SLS, fluorida, titaniumdioksida14. Oral B Mint flavour fluoride toothpaste (+)- #fluorida15. Raiya Fluoride toothpaste - #Sakarin, SLS, fluorida- Sakarin - digunakan sebagai bahan perisa. sebatian sintetik yg diperolehi daripadasumber arang batu ini didapati menyebabkan kanser pundi dalam haiwan ujian makmal.- Fluorida- (juga terkandung dalam pelbagai ubat kumur keluaran Watsons). Banyakkajian mendapati fluorida boleh mengubah sel normal menjadi sel kanser.- Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS)- bahan kimia ini diketahui bersifat kikisan ygmembahayakan kulit dan sejenis mutagen (iaitu mampu mengubah DNA)- FD&C Blue No. 1 - pewarna tiruan yg diketahui merupakan bahan penyebab kanser.Ubat Kumur bertoksik1. Clovrinz No alcohol mouthwash - #SLS2. Oral B without alcohol mouth rinse - #Fluorida3. Listerine antiseptic mouthwash, cool mint - #sakarin, alkohol4. Listerin antiseptic mouthwash, original - Alkohol5. Colgate total plax mouthwash, fresh mint - #Sakarin, FD&C Blue No. 1,SLS, alkohol6. Ultrafresh mouthwash - #Sakarin, alkohol7. Lander mouthwash and gargle - #alkohol8. Colgate total plax anti bacterial mouthwinse, classic - #Sakarin, SLS, alkohol9. Colgate Total Plax mouthwash, peppermint - #Sakarin, FD&C Blue No. 1, SLS,alkohol10. Cosway Xylin refreshing mouthwash with Xylitol - #FD&C Blue No. 1, SLS,fluoride, alkohol11. Cosmos healthcare antibacterial mouthwash - #Alkohol.What is Sodium Laureth Sulfate?Sodium laureth sulfate (SLES) and sodium c14-16 olefin sulfonate are cleansing andfoaming agents naturally derived from coconut oil. Sodium laureth sulfate has a longhistory of safe use in a variety of cosmetic products. We use sodium laureth sulfatebecause it is gentle and effective with a documented history of safe use.How Do We Know that Sodium Laureth Sulfate is Safe?Persistent internet rumors, and the irresponsible advertising of a few cosmetic companies,have questioned the safety of SLES. For the record, SLES has not been found to causecancer in any recognized scientific research studies.
  16. 16. Rumors suggesting a link between SLES and cancer began as an internet hoax in the1990s and were then marketed by “natural cosmetics” companies as facts in an effort topromote their products. Claims linked SLES to cancer and organ damage have beeninvestigated (and debunked) by numerous respected publications. The Washington Postand the Berkeley Wellness Newsletter investigated the rumors and concluded they were a“sham” and a “hoax”.The American Cancer Society created a page for consumers debunking the investigated and ruled the claims false: The Urban Legends website didlikewise: Some of the rumor mongers have suggested that that SLES is used to cleangarage floors, proof they claim, that it is a dangerous chemical unsuitable for contact withyour skin. The scientists at summarized:“Sure you can wash your floors with sodium lauryl sulfate and you can wash them withammonium lauryl sulfate. Both will work but they will provide more foam than youreally want. You can also clean your floors with Johnson’s Baby shampoo if you’d like.Surfactants are a wonderful thing.”Are There Any Known Side Effects?Not at the levels we use in our products. At much, much higher concentrations, SLES is apotential skin irritant. There is always a tiny segment of the human population thatdevelop rare allergic reactions to extremely safe products, such as the fluoride in USdrinking water. If you experience any discomfort you should discontinue any personalcare products you are using.Paula Begoun spoke with Dr. Keith Green, the scientist whose work has been distorted tosupport these false rumors. Dr. Green states, “my work was completely misquoted”.