New Literacies Teacher Leader Institute 2010 Beijing


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Inquire, Collaborate, Create: New Literacies for New Times

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New Literacies Teacher Leader Institute 2010 Beijing

  1. 1. Inquire, Collaborate, and Create: New Literacies For New Times Hiller A. Spires, Ph.D. Professor & Senior Research Fellow North Carolina State University November 3, 2010 New Literacies Teacher Leader Institute 2010Beijing _________________________________________________
  2. 2. Why are we here? _________________________________________________ NLI2010Beijing
  3. 3. Why are you here? _________________________________________________ NLI2010Beijing
  4. 4. hy are we here together? _________________________________________________ NLI2010Beijing
  5. 5. “Implement quality education, hone students' sense of responsibility, their innovative spirit, and capacity to solve practical problems.” “Transform schools to meet the demands of a new age.” ~ President Barack Obama China and America’s Education Policy Image from COSN
  6. 6. NLI2010Beijing _______________________________________________Spires, Morris, & Zhang, 2008
  7. 7. NLI2010Beijing _________________________________________________ • Computers can support student-centered learning • Computers can enhance student creativity and imagination • Students can learn problem solving more effectively with computers Benefits of Computers • Useful sites are often blocked • Lack of connectivity • Lack of technology support Hindrances to Technology China & US Teachers’ Perceptions Spires, Morris & Zhang 2008
  8. 8. NLI2010Beijing _________________________________________________ What are New Literacies? New literacies emerge from the theoretical and practical intersection of literacy, evolving technologies, and media. New literacies include how we locate, create, and share information.
  9. 9. / • PISA data Encyclopedia as Innovation Accessing information at home
  10. 10. Innovation Scale up Took over 50 years for the electrification of America
  11. 11. NLI2010Beijing _________________________________________________ What are New Literacies? INQUIRE COLLABORATE CREATE
  12. 12. NLI2010Beijing _________________________________________________ Global Internet Usage
  13. 13. NLI2010Beijing _________________________________________________ How workplace demands have changed Economy-wide measures of routine and non-routine task input (US)
  14. 14. Educational Challenges??
  15. 15. Video created by COSN _________________________________________________
  16. 16. So . . . What are we going to do this week? _________________________________________________ NLI2010Beijing Design Studio Showcase Let’s Begin with the End in Mind! Project-Based Inquiry Plan (PBI)
  17. 17. NLI2010Beijing _________________________________________________ Inquire Collaborate Create Teachers’ Content Knowledge – expertise in English, Physics, Calculus, etc. Project Based Inquiry (PBI) – process of inquiry in response to a complex question, problem, or challenge Technology Tools – Audacity Animoto Flip Prezi Wikispaces Weebly Voki How are we going to get there?
  18. 18. NLI2010Beijing _________________________________________________ By the end of the week, we know you will be: TIRED ENERGIZED & EMPOWERED TO BE INNOVATIVE ! But we hope you will be:
  19. 19. NLI2010Beijing _________________________________________________ Thank you!!! Contact me at