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Two step flow and british and american audiences


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Two step flow and british and american audiences

  1. 1. Look through your case study. Identify three points of interest that you found from your independent research to share with the class. Connect
  2. 2. Production What information did you uncover about the production stage of each film? Connect
  3. 3. Audience Have you identified – • Target audience • Secondary audience • Dominant/negotiated/oppositional reading What evidence can you find in the: • Film (narrative, production techniques, actors, crew etc) • Marketing (viral, conventional, merchandise • Exhibition To support this? Discover
  4. 4. AudienceTwo step flow messages in mass media have the most impact upon a minority of receivers. These people will then communicate the message to others, hence a two-step flow. A film critic, blogger, celebrity or other person of influence will provide their opinion over a media text. This will have a direct affect on the audience who will watch (or avoid) the text as a result. Can you think of any examples of opinion leaders? Discover
  5. 5. Audience Two step flow Was the success of ‘A field in England’ or ‘Pacific Rim’ influenced by a two step flow? Discover
  6. 6. Mark Kermode Discover
  7. 7. Two step flow Can you find any positive or negative reviews, feedback or commentary on each film that you feel may have influenced the success of the film? Develop Sources to consider: • Twitter and other social media • Film critics • Magazines and newspaper reviews • TV interviews
  8. 8. Audience •Local •National •Global Key terms to use when discussing marketing, distribution and audience. To what degree was each film marketed and distributed? What does this tell you about the genre, audience, actors , finance?
  9. 9. British vs American audiences Explore how each film appeals to a British and American audience. Consider: • Narrative (story and representation of characters) • Production (including crew and cast) • Marketing methods • Distribution • Exhibition (including release methods, number and format of release, sales figures) Complete a couple of paragraphs explaining your findings with reference to examples. ‘A field in England’ was more succesful in appealing to a ________ audience. This is evident in………’