Media convergence and synergy


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Media convergence and synergy

  1. 1. SYNERGY AND CONVERGENCE Key words: • Synergy • Technological convergence • Cross Media convergence CONNECT
  2. 2. TECHNOLOGICAL CONVERGENCE ‘The trend for different technologies for the delivery of content to start to resemble one another.’ For example, television sets will increasingly resemble computers while computers will increasingly resemble televisions; both will be used to download moving images from the internet, and eventually the distinction between the separate technologies are likely to be erased. Such convergence has been made possible as a result of the evolution of digital technology. Can you think of examples of technological convergence? DISCOVER
  3. 3. CROSS MEDIA CONVERGENCE ‘Hardware and software coming together across media, and companies coming together across similar boundaries. This makes the distinction between different types of media and different media industries increasingly dubious.’ ’Media institutions delivering their product on more than one media channel’ IMPACT ON FILM Name all the places you can watch a film. How has the experience changed? DISCOVER
  4. 4. WHAT IS THE IMPACT? Negative? Film Piracy Positive? Reach audiences quickly DEVELOP
  5. 5. MEDIA SYNERGY Media synergy is the way in which different elements of a media conglomerate work together to promote linked products across different media. Example: Disney ‘High School Musical’ DISCOVER
  6. 6. ‘HARRY POTTER AND THE PHILOSOPHER’S STONE’ (2001) In 2000 AOL and Time Warner merged. The promotion of ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’ by AOL Time Warner is a good example of synergy. Adverts for the film were shown on HBO and the WB, both American TV channels which are subsidiaries of Time Warner. The soundtrack was released on Atlantic Records, part of Warner Music. Articles about the film appeared in newspapers and magazines owned by Time Warner. AOL’s internet service was offering merchandise, and ticket promotions tied to subscriptions for AOL’s services. DISCOVER
  7. 7. SYNERGY IN ‘SLUM DOG MILLIONAIRE’ (FILM4) Original book uses film image and is retitled Film poster promotes book Soundtrack Single Music video uses imagery from the film DISCOVER
  8. 8. HOW CAN YOU APPLY TECHNOLOGICAL CONVERGENCE AND CROSS MEDIA CONVERGENCE TO THE SOUNDTRACK? Cross media convergence: Soundtrack can be accessed by purchasing a CD or downloading on iTunes and by listening to the music whilst watching the film. Technological convergence: Soundtrack can be accessed/purchased/consu med via the internet, ipod, mobile phone, I tunes, youtube DEVELOP
  9. 9. How would you describe the following:  Cross media convergence  Technological convergence  Synergy
  10. 10. STAR-PERFORMER- PRODUCT SYNERGY Development of a star persona across a range of media sites. A pop star releases albums works on film soundtrack/scores write books use song in advert involved in rock documentaries etc Example – Katy Price
  11. 11. TASK Look at the marketing and promotional material associated with ‘Pacific Rim’ and ‘A field in England’ • Find the official print poster. – Who is the target audience? How can you tell? • Have they used any other marketing methods? Who does it appeal to? How does this appeal to the audience? • Has technological convergence impacted on the production, distribution, exhibition or marketing of the film? • Have they demonstrated any example of synergy in the promotion of the film? • Have they utilised cross media convergence for the exhibition of the film? If so, what are the advantages of this? DEVELOP