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G325 sec. b colletive identity l1 blog


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Overview of the topic and exam

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G325 sec. b colletive identity l1 blog

  2. 2. G325 Section B IntroductionWhat Will I Study?» There are four areas you need to understand in preparing for the exam:1. How do the contemporary media represent nations, regions and ethnic / social / collective groups of people in different ways?2. How does contemporary representation compare to previous time periods?3. What are the social implications of different media representations of groups of people?4. To what extent is human identity increasingly ‘mediated’?
  3. 3. Collective Identity: Youth The Representation of Teenager in the Media» Unit Argument: The representation of the Collective Identity of Teenagers is complex and will always depend on; 1. Who Produces the Media 2. The Media Form used for the Representation 3. The Target Audience for the Representation
  4. 4. Lesson Topics» Lesson 1: Introduction to the Topic/What is Identity» Lesson 2: Key Theorists and Theories» Lesson 3: Historical Context» Lesson 4: Representation of Teenagers in Film» Lesson 5: Representation of Teenagers in Film» Lesson 6: Representation of Teenagers in Film» Lesson 7: Representation of Teenagers in Film» Lesson 8: Summary of Term 1
  5. 5. Case Studies» Film: Rebel Without a Cause» Film: Fish Tank» Film: Ill Manors» TV: News - London Riots» TV: Skins» TV: Misfits» Internet: Social Networks
  6. 6. Final Exam How will I be assessed?» Media Studies Final Exam – 4th June 2013» Section B» 60 mins for Section B» Answer Topic: Media & Collective Identity» Answer 1 Question from a choice of 2» You MUST discuss at least 2 Different Media Forms» You MUST refer to historical, present and future representations
  7. 7. Marks Awarded How will I be marked?» Total of 50 marks» Marks are given for 3 different areas 1. Explaination/Analysis/Argument (max. 20) 2. Use of Examples (max. 20) 3. Terminology (max. 10)» Examiners will be looking to see how well you: ˃ Answer the actual question asked – not just a general response! ˃ Create an argument and structure your response using case studies and theories ˃ Apply theory you have learnt to the case studies ˃ Triangulation – how have your brought it all together
  8. 8. What is Identity?
  9. 9. What is Identity?» Before we can begin to study ‘Collective Identity’ we need to ensure we understand what the terms mean!» Identity is constructed in a number of different ways and forms
  10. 10. HomeworkReading» Read the essay extract» Highlight and Annotate any key points» Prepare to feedback in Friday’s Lesson