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Digital technology


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Digital technology

  1. 1. Recap • Question 1a is looking at how you have developed your skills in this area across ALL of your coursework. • How did you improve? • What mistakes did you make initially and crucially, how did you learn and develop your skills from this?
  2. 2. Thoughts?
  3. 3. Digital technology
  4. 4. What is digital technology? How have you used it in your own coursework?
  5. 5. Pros? Cons?
  6. 6. Key terminology • • • • • • • Software Hardware Web 2.0 Technological convergence Cross media convergence Intertextuality Synergy How would you incorporate these key terms in your writing?
  7. 7. Marks and timing • In the exam, you only have 30 minutes to answer this question. • Aim for 2/3 examples per section (i.e. 3 examples from each piece of coursework).
  8. 8. The Mark Scheme As in all Media Studies exams, you are marked on three different aspects: • Explanation / analysis / argument (10) • Use of examples (10) • Use of terminology (5)
  9. 9. For top marks (out of a possible 25) Explanation/ analysis/argument (9-10 marks) • There is a clear sense of progression established by the answer, and a range of articulate reflections on the production process are offered. Use of examples (9-10 marks) • Candidates offer a broad range of specific, relevant and clear examples of the use of technology in relation to creative skills development. Use of terminology (5 marks) • The use of both production terms and conceptual media terminology applied throughout is excellent.
  10. 10. An example question: How have your skills with digital technology developed, and how has this influenced your productions?
  11. 11. How do I approach this question?
  12. 12. The introduction Your intro must have 3 sections (3 sentences): 1. Answer or give point of view to question. 2. Outline briefly what you made each year. 3. Explain to the examiner how you are going to structure their essay. You now have 5 minutes to write your introduction.
  13. 13. PEA Paragraphs Point - Make a clear point Example - Demonstrate what you mean with detailed examples Analysis - WHAT is the effect? Explain WHY? WHO does it affect? LINK back to the question. - Be critical of your choices – if it does not support the question, do not include it.
  14. 14. Sample PEA paragraph Point I developed my skills in the use of digital technology by utilising the editing software Final Cut Express throughout my coursework portfolio. Evidence For my AS film title sequence, I used Final Cut Express to cut and manipulate my rushes into an appropriate order that conformed to the conventions of the comedy genre. Having been inspired by the film ‘Superbad’, I explored different font styles within the software that reflected this style and complimented the comedic theme that I wanted to create. I was able to develop this further as part of my music video by exploring the movement of text by creating paths and experimenting with transitions. Analysis Practice with the software over the course of the two years has enabled me to explore new techniques such as the movement of text in a music video. This in turn has enabled me to develop my creativity as I began to challenge the conventions.
  15. 15. How do I develop my analysis? Can you analyse your point with reference to the key concepts? • Genre • Representation • Audience • Institution • Narrative • Form and conventions
  16. 16. Your essay plan 1) Intro 2) Examples from AS pre-production, linked to explanation of how these were developed at A2. 3) Examples from AS production, linked to explanation of how these were developed at A2. 4) Examples from AS post-production, linked to explanation of how these were developed at A2. 5) Conclusion – answer the question.
  17. 17. Homework • Answer the question on digital technology. • You may spend as much time on your answer as you like. How have your skills with digital technology developed, and how has this influenced your productions?
  18. 18. Media text Preliminary Opening titles Music video Website Digi pack Other Examples of digital technology Positives Negatives What have I learnt or went on to develop
  19. 19. Second practice question 1a) “Digital technology turns media consumers into producers”. In your own experience, how has your creativity developed through using digital technology to complete your coursework productions?