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As level tv drama 5 age blog


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As level tv drama 5 age blog

  1. 1. Age• If you are asked to focus on Age, you need to look atthe following– Physical Appearance– Stereotypes– Associated Behaviour• Age generally focuses on 4 groups:1. Children2. Teenagers3. Adults4. Old AgeDevelop
  2. 2. Age: ChildrenDevelop
  3. 3. Age: TeenagersDevelop
  4. 4. Age: Old AgeDevelop
  5. 5. Age• As Adults tend to be the dominant audience for TVdrama, the representations of their group tend to befairly accurate• The less dominant social groups tend to have differingand less accurate representations• Can you think of any examples of this?• Are there any TV drama shows which Adults aren’t thetarget audience?• How does this change the characters representation?Develop
  6. 6. Exam Practice• Watch the following extract and make notesusing the grid to help you prepare you answerto the questionHow is Age represented in Waterloo Road (Lake,2009)?Delight