A2 G324 Lesson 1


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A2 G324 Lesson 1

  1. 1. A2 Media StudiesG324: Advanced Production PortfolioLesson 1
  2. 2. A2 Media Studies• A2 is a big step up from AS!• The course is harder, there is more work, but itis lots of fun!
  3. 3. A2 Media Studies• One of the secrets of success lies in your ability to organise bothyourself and your work, and study effectively on your own.• In this respect you will find that your work will fall into the followingcategories;• CREATIVE/PRACTICAL production work as part of a team• REVIEW of notes taken in lessons• WRITE UPS of practical work in terms of your production blog• READING text books to support theoretical understanding• NOTE MAKING from extra sources (books, web, periodicals)• WRITING answers to the set essays (one side A4 max.)• REVISING at the end of your set topic
  4. 4. Basic Expectations1. Arrive on time for every session2. Have a Book and/or Folder for each topic you are covering3. Be prepared with a pens, pencils, ruler, rubber4. Make notes in lesson from discussions & the whiteboard5. Listen carefully & discuss sensibly6. Have the highest respect for equipment and staff.7. Do not bring food & drink into lessons. You are allowed bottles of water only.8. Check our A2 blog regularly:http://hasna2media2013.blogspot.co.uk/NEVER FEEL THAT YOU HAVE NOTHING TO DO!
  5. 5. A2 Media StudiesOCR is the exam board.There are 2 main examined units, these are:• G324 – Advanced Portfolio in Media – coursework• G325 – Critical Perspectives in Media - examinationNote: The numbers at the front are the examination codes, make sureyou know which is which when it comes to the exam entries and theexam itself.
  6. 6. G324 – Advanced ProductionPortfolio• This unit is marked internally and externally moderated by the examination board.• You will follow a set brief which will consist of the following:• A media portfolio, comprising of a main task and ancillary texts• A presentation of your research, planning and evaluation in an electronic format• The brief you will follow is:1. A promotion package for the release of an album, to include a music promo video,together with:2. A website homepage for the band;3. A cover for its release as part of a digipak• This will be a group project. Maximum 4 people per group.
  7. 7. G324 – Advanced ProductionPortfolio• The purpose of this unit is firstly to assess candidates’ ability to planand construct media products using appropriate technical andcreative skills (AO3)• Secondly to assess candidates’ application of knowledge andunderstanding in evaluating their own work, showing how meaningsand responses are created (AO2)• Finally to assess candidates’ ability to undertake, apply and presentappropriate research (AO4).
  8. 8. G324 – Advanced ProductionPortfolio• G324 is marked and internally standardised by the centre and marksare submitted to OCR by a specified date, a sample is then selectedfor external moderation.• The unit is marked out of a total of 100 marks:20 marks for the research and planning and its presentation60 marks for the construction (40 for main task, 10 for each ancillary text)20 marks for the evaluation
  9. 9. G324 – Advanced ProductionPortfolioEvaluation• In the evaluation the following four questions must be addressed:– In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms andconventions of real media products?– How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?– What have you learned from your audience feedback?– How did you use media technologies in the construction and research,planning and evaluation stages?
  10. 10. Key Dates• A Level Media Studies has two very clear elements that you will be working on throughout the year.• Just like AS level, you will spend the first half of the year on your coursework and the second halfpreparing for the exam.• As you can see from the timeline you will be very busy!• These are the key dates for your diary;– 03/09/2013 - A2 Course Begins– 24/10/2013 - Research Coursework Deadline– 20/12/2013 - Planning Coursework Deadline– 14/02/2013 - Production Coursework Deadline– 14/02/2013 - Evaluation Coursework Deadline– 07/01/2014 - Exam Preparation: Section B Youth Collective Identity Begins– 24/02/2014 - Exam Preparation: Section A Evaluation Begins– 01/05/2014 - Final Coursework Corrections Deadline– 08/05/2014 - Coursework sent to Exam board– 10/06/2014 - G325 A Level Media Studies Exam
  11. 11. Music Videos• Music Videos are a very important medium,perhaps more now than ever!• Why do you think we make music videos – what istheir purpose?
  12. 12. Assignment 1: Why Music Videos?• The Music Video genre has a long and storied history.Music videos are used to entertain, inform and mostimportantly promote an artist.• It is important that you understand this history and thepurposes of your music video.
  13. 13. Promotion• The most important aspect of Music Videos is that they are there to sell the Artist, Songand Album• They present the artist to their audience in a number of ways that make themappealing:• Attractive• Empathic• Narrative• Abstract• They sometimes link directly to the Song and the Lyrics, or they present somethingdifferent to the audience to entertain them