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How Obama helped The United States recover !

Published in: News & Politics
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  2. 2. WHO IS OBAMA? • Barrack Hussein Obama II • Born on August 4, 1961 • 44th and current President of The United States of America • First African American to hold the office • Raised by single mother, Stanley Ann Dunham • Graduate of Columbia University and Harvard Law School • Got attention during his 2004 campaign to represent Illinois in the Unite States Senate
  3. 3. What Obama Inherited in 2008 from Bush? • Afghanistan and Iraq war • The great recession of 2008 • Economy growing at just 2% per annum • Increase in rate of suicides due to acute unemployment • Low standard of medical facilities • High fiscal deficit • No faith of consumers in the government
  4. 4. And when Obama came…..
  5. 5. • He knew that the youth of The USAis an important asset•He gave the popular slogan ‘Yes wecan’•He sought their help to revive thecountry’s economic health
  6. 6. Obam uni t ed t he whol e anat i on and m anaged t o gai n t hei r t r ust dur i ng hi s f i r st r egi me!
  7. 7. While his pr edecessor sinit iat ed war s… ended .het hem…
  8. 8. How he tackled the economic crunch: • Campaigned against the bankers who were foreclosing homes • Campaigned against oil companies who were increasing prices in spite of making huge profits • Campaigned against wall street brokers who manipulated stock prices • Bail out for banks who were under huge debt • Worked hard to make health care affordable • Reversed his predecessor’s pro rich tax policies
  9. 9. And his policies fostered great results !!!
  10. 10. And after winning his second term….
  11. 11. H has kept his promises, emade during his winning speech, so far :
  12. 12. It is said-When America sneezesWhole world catches cold !
  13. 13. And the recession during 2008made its impact felt in the worldeconomy ! The whole worldsuffered recession !
  14. 14. But with the revolutionary Fiscal Cliffpolicy proposed on 1st January, 2013,the world share markets saw aremarkable rise in the shares !
  15. 15. Main Proposals of Fiscal cliff policy: • Spending cuts • taxes rise for families making more than $450,000 and individuals above $400,000 a year
  16. 16. HE SAID ‘YES W CAN’ E AND HE DID !!!!!!