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Free Bangla Book Publishing and Download


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This presentation is comprised of the condition of free book publishing and free bangla book downloads. Here is also described the works of a totally new and different publisher of Bangladesh.

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Free Bangla Book Publishing and Download

  1. 1. Free Bangla Book Publishing and Download Marketing Manager Green Net Publishers ( )
  2. 2. Book Publishing in Bangladesh Book publishing in Bangladesh for a new author is very difficult because •Publishers don’t want to take risk by investing on any new author. •Readers also don’t want to buy books of a new author, because they want to use their money buying best books. •A new author whether he is good or bad has to face this situations.
  3. 3. Existing Solutions • New authors can publish their books by spending a huge amount of money. • People rarely buy new authors books, so most of the times author himself needs to buy most of the books.
  4. 4. Reading Books Readers who have enough money, can buy any books and start reading. But people those have enough money normally read through• Going or borrowing from library. • Borrowing from friends. • Sometimes buying old books.
  5. 5. Downloading Books from Internet There is a very good solution to read rare books by downloading from the internet. But in Bangladesh, almost all of the books found in the internet are pirated and distributed without the permission of the writer. So, writers and publishers don’t get anything from the ebooks.
  6. 6. Our Approach  We, some enthusiastic people established “Green Net Publishers” to provide easy access to publish books for the new writers.  We also provide readers to download the original books and read this in an authorize way.
  7. 7. Our Approach •We are currently offering new authors to publish their books for totally free. •We format, proofread, review and create cover page design without any cost. •We are doing the job to make this book available to thousands of readers, located anywhere in the world. •Currently, every bangla book is free to read and download for any readers.
  8. 8. How This is Beneficial We are giving almost every support related to publishing without any cost.  We publish book in electronic format (ebook) and it’s online always, so it can be easily accessed anytime from anywhere.  Readers can read this book without any cost. So, new authors can build their readers easily. 
  9. 9. On Demand Printed Book Publishing Some writers have a dream to touch their printed books. To meet this demand we are going to do on demand printed book publishing.  Our primary goal is green publishing ( without using any paper), so we do print publish but it’s only on demand. Writer should bear the costs of publishing. 
  10. 10. On Demand Print Book Publishing • Authors are like our family members, so we charge the possible minimum costs for print book publishing. • We are not taking any responsibilities of sales. If author wants, he can take every copies of the printed books.
  11. 11. Our Website ( )
  12. 12. Our Published Books
  13. 13. Our Published Books
  14. 14. Our Published Books
  15. 15. Our Published Books
  16. 16. Conclusion  Our target is to promote new authors by publishing their books for free. We already published more than 30 books within very short times. So, we are in track to get success.