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Mobile marketing

  1. 1. Mobile - an untapped18 Monday, February 21 / Sunday February 27, 2011Technology BUSINESS ASIA marketing channelM By Hassan Imtiazi obile is the word on every marketer’s lips nowadays. For the last two years digital marketershave been predicting 2011 will bedominated by mobile technologyand how they can use mobile de-vices for customer acquisition, re-tention and engagement withintheir media mix. The beauty of the mobile is that Europe North America South America Africa Asia Oceaniait is always with a potential cus- 1.4%tomer - whether they are at home,at work, or travelling, making it 1.2%more attractive as a marketing tool.With mobiles we can talk, watch 1.0%movies, listen to music, check Mobile Apps - Iphone SMS & MMSemails, browse the internet, take 0.8% and Google Androidpictures, make movies, buy & sell, platform Short messaging service (SMS) has 0.6%communicate on social networking When Apple launched the iPhone been used for over a decade andsites and much more. in 2007 it shocked other mobile still very popular amongst mar- 0.4% companies with its functionality. keters when it comes to achievingWorldwide growth of 0.2% In addition to that Google being high ROI with low CPA. Varioussmart phones the largest search engine has tools and software are available in 0.0% showed its serious commitment to the market which can give hun- J Last year nearly 1.3 billion continuing contribution and pro- dreds of readymade templates with mobile phones were shipped viding innovative products when very good analytics to measure per- globally, 250 million were it comes to mobile. Its own mobile formance. Orange Wednesday 2 for smart phones. technologies this device can offer effective response. operating systems “Android” is 1 is one of the good examples of J In the US and Europe virtu enormous opportunities. Availabil- one of the fastest growing plat- using SMS to bring movie-goers to ally all phones sold will be ity of cheap data plans is also a big Currently, the following forms in the USA with more than cinemas. Oxfam has also used an smart phone within five contributor towards the popularity marketing opportunities 40% market share. SMS campaign with the help of years. of smart phones in UK. are available on mobile There are hundreds of thou- boxer Amir Khan during its Pak- J eMarketer analysis predicts sands of app’s available in the istan Floods campaign for there will be more mobile Search on mobile Proximity & location market out of which many are fundraising. based marketing internet users in China than free. The App’s industry is boom- in the USA by the end of this According to Google its mobile ing and companies are developing Future of mobile year. search traffic volume increased by Very popular in FMCG brands, last not only for customer engagement J According to Gartner Re 247% last year. More searches on year O2 More launched its opt-in but also for product launches. For The following trends need to be ob- search, in two years time mobiles phones mean more queries service where O2 customers can example car manufactures like served carefully over the next two mobile phones will overtake and more traffic to websites which record their personal information - Audi & BMW were the first few to years: PCs as the most common gives marketers a case to demand including age, gender and interests launch racing game for the launch Web access device world more budgets. and receive offers. of new models. J Popularity of Face to face chat wide. Moreover, companies who tra- Once a consumer steps into a as introduced by iphone 4 ditionally hesitated to target new particular brands area, he will Quick Response (QR) J TV on mobilePenetration of smart audience segments like early send an SMS or MMS containing codes J Contact-less mobile payment-phones in UK adapters of technologies and an offer designed to bring them NIF enable phones young people now can easily do into a shop. Brands like Starbucks Developed in Japan and used ini- J Real time product comparisonThe UK is second behind Italy in that. Google and MSN provide and L’Oreal has started participa- tially in manufacturing, the con- on mobiles while offlineterms of Smartphone subscribers, technology which can be used to tion in test phase. Services like cept behind QR is to turn a camera shoppingbut now leads the European market target mobiles by phone type, net- foursquare and Gowalla are also phone into a barcode terms of growth. More than 90% work type, geo target and many very popular when it comes to lo- This allows encoded information Challengesof the UK adult population owns a other options with reasonable cation based marketing. to be delivered, including phone – with a pretty even amount of tracking. The first UK campaign was As mobile marketing with the usedistribution across age and social Click to call launched in 2007 by Twentieth of smart phones is a new phenom-class. This mass penetration will Marketing opportunities Century Fox at the launch movie enon everyone in the industry isgive excellent platform to compa- Click to call is very useful in getting 28 weeks later. Although that cam- learning. There is no concretenies to market their products and Before starting any campaign a few direct responses. Google provides paign has not got an excellent re- benchmark or granular reportingservices. things need to be considered very the technology to target local busi- sponse, for customers the concept available. In addition companies According to an nfpSynergy carefully. Mobile web users are nesses and this kind of advertising was quite new but everyone no- need to invest in mobile app’s orsurvey, almost 70% of people in the typically prepared to make fewer is very successful in real estate and ticed it. mobile-enabled websites, testingUK aged 16-24 cannot imagine life clicks on a website than users ac- hotel industries. After three years, today we are see- campaigns hence need more budg-without their mobiles phones. cessing sites from a PC. It can save money on marketing ing more offline i.e. newspapers ets, and due to the economic down-More than 60% of iphone users and Websites not optimised for the budgets by limiting your target au- adverts promoting QR codes to turn it is a challenge. Poor websitemore than 40% Blackberry owners smaller-screen formats will become dience and advert exposure. give discount coupons and infor- usability and customer experienceuse their phone to search for infor- a market barrier for their owners. Also with the use of hyper local mation. Again QR codes can work and small screen might be barriermation online. Secondly, if you want to use mobile advertising feature (with GPS tech- best in exhibitions for brochure for some audience segments. For the last decade SMS has in marketing campaigns effectively nology) customers can literally download, registration confirma- Lastly, there are some people whobeen popular amongst marketers it has to be used with full integra- know how far the business is from tion, directing to website to re- think mobile marketing is an inva-but now with the evolution of new tion - in isolation it will not provide their mobile phone. deem discount voucher. sion of their privacy.