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Marketing Campaign Template


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Published in: Business
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Marketing Campaign Template

  1. 1. Marketing CampaignMarketing Campaign Management TemplateManagement Template
  2. 2. Overview & Purpose Project/Organization Role Initial Summary Campaign Plan and Requirements i.e. PR, Marketing or e-marketing To drive the campaign and retain a log of all statistics, activity and images related to Campaign Central point for all information and access for evaluation Campaign Manager Support CM and intervene in absence Deputy Campaign Manager
  3. 3. Campaign Lead Launch Middle End Name: Complete all sections as appropriate Complete all sections as appropriate Complete all sections as appropriate Tel:       Mobile: Email:       Campaign Type ( Seasonal, Educational etc.) Start/ End Date Overview and Campaign Brief               USP Parameters
  4. 4. Campaign style: online, full, targeted, PR, educational, awareness, marketing Concept/ Designs/ Images Target Audience Extra Capacity External support i.e. agency Other Partners Advocacy Competitors i.e. activity, support, collaboration Resources/ Activity required       [Include quantity]       TV Advert       Leaflets       Posters       Banners       Literature       Web space Direct Mailing E Marketing SMS
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