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Hashstash Studios is an indie game development studio based out of Delhi NCR, India. We are a studio of game developers, artists, and engineers, who have been working in the gaming domain for many years now and have a rich background in software development and the web ecosystem.

We develop games for all platforms, specifically: Mobiles Games (iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7), Social Platforms (Facebook Games), and for the Desktop (Windows, Mac OS/X, Linux based Distributions).

We have a game out on the Google Play Store (Zap the Knight) and are busy adding content to it and porting it to Windows Phone 7 and iOS. We are also prototyping an interesting tech for a Facebook Game (Social Corporations) and also experimenting with a fun, casual desktop game concept.

Our roadmap also includes some developer-friendly tech: Trivial Engine, a very exciting templates driven game engine, and Trivial Analytics, a cross-platform scoring, monitoring and matchmaking system that would level up “social”.

Along with Hashstash Studios, the same team is involved with Ctrl Alt Delhi (an electronic music act), Gamer on the Move (a mobile game reviews vlog), and Indie GameDev India (an industry body that creates resources and opportunities for indies to move forward in India).

As Hashstash Studios, we are not only building fun and interesting games, we are also pushing the indie scene in India forward.

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Introducing Hashstash Studios

  1. 1. HashstashStudiosFind some more about us!
  2. 2. A Little Legalese!© 2012, Hashstash Studios.All intellectual properties, technologies, industry insights, products and services mentioned inthis document belong to Hashstash Studios or have been used under Fair Use.The purpose of this document is to provide a window to the skillset and competencies ofHashstash Studios for purposes of showcasing their work and attract new business opportunities.All content of this document is confidential in nature and is not for sharing with general public.Discretion is advised.All rights reserved.
  3. 3. About Hashstash StudiosOverview Products Technology Services Team Zap the Knight Kinshuk Sunil Origins Trivial Engine Game A Bridge Too Development Yadu Rajiv Far Location Trivial Pydpypr Mayank Saini AnalyticsAdvantage Social Varun Rana Corporations Art & Sound Creation Trivial Sense Platforms Cricket Xtreme Ravish Malik
  4. 4. OverviewA little more about us
  5. 5. Started operations on June 26,2011.It has been founded by thefounders of India’s oldestindependent game developercommunity – Indie GameDevIndiaTeam includes veterans of theIndie game developmentscene in IndiaORIGINS
  6. 6. Hashstash Studios is an Indianindependent game development studiowith presence in Delhi NCR andBangalore.Hashstash North363A, Pocket 2, Mayur Vihar, Phase 1New Delhi – 110091Hashstash South303, RK Exxotica,10th Cross, First Main,Pampa Extension, Kempapura, Hebbal,Bangalore – 560024Karnatakarelations@hashstash.inwww.hashstash.inLOCATION
  7. 7. Core expertise of the team isTechnology InnovationsHashstash believes not just inmaking games that are fun toplay, but making fun gamesthat push the limits oftechnology forward.We pride in building efficientsolutions in tighter timelines.We are a bunch of rebels atheart, always challenging thestatus quoADVANTAGE
  8. 8. PLATFORMS • Windows Desktop • Mac OS/X • Linux • iOS Mobile • Android • Windows Phone 7 • Standalone Web • Social Networks • Flash / Actionscript / Flex • HTML5 / JavascriptTechnology • Python • C++ / Objective C / Java • Unity
  9. 9. ProductsAll the games we are working on
  10. 10. For Android, Windows Phone 7,iOSGesture-based Casual MobilegameIntegrated with Trivial AnalyticsUser Reviews:4 StarsStatus:In Active DevelopmentRelease:Android: May 2012iOS: July 2012Windows Phone: July 2012Zap the Knight
  11. 11. For Android, Windows Phone 7,iOSFull-blown sequel50 Levels, 6 Boss Fights, 15Enemies, 12 Power UpsStatus:In Pre-ProductionZap the Knight 2(working title)
  12. 12. For Android, Windows Phone 7,iOSInnovation in the TowerDefense gameplay mechanicKey Elements3 Factions4 Game ModesComplex Psychological andEconomic GameplayHeavily Augmented RewardssystemStatus:In Pre-ProductionA Bridge Too Far(working title)
  13. 13. For Windows, Mac, LinuxA casual, funny game basedon the story of the Pied Piper ofHamlinKey ElementsSimple yet engaginggameplaySet in Medieval EuropeBased on Parent-ChildpsychologyStatus:Pre-AlphaIn DevelopmentPydpypr
  14. 14. For FacebookPowered by Trivial SenseSocial Business Simulationboard gameInnovation in FacebookIntegrationStatus:Pre AlphaIn Active DevelopmentSocialCorporations(working title)
  15. 15. Standalone Web GamificationProjectPowered by Trivial SenseAugmentation of CricketingExperienceInnovation in FacebookIntegrationStatus:In Pre-ProductionCricket Xtreme(working title)
  16. 16. TechnologyOur offerings for other games and apps developers
  17. 17. Trivial EngineAn easy to use game Key Features:development framework  Rapid Game Ideawritten in C++ meant for prototypingrapidly prototyping new  Universal Accessibilitygame ideas and scaling  Easy deploymentthem up for deploymentsacross platform.  Physics and Networking Integrated  Shader Effects andStatus: TypographyAlpha  Accessible Tech StackIn Active Development  Templates DrivenRelease:2012
  18. 18. Trivial AnalyticsAn in-game scoring Key Features:subsystem that also  In-game Metrics andfacilitates in-game metrics,performance analysis, Monitoringmonitoring and  Network and Hardwarematchmaking based on a Analysissimplified system of rule-based triggers that would  User Preferenceslevel up the current-gen Analysis“social”.  Social Matchmaking  CommunityStatus: EngagementAlpha  Social DiscoveryIn Experimental Use  In-App PurchasesRelease:  Reporting2012
  19. 19. Trivial SenseA system that will help Key Features:you make sense of a lot  A Social Semanticsof obscure data on the Enginesocial platforms by  Makes sense of socialexposing them into a capital and interactions into sets of objectivelystatistical system with referable Entitiesmethods for  Exposes statisticalmanipulation and measuresextrapolation.  Allows for Information manipulation andStatus: extrapolation  Allows developers toPre-production build sensible and insightful social applications
  20. 20. ServicesThe little things that we do for you
  21. 21. Game Development Full house, complete  Work with: game development  Desktop skillset  Mobiles Rapid prototyping and  Web tight deliveries  Sharp understanding of Full range of Digital Marketing and technology spectrum Interactive across multiple Entertainment platforms and technologies Complete channel and tool-chain deployment
  22. 22. Art & Music Creation In-House Art and Music  A debut single for Ctrl Studio Alt Delhi in works Experimental Audio  Already done music Project – Ctrl Alt Delhi creation for two experimental client Instrumentation, Sound projects Effects, Soundtrack and Voice Acting Rapid Prototyping, Quick Feedback cycles, and enriched audio compositions
  23. 23. TeamMeet the Rebels!
  24. 24. TEAM Kinshuk Sunil Designer•4+ Years of Experience in Game Design, Communities Engagement, Social Media and Project Management. Yadu Rajiv Guru•Indie game developer guru and visual artist. A student of Design for Digital Experience at NID Bangalore Mayank Saini Developer•2 Years of platform specific experience, focused on the Web and Mobile. Varun Rana Porter•2 Years of platform specific experience, focused on the Web and Mobile. Ravish Malik Artist•3 years of experience making art and pre-production of games
  25. 25. Domain:Game Design, CommunityEngagement,Sound & Music, BusinessDevelopmentMaking games since 20014+ Years of CommunityEngagement; Successfully designedand executed CommunityCampaigns and Events across thenation.3+ Years over Social MediaDomains, with ReputationManagement and Brand CreationA Games and Tech reviewer for anumber of blogs.Kinshuk Sunil
  26. 26. Domain:Visual Artist,Game Architecture,Engine Programming,Indie NetworkStudent of Design for DigitalExperience at NID Bangalore2+ years as a UI/UX Designer anddeveloper3+ years as a faculty of Graphicsand web Design at variousdesign institutionsA student of English Languageand literature; moonlights as atranslator of poems and shortstories from Malayalam to EnglishYadu Rajiv
  27. 27. Domain:Mobile & Web Development,Cross-platform ApplicationDevelopmentTakes care of all mobiledevelopment initiatives.A rich background inprogramming games andapplications for the iOS, MacOSX, and the Web.Placed in the Top 14 teams inMicrosoft Imagine Cup from allover India for 2 consecutive yearsPart of an indie Rock band for 3years; releasing a music albumsoonMayank Saini
  28. 28. Domain:Mobile & Web DevelopmentCross-platform PortingTakes care of cross-platformporting.A rich background inprogramming games andapplications for the Web andWindows.Working on HTML5 for the last 2years.Varun Rana
  29. 29. Domain:Art & DesignTakes care of Art and Pre-production of games.A rich background in makingart of games and applicationsfor the Web and Windows.Working on Game art for thelast 3 years.Ravish Malik
  30. 30. Contact UsCall at +919910024895 and talk to KinshukEmail at
  31. 31. Kinshuk SunilCall: +919910024895Email: kinshuk@hashstash.inrelations@hashstash.inGeneral NotificationsFor Updates, Careers and NewsPress NotificationsFor Media Information, PressRelations, and LaunchesREACH OUT
  32. 32. Live Long And ProsperThank you for your time.