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Conjunctions (Parts Of Speech)

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  2. 2. A CONJUNCTION is basically a part of speechthat connect sentences, phrases or clausestogether. There are basically 3 types of conjunction: Coordinating Conjunctions Subordinating Conjunctions Corelative Conjunctions
  3. 3. What Are Clauses?Mainly there are two types of Clauses.1. An independent clause is a phrase that can stand alone as it’s own sentence. – The car is red.2. A dependent clause is a phrase that needs to have another one in order to make it a complete sentence. – When his favorite car crashed.
  4. 4. A Sub Ordinating Conjunction joins twodependent clauses in which one clausedepends upon other clause for itsmeaning.The most common subordinating conjunctions are"after," "although," "as," "because," "before," "how,""if," "once," "since," "than," "that," "though," "till,""until," "when," "where," "whether," and "while."
  5. 5. EXAMPLES:If the paperwork arrives on time, your cheque will be mailed on Tuesday.Here, the subordinating conjunction “if" introduces the dependent clause "Ifthe paperwork arrives on time."
  6. 6. Ali cried when his favorite car crashed.The subordinating conjunction "when"introduces the dependent clause "when hiscar crashed“.
  7. 7. Coordinating means of equal rank. ThusCoordinating conjunction joins two clauses ofequal rank.Main examples of coordinating conjunctions arelearnt by learning a word “FANBOYS”Examples: For, And, Neither/Nor, But, Or, Yet,So.
  8. 8. EXAMPLES:• She picked daffodils and sunflowers, which are usually yellow.• I wanted to go over my friends house but I had a lot of homework.
  9. 9. Correlative conjunctions work in pairs tojoin words and groups of words of equalweight in a sentence.There are six different pairs of correlative conjunctions:either...ornot only...but (also)neither...nor (or increasingly neither...or)both...andwhether...orjust
  10. 10. EXAMPLES:1. You either do your work or prepare for a trip to to the Zoo.2. Not only is he handsome, but he is also brilliant.3. Neither the basketball team nor the football team is doing well.4. Both the cross country team and the swimming team are doing well.