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You can tweet it!


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Published in: Education
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You can tweet it!

  1. 1. Those who can, Tweet! Twitter in the Classroom!
  2. 2. Scott: @TeachFromHere
  3. 3. Set up a teacher account Set up a classroom account Be creative :)
  4. 4. Here is how you will look to the world! Make this a fun space Give some info about yourself
  5. 5.
  6. 6. All times are EST
  7. 7. Lurk and consume - then participate and contribute!
  8. 8. Use Tweetdeck to follow multiple items
  9. 9. Use HootSuite to follow all of your social media!
  10. 10. - this can be a great way to follow a chat!
  11. 11. is another place to participate in a chat.
  12. 12. is another way to view twitter chats on the web.
  13. 13. For your Professional Development
  14. 14. Here are a few Hashtags to follow: #oklaed #1CoolThing #NT2t #edchat #NT2t #tlap #ipaded
  15. 15. This is the goal when using Twitter with our students!
  16. 16. • Tweet a historical discussion • Tweet a character’s point of view • Tweet a school event • Tweet about the Land Run • Tweet questions for math class • Tweet in a foreign language • Tweet a haiku • Tweet a fact about your unit of study • Tweet to a famous person in your specific field of study • Tweet links appropriate to class discussion • Tweet a free write topic • Display class hashtag in your room
  17. 17. Engage your students - what questions would you ask? Put those on Twitter and make it fun! Add pics or gifs and allow this to be an exciting thing to do!
  18. 18. Follow my Pinterest Board: Or My Blog: