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Final presentation - Master data management - Half Scheidl


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Few slides from my master's thesis defense. Unfortunately I could not publish more content because it was confidential.

Published in: Business, Technology
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Final presentation - Master data management - Half Scheidl

  1. 1. From theory to practice, case Ineo OyHalf Abude ScheidlIMMIT – International Master in Management of IT
  2. 2. • Data about key business entities• Structures are complex in global corporations!Master DataPurchase topayGlobalMaterialMaterialType OnninenProductsConnection CableVendor 1 Vendor 2Pipe
  3. 3. Master Data Management”A technology-enabled business discipline””A single version of the truth”” application-independent process which describes,owns and manages core business data entities”
  4. 4. Research context and objectives• Conceptual understandingMaturityAssessment• Requirements and scopeTechnology benchmark
  5. 5. Research• Theory andpractice• Challenges• TrendsInterviews• Technologyassesment• BenchmarktoolQuestionnaire
  6. 6. Compliance to Reference Architecture
  7. 7. • Business value has been realized, however dificult toquantify!• MDM is the pre-requisite for the realization of the ERP business-case• Concepts and tools are not precisely defined and overlapwith other technologies• Technology is not the first step to take in MDM...• .. but it is complex (integration, workflow, cleansing,bundling...)Conclusions
  8. 8. Questions?Half