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Come Judgment day-15doc


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Come Judgment day-15doc

  1. 1. ‫ب م ل ر ـن رح م‬ ِ ‫ِسْ ِ ا ّ ال ّحْمَ ِ ال ّ ِي‬ Qur’aan Deep Study-15 Come Judgment Day Ya Allah; all our thanks is yours, and all our praise is yours, no other LORD but you Ya Rabb. Ya Allah make our Holy days in your rememberance, do not leave us to the Temptaions of our hearts even for one minute, and please bring Joy to the hearts of our children this Eid Ya Kareem. And the end of our Dua: Al Hamdu Lillah Rabbal Aaalamein. Al Salaam Aleikum, with love and the best of my wishes for all of you during this Eid, and those Holy days, may Allah return the days while our nation is in a better state. The first words in the Qur’aan are: Bismmillah Al Rahmaan Al Raheim ِ‫بِسْمِ الّ الرّحْمـَنِ الرّحِيم‬ As we started talking about: ِ‫ ,الرّحْمــَنِ الرّحِيمـ‬we spoke a little about the Mercy of the LORD today, that shows endless love, the kind of love that does not need blood shed, or making a son to kill him for the sake of mankind as Christians invented and falsely preach also think and believe in, and no need for a scene at the LORD’s end to prove anything beyond all the evidence we can touch, no need for others to tell. I can continue telling you about His Mercy today, however, those who have true faith worry more about the here next. As I said, His Mercy today is given to all even those who do not deserve, and we call Allah by: the Merciful according to this. I also said: His Mercy in the Hereafter is different, at that time He is Graceful in His Mercy, meaning what? My friend, please pay attention, though today you see and live in His Mercy for free, taking things for granted, be warned things are not always the same, come the time, Mercy is given only to those who deserve. Before we speak about those who deserve His Mercy come the day, let me give you an advice while we are about to speak about this: my friend, it is good that you want to learn, but even better is when you apply what you learn, when you work hard to place yourself among those who are shed with the Mercy come the day, it is better to work hard to fit in. So please do listen: as we study the Noble Qur’aan, and what Allah wants, this is how we prepare ourselves. Let us pick up this issue one step at the time, first we need to say: Mercy today ends when our life comes to an end, when death comes as our last stop in this life before Resurrection, Allah’s Mercy stops being for all, stops from including those who offended Him all of their lives. With this rest from all the effects of this life, during this time Paradise start refreshing itself, Hell starts to boil stronger than ever before, even more than when Allah created it, both are waiting for those who will come to dwell.
  2. 2. A blow in the Horn sounds for the first time, and all those who are still alive will be put to death (39:68). Then Allah will ask: Who is the KING now, Who is the owner of everything, and He will answer since no one else dares to speak that day, while Human beings and Jinn are in their graves: Allah is the KING, and He is the owner of all things (40:16). Then Allah will order the Angels to blow in the Horn a second time, all of us will be resurrected except those who made it to Paradise from the Martyrs before this (39:68). We will see changes to this system as we depart, as Allah returns everything as He started them, and we will be taken to the gathering ground to be questioned, some of us will go to Paradise and others to Hell. At that day, some of us will depart immediately to Paradise, some will spend some time being asked questions, and some will spend a long time, those who are questioned need the Mercy of Allah to escape Hell that day. In essence, Allah’s Mercy today is given to us whether we work for it or not, but His Mercy come the day is like everything else, things come to those who deserve, meaning what? Some deserve Mercy, they will be granted, some deserve Paradise, they will be rewarded, some deserve nothing but Hell, and they will meet with what they deserve eternity after this. That day we receive what we deserve period, that day we can change nothing, and we cannot even speak or try, however, you know something? Today we can do things that may change and decide what we deserve that day, yes, while we have a chance, while we can shape up now, and work hard, out of His mercy today, He is allowing us to work in order that this work may stand by our side that day when we need it. Fine, what can we say about that day? As we read those messages about the Deep study from the Noble Qur’aan, we will also learn what Allah wants from us, and how He prepares us for the Hereafter Insha Allah. Some may think this will take forever, well, Allah said: I created Jinn and mankind only to worship, then this is your priority, and spending a lifetime is exactly what you need to do my friend. Yes, I wish I can prepare you with few words; you need to understand Allah sent this Qur’aan to be followed and learned, let us do our duty towards Allah and His words, this is why Allah created all of us for, even if this takes us a lifetime to learn. For previous messages; please visit my Home page at; To Be Continued Insha Allah What are you going to do with this message; will you help me reach others, tell them about this effort, forward, or send me their E mails? Please work for the sake of Allah, and for your place in Paradise. Is Qur’aan from Allah?
  3. 3. Al Salaam Aleikum, let us go back to this Christian from Egypt who is trying to shed doubts that Qur’aan is from Allah, we saw how this man has a weird sense of humor, calling none Geographic things by Geographic, let us give more examples from his sick debate. The last time we showed how his illiteracy led him to think that Allah claimed Earth to be stable, and motionless, and we showed the Ayahs that shows how Earth is moving in every fiber in its creation. Let us pick up the next example this sad creature spoke about. If you like, copy and paste this picture on a word Doc, and make it larger to see what is in it, This Christian says: Geographic Questions-3 the stars are for stoning the Devils. Ayah (verse) 5;67: “and We decorated the first sky with light producing planets, and We made it with stoning to the Devils, and We prepared for them punishment in Hell”. Those who read my previous messages in this Deep study also read what I precaution against when reading the Ayahs of Allah, I said: do not listen to what others say, you need to read the Ayahs on your own and try to understand what the Ayahs say, without thinking they speak the truth about the true meaning, even if they did. Let us interpret this Ayah on our own without this sad Christian’s illiteracy about it. However, let me explain for those who overlooked what this Christian from Egypt wanted to say here, he thinks that Allah is saying those light producing planets are for stoning the Devils, which means that Allah stones small Devils with huge planets as huge as the Sun itself, is this what Allah said? The first thing we notice here how Allah started by speaking about the first (closer) sky to our planet Earth by saying: “and We decorated the first sky with light producing planets”, therefore, the speech here is about the first sky above our heads, and how Allah made in it those light producers (planets/stars). Then Allah says: and We made it with stoning to the Devils, the pronoun IT here returns to the sky not the stars which decorate it, as we said: Allah started by speaking about the Sky, not the planet, when He uses “AND” means and about the Sky. Fine, let us elaborate more about this. Please remember when debating with his kind from those who attack the Qur’aan, remeber that the Ayahs come from chapters (Surahs), and those chapters belong in a book, therefore, let us look in side the book (Qur’aan) about what else Allah told us about this issue next. Ayahs 37;6-7 say: ‫إن زين سم د ي بز ن كو ِب َح ْظ م كل ش ط ن م ر ل يس ّع ن إل م َ لْ ل وي ذف م كل ج نب‬ ٍ ِ ‫ِ ّا َ ّ ّا ال ّ َاء ال ّنْ َا ِ ِي َةٍ الْ َ َاك ِ و ِف ًا ّن ُ ّ َيْ َا ٍ ّا ِدٍ َ َ ّم ُو َ َِى الْ َ ِ ا َعَْى َ ُقْ َ ُونَ ِن ُ ّ َا‬ ‫ل‬
  4. 4. “We decorated the first Sky with the decoration of the planets, and we made it with protection against every capable Devil, they are prevented to hear news from the higher gatherings of the Angels, and they are stoned from every direction”. Here we see how Allah is saying that He decorated the Sky above our heads with two things, planets and protection against the capable among the Devils, how this protection is a decoration by itself? It is a decoration in its creation and we will discuss the light that emanate from them, also by protecting the upper gathering from spies of the capable among the Devils. Now let us bring a specific explanation, let us see what those capable among the Devils say in Ayah 72;8-9: ‫وَ ّا َ َسْ َا ال ّ َاء َ َ َدْ َا َا ُِ َتْ َر ًا َ ِي ًا َ ُ ُ ًا ََ ّا ُ ّا نقْ ُ ُ ِنْ َا َ َا ِدَ ِل ّمْ ِ َ َن َسْ َ ِعِ الْ َ َ ِدْ َ ُ ِ َا ًا ّ َ ًا‬ ‫َأن لم ن سم فوج ن ه ملئ ح َس شد د وشهب وأن كن َ عد م ه مق ع ل س ع فم ي تم ن يج له شه ب رصد‬ “and we went to the Sky today (1400 years back), we found it filled with tough guards, and a lot of meteors or streams of fire, we used to set in the Sky before to hear what the upper gathering from the Angels hear from the Kingdom, and whosoever tries to listen today, he/she will find a meteor or flame of fire waiting for them to hunt and kill them”. Now this Ayah (verse) explains the whole issue all together, makes me wonder if this sad Christians is aware of this Ayah, or he and his kind from those who attack Islam are true illiterates with their evil games! Therefore, from the information given to us through the 3 Ayahs here we found: the first Sky above our heads is decorated with light producing planets, also tough Guards (Angels) who are guarding the Sky from the capable among the Devils wishing to sit and listen to the news coming from the Kingdom above the seven Heavens, the Ayah (Verse) also says: tough guards and meteors or flames of fire, that travel for a short distance in chasing the Devils. Also Ayah 15;18 says: ٌ ‫ِ ّ َ ِ اسْ َ َ َ ال ّمْعَ فَتْ َ َ ُ ِ َا ٌ ّ ِي‬ ‫إل من ترق س َأ بعه شه ب مب ن‬ “except those who sneak in to listen, they will be chased with real meteor or flames of fire”. Therefore, Allah does not say that the light producing planets are there to stone the Devils as this Christian falsely says, for previous messages, please visit To Be Continued Insha Allah Arabic Qur’aan Learn how to read Sourah 2 ‫فإذ َر ت ق ن ف تع ب ل من ش ط رج م‬ ِ ‫َ ِ َا ق َأْ َ ا ْل ُرْآ َ َاسْ َ ِذْ ِا ّ ِ َ ال ّيْ َانِ ال ّ ِي‬
  5. 5. ‫َ ُو ُ ِا ِ ِنَ الْ َيْ َا ِ الْ َ ِيْم‬ ‫أع ذ ب ل م ش ط ن رج‬ ‫ب م ل ر ـن رح م‬ ِ ‫ِسْ ِ ا ّ ال ّحْمَ ِ ال ّ ِي‬ Al Salaam Aleikum, the second Ayah in Surah 2;3 says: ‫ص ة ومم رز ن ُ ي ِق ن‬ َ ‫اّ ِينَ ُؤْ ِ ُونَ ِالْ َيْ ِ َ ُ ِي ُونَ ال ّل َ َ ِ ّا َ َقْ َاهمْ ُنف ُو‬ ‫لذ ي من ب غ ب ويق م‬ َ‫ :اّ ِي ن‬Starting with a silent Alef ‫ ,ا‬then an L ّ ‫ ل‬with the tones of ّ & َ that double the letter to ‫لذ‬ ‫ـ‬ sound like: Lla. Then we have the letter ِ‫ ذ‬TH (as in THE) with a dash at the bottom to make it sounds like: THI. We have the letter ‫ يـ‬E, and the letter َ‫ ن‬N with a dash on top to make it sounds like: NA, the whole word reads: Allathina. ‫: ُؤْ ِ ُونَـ‬ Starting with the letter ‫ يـُـ‬E with the tone of ُ on top to make it ‫ي من‬ sound like YU. Then the letter ‫ و‬W with a ‫ ء‬on top. Then the letter ‫مـِـ‬ M with a Dash at the bottom to make it sounds like MI. Also the letter ‫ نـُـ‬N with the tone of ُ on top to make it sounds like: NU. Then the letter ‫ و‬W and the letter َ‫ نـ‬N that has a Dash on top to make it sounds like: NA. The whole word reads like: Yuominoona. ِ ْ‫ : ِالْ َي‬We have the letter ِ ‫ ب‬B with a Dash at the bottom to make it sounds like BI, followed ‫ب غب‬ ‫ـ‬ with a silent ‫ ل ْـ‬L, then the letter َ‫ ـغـ‬GH with a Dash at the top to make it sounds like: GHA. Now we have the letter ّ‫ يـ‬E with the tone of ّ and a Dash at its bottom to make it doubled as EE. Now we have the letter ‫ بِـ‬B with a dash at the bottom to make it sounds like: BI, the whole word reads like: Bilghaibi. Now the Ayah reads so far as: Allahthina Yuominoona Bilghaibi. Let us continue this next time insha Allah. َ ‫: َ ُ ِي ُو‬ ‫ويق م ن‬ . َ ‫:ال ّل‬ ‫ص ة‬
  6. 6. ‫: َ ِ ّا‬ ‫ومم‬ ‫: ُ ًى‬ ‫هد‬ . َ‫:ّلْ ُ ّ ِين‬ ‫ل متق‬ . ْ‫: َ َقْ َاهم‬ ُ ‫رز ن‬ َ ‫: ُنف ُو‬ ‫ي ِق ن‬ For previous messages, please visit To Be Continued Insha Allah ‫َ ّيْ ِدْ ِي ِلْم ً والْح ِقْ ِي ِالْ َاِ ِيْن ِا ْل َمْ ُ ّ ر ّ الْ َاَ ِيْن‬ ‫ق ن ب ص لح و ح د ِ َب ع لم‬ ‫ل‬ ‫رب ز ن ع ا‬