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Softworks products & services


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Softworks (, a Bangladeshi software development company who are working on developing innovative applications in smartphone - iPhone/iPAD, Android, Windows & J2ME development and interactive Dashboard: Charts & Maps from any database/XML feed to overlay of data on Divisional/District/Upazila/Constituency Maps. Currently Softworks is working as an IT services subcontractor of Strengthening Pharmaceutical Systems (SPS) program of Bangladesh for Management Science for Health (MSH) funded by USAID who are providing MIS services to maintain DGFP procurement and logistics system a network of 21 warehouses and 483 Upazila stores.

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Softworks products & services

  1. 1.         
  2. 2.  SoftWorks is working with Management Sciences for Health (MSH) as IT-Subcontractor to the Strengthening Pharmaceutical Systems (SPS) program funded by USAID Develop, upgrade & maintain software systems for Ministry of Health & Family Welfare (MOHFW); both Directorate General of Family Planning (DGFP) & Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) Current involvement - Project Manager, System Analyst, 11 Developers & a Support Staff
  3. 3. A single portal for the MOHFW procurement & logistics management which is accessible to the Ministry, Line Directors, Drug Administration, Hospitals and stakeholders.
  4. 4.  Web based portal accessible to the Ministry of Health (MOH), Facilities & stakeholders.
  5. 5. • Upazila Inventory Management System UIMS • Software to maintain upazila store inventory, automate supply planning, and Form 7B reporting • Warehouse Inventory Management System WIMS • Software to maintain warehouse inventory • Web-based Logistics Management Information SystemWeb-Based LMIS • Central repository for DGFP logistics data Procurement • Online procurement status tracking for DGFP Tracker • To be extended to DGHS in 2011 Supply Chain • Access DGFP web-based logistics tools and information • Supply Chain Discussion Forum/News/DocumentsInformation Portal • Procurement Opportunities and Tender Results
  6. 6. Received National Digital Innovation Award 2011 in e-Health categoryA Central Portal for DGFP ToolsThe DGFP Supply Chain InformationPortal is a website developed by theStrengthening PharmaceuticalSystems (SPS) Program with supportof the USAID for the DirectorateGeneral of Family Planning (DGFP).There are 4 (four) major blocksIn the portal –A. Procurement TrackerB. LMISC. Stock Status ReportD. Operational Status of Tools
  7. 7. A. Procurement Tracker Web-based tool to monitor status of DGFP procurement packages Shows dashboards on status of 3 consecutive years of procurement activity Drills down for detailed information on progress of procurement packages Email and SMS alerts Facilitates efficient and effective procurement management Promotes transparency Secure site with encrypted data transfer
  8. 8. B. Logistics Management Information System (LMIS) Central repository for DGFP logistics data Provides stock status data for all levels of the supply chain Provides data on consumption of RH commodities Facilitates supply planning at the warehouse Facilitate stock management decision making Facilitate monitoring of the supply chain
  9. 9. The portal also has the following features – • Discussion Board to discuss about supply chain issues • Documents archive • Photo Gallery • Latest news about DGFP supply chain
  10. 10. Warehouse Inventory Management System* • Installed & Operational in 21 warehouses • Operations – Receive from CWH, Issue to other warehouses & upazilas (Push/Pull), Stock adjustment • First Expiry First Out (FEFO) stock management • Stock by Lot/Expiry Date • Stock balance of any date • Stock Ledger available • Stock transaction details by Product & Date • Desktop based and independent*Developed bythe
  11. 11. Upazila Inventory Management System* ◦ Desktop-based tool ◦ Maintain upazila store inventory ◦ Automate  Supply planning  Issue voucher preparation  Monthly LMIS reporting (Form 7B) ◦ Installed in 145 upazilas out of 483 ◦ Planned to roll out UIMS-2 to 100 additional upazilas in 2011, already installed in 21*Developed bythe
  12. 12.  Web based dashboard for data management and monitoring. Dashboards consist of Charts which is effective for monitoring and quick decision making
  13. 13.  mPrescription is a Doctors’ prescription management application in iPad It’s a could computing initiative, clients need not to maintain an server/database Synchronized with hospital store for efficient drugs management A pilot has been taken to Gynae department of Dhaka Medical College Hospital
  14. 14.  AdarshaLipi Dharapat mySlate
  15. 15.  Sinhala Russian
  16. 16.  iCatalog is a product cataloging engine in iPad for any product. It’s a software as a service (SAAS) app Client can create their own product group, upload picture just go into iCatalog cloud web site
  17. 17.  Completed 57 projects. Received Excellent (10) rating in all projects Google map based data presentation mash-ups. Connect & show data from MySQL, SQL Server, XML, JSON feed, Google Docs Access, VBA, XML, ASP.NET, Berkeley DB XML, PHP Web Service
  18. 18. DGFP Supply Chain Information Portal (SCIP) Received National Digital Innovation Award 2011 in e-Health category and e-Governance Best Award