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Complete Evaluation


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Published in: Art & Photos, Technology
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Complete Evaluation

  1. 1. Forming conventionsProfessional Product My product
  2. 2. Conventions of aprofessional product This product has a generic mast head,this is the title and the main headline. Itis used to make the magazine stand outamong others on a shelf. The main shot is a mid shot-close up of apopular band. This is used to grab theattention of people who may like thisband. Band name in contrasting colours tomake it stand out. Kerrang! use the final lower 3rd of themagazine to advertise their posters andthe fact that they are free, in an attemptto attract more customers.
  3. 3. Conventions of myproductMy product uses the conventional mastheadand I tried to use colours that would stand outagainst other magazines in a news stand.My product also uses the conventional midshot – close-up. I kept the photo in greyscaleand made the background a lighter blue, to tryand make a large contrast on the black on blue.Here I added a foot head with something thatI thought would attract some extra people intobuying the magazine, as it states all readershave the chance to win a lifetime supply of‘Unleash The Beast’ This is an energy drinkproduct.
  4. 4.  The social group that will be attracted to my magazinewill be people who like the electronic / drumstep musicscene. But these scenes are so versatile it can attract any numberof people, including dubstep, drumstep and any genericelectronic music. The clothes my model was wearing in the shot was acasual kind of clothing, I asked him to wear this because Iwanted my magazine to have a laid back kind of feeling. Also the colour scheme I used was meant to resemble alight show at an electronic gig, to make it more similar tomy target audiences prefernces.How does your media product representparticular social groups?
  5. 5.  I feel the best fay for my magazine to be distributedwould be in supermarkets, I think this because thecolour scheme I chose was one to stand out amongother magazines on a shelf, and I think this will bethe best place to sell the product.Distribution of theProduct
  6. 6.  The audience group that will be attracted to mymagazine will be people who like the electronic /drumstep music scene. But these scenes are so versatile it can attract anynumber of people, including dubstep, drumstep andany generic electronic music. My audience will be lower class to middle class,hence why I priced the magazine at £1.50, to make itaffordable for the masses.Audience
  7. 7.  I attracted my audience by many different methods,one of these is the colour scheme. Another thing I did to attract a certain audiencewould be using band names that would relate to thekind of music the audience will like, for example,‘Backlash’ is a violent kind of name relating tomadness of an electronic gig and the mosh pitsinvolved. I chose my colour scheme because I thought itresembled the laser light shows that would beassociated with an electronic gig.How did I attract theaudience?
  8. 8.  During the time of doing this course I have learnt a lot of things about thetechnology, I already had a brief understanding of Photoshop but I havegreatly increased my knowledge and understanding of the software. I also have learnt more about photography, before I started this course Iwas already quite interested with photography but as I have taken morephotos and developed my understanding of different lenses and focusproperties such as macro focus, I have been able to take much better shotsthan I would have been able to at the start. The camera I used was my Canon 550D (as shown in photo) With this Iused my 55-250mm lens for great focus controllability and picture qualitywas better than my 17.5-55mm lens which used autofocus, although theautofocus was good it was not as controllable as the hand changeable focuson my 55-250mm macro focus lens.My progression withtechnology
  9. 9. Looking back onPreliminary.Looking back at my preliminary task,I think I have developed my skills alot to make a more professionalproduct with the use of better photosand better editing. Even though I dolike my School magazine cover I thinkmy music magazine looks much moreprofessional and eye catching.SimilaritiesThe similarities in my products are that inboth products I had the main features downthe left hand side and the masthead at the top.Also, the pictures are both focused onto theright hand side of the page, other than thesesimilarities the products are very different.DifferencesThe differences in my products are that I hada much more striking title and colourscheme, I used this because I wanted it toresemble a light show at an electronic gig.Also I chose to shoot in black and white as itgave the image the black shadow on the face.
  10. 10. Looking back on my school contents,I feel that my image is a lot moreprofessional and the colour scheme iscontrasting and eye catching, notsomething you’d see every day thatmay catch your attention and makeyou want to read it. I also prefer thelayout, as everything is to one side ofthe page.SimilaritiesThe similarities of my school contentsand music contents are that I kept mymasthead to the left hand side but otherthan that there are not any similarities.DifferencesThe differences in my products are thatmy music contents has the pagenumbers before the subject, which wassuggested by my target audience.Looking back onPreliminary.