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Plenary bouis tuesday


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Plenary bouis tuesday

  1. 1. Howarth Bouis Director, HarvestPlus
  2. 2. The Primary Source of Essential Minerals Vitamins Photo: Neil Palmer (CIAT)
  3. 3. Why have solutions to malnutrition been sought outside of agriculture? Photo: Neil Palmer (CIAT)
  4. 4. Sir Albert Howard, 1873-1947
  5. 5. Linking Agriculture and Nutrition A New Paradigm Photo: EMBRAPA Photo: CIATPhoto: EMBRAPA
  6. 6. Targeted: poor people eat staples Photo: IRRI
  7. 7. Non-Staple plants Fish and Meat Staple foods Share of Energy Sources: Rural Bangladesh
  8. 8. Sustainable for famers Photo: A.M. Ball
  9. 9. 0 50 100 150 200 250 India Pakistan Bangladesh Developing India Pakistan Bangladesh Developing World Developing Changes in Cereal & Pulse Production & Population, Green Revolution to 2000 Cereals Pulses Population
  10. 10. After 50% Increase in All Food Prices Animal Staples Non-Food Staples Non-Food Before Share of Total Expenditures
  11. 11. Targeted at Rural Poor: Complements Supplementation and Fortification Photo: IRRI
  12. 12. Cost-effective: one time investment in research Photo: ICRISAT
  13. 13. How Would You Best Spend $75 billion?
  14. 14. TOP FIVE SOLUTIONS CHALLENGE 1. Micronutrient supplements for children Malnutrition 2. Doha development agenda Trade 3. Micronutrient fortification Malnutrition 4. Expanded immunization coverage for children Diseases 5. Biofortification Malnutrition
  15. 15. #1 Can breeding increase nutrient levels enough to improve human nutrition? Photo: Wolfgang Pfeiffer
  16. 16. Photo: Fabiana deMoura #2 Will extra nutrients be bioavailable at sufficient levels to improve micronutrient status?
  17. 17. #3 Will farmers adopt crops and will consumers buy & eat enough? Photos: Neil Palmer (CIAT)
  18. 18. Photo: R.A. StevensPhoto: CIMMYT Photo: CIMMYT Progress in Breeding I • Genetic Variation • Nutrient + Yield • Transgenics • High Throughput
  19. 19. Progress in Breeding IIProgress in Breeding II • Genes/MAS • NARS Capacity • Release Photo :IRRI
  20. 20. Progress in Nutrition I • Bioavailability • Consumption • Retention pa
  21. 21. Progress in Nutrition II • Efficacy • Effectiveness Photo: H. Nsubuga
  22. 22. Sergipe, Brazil Progress in Delivery/Impact Photo: Embrapa
  23. 23. Orange-Fleshed Sweet Potato in Uganda and Mozambique Photo: HarvestPlus
  24. 24. What is the Way Forward? Photo: Neil Palmer (CIAT)
  25. 25. Work out optimal delivery strategies for getting biofortified foods to peoplePhoto: Neil Palmer (CIAT)
  26. 26. Ensure & measure a public health impact
  27. 27. Develop a better understanding of how foods (and nutrients and compounds) impact human nutrition
  28. 28. Get the agricultural sector to prioritize improving nutrition
  29. 29. Get the nutrition community to prioritize agriculture to improve nutrition Photo: NIRRI
  30. 30. Optimal delivery strategies for getting biofortified foods to people Ensure & measure a public health impact Develop better understanding of how foods impact human nutrition Get agricultural sector to prioritize nutrition Get nutrition community to prioritize agriculture to improve nutrition
  31. 31. thank you Photo: Neil Palmer (CIAT)