Mdunji delivery vit a


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Mdunji delivery vit a

  1. 1. Delivery of Orange Maize in Zambia Marx Mbunji Business Unit Manager Seedco International Zambia Limited
  2. 2. Introduction Mostly Small Scale/ Emergent Farmers Mostly Small Scale Farmers Small scale, emergent and commercial farmers Mostly Small Scale Farmers Essential Information: 8 – 18o South 22 – 34o East 752,000 sq km 58% cultivatable 14% cropped 1,000,000 farmers 75% small scale < 2ha 17% Emergent < 20ha 8% Commercial > 60ha Use 15,000 out of 50,000mt hybrid maize 8 neighbours 1996 SI for Vit A sugar fort 12kg Vs 160kg per capita sugar to maize
  3. 3. What We know White maize is most popular Yellow/ Orange for roasting Yellow for Nshima in deficit Mostly conventional maize 1996 SI passed for Vit A in Sugar 12kg Vs 160kg per capita sugar to maize
  4. 4. What we Don’t Know Contamination of white maize Reaction of maize buyers Reaction of consumers Reaction of small millers
  5. 5. What Has been Done in the Past Varieties and lines tested Developing appropriate recipes Supply chain Partners identified Project staff engaged
  6. 6. Recommendations • Fast track Variety Testing and Release • Mobilize & engage partners • Seed Bulking • Enter roast maize • Develop nutrition Brand • Enter School feeding & under five feeding • Promote nutrition brand • Subsidizing nutritious orange maize brand