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Bouis welcome address


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Published in: Technology, Health & Medicine
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Bouis welcome address

  1. 1. What is your opinion on biofortification as an intervention? Strong believer Quite hopeful Healthy skeptic Very doubtful
  2. 2. In which discipline are you trained? Nutrition and health Agriculture and plant science Marketing/Delivery Economics/Other social science Communications other
  3. 3. With which type of institution are you associated? Donor Policy Formulation/Implementation Education/Research Program Implementation Private sector Other
  4. 4. Conference Objectives • Determine the current state of biofortification: taking stock of research, global investment, and experience in biofortification • Raise the visibility of biofortification as a promising agricultural intervention for public health • Chart the future for biofortification: identifying synergies and gaps in knowledge; forging partnerships and collaborations
  5. 5. Agenda • Mornings – Plenary – Agriculture perspective (1st Day) – Nutrition perspective (2nd Day) – Way Forward (3rd Day) • 1st and 2nd Mornings – Keynote speech – Paper presentation, panel comments, question and answer from the audience • Key points from workshops (2nd and 3rd Days)
  6. 6. Agenda • Afternoons – Workshops, Days 1 and 2 – Each day, 2 sets of 4 concurrent workshops – 16 workshops, 2 hours each • Technically-oriented workshops (8) – Vitamin A (4) and Iron-Zinc (4) • Nutrition (Day 1) • Delivery (Day 1) • Plant Breeding/Genomics combined (Day 2) • Institutional Issues and Special Topics (8)
  7. 7. Key people for you to know Roger Thurow – Our Moderator Bonnie McClafferty – Conference Organization