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  1. 1. Scope of Presentation Harvest’s DIGI HealthCare Solutions Details about PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication system) it’s basic components and ADVANTAGES to the medical fraternity. And a diagram depicting the flow of PACS from the radiology department to all connected.
  2. 2. ABOUT PACS In medical imaging, picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) are computers, commonly servers, dedicated to the storage, retrieval, distribution and presentation of images. The medical images are stored in an independent format. The most common format for image storage is DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine). Electronic images and reports are transmitted digitally via PACS. Harvest’s DIGI HealthCare Solutions MAJOR COMPONENTS OF PACS     The imaging modalities. (CT and MRI) A secured network. (For the transmission of patient information) Workstations for interpreting and reviewing images Archives for the storage and retrieval of images and reports. (Long and short term)
  3. 3. The Problem Manual Processes Typographical Errors No Data Integrity No Long Term Archive No Alternative for Distribution Harvest’s DIGI HealthCare Solutions Loss of Productivity Inefficient Workflow
  4. 4. GiniPACS Harvest’s DIGI HealthCare Solutions GiniPACS - GiniPACS is a web based, enterprise – class Picture Archival and Communication System (RIS / PACS). Offering a comprehensive & fully-integrated solution for digital imaging & information for hospitals, clinics & diagnostic centers. GP offers flexible integration options, based on industry standards such as DICOM, HL7 and IHE. It is a .Net based application. Modules – Image Server – RIS – Work Station
  5. 5. Image Server A sophisticated Image Server which is DICOM compliant with the following features:  Support for the storage and retrieval of DICOM storage objects  Sophisticated rules engine that allows disk management activities and autorouting GiniPACS -  Support for server partitions  Lossless, lossy compression and standard JPEG compression  Support for archival of studies to HSM style archives  WADO(Web Access DICOM Objects) Support Harvest’s DIGI HealthCare Solutions  Image Server database with options to configure a file system for storing DICOM files. services can be deployed on a single server / multiple servers
  6. 6. RIS With GiniPACS RIS,  Seamless Collaboration across multiple Sites and multiple clinical specialties  Support of intelligent tools for faster and better care. GiniPACS -  Predictable and consistent workflow to ensure high productivity  IHE-modeled Scheduled Workflow  Paperless protocol  Preliminary Diagnosis workflow Harvest’s DIGI HealthCare Solutions  Resident-Supervisor workflow  Customizable technologist documentation  Multi-facility, multi-HIS Master Patient Index
  7. 7. Benefits:  Reduced complexity in the information sharing process  Faster, more accurate diagnoses for improved patient care  Increased data security Harvest’s DIGI HealthCare Solutions GiniPACS -  Optimized efficiency of operations in multi-site enterprises or single-site hospitals
  8. 8. Work Station - Feature Highlights Usability  Very easy to use, intuitive interface  Image streaming when used in conjunction with GiniPACS Image Server  Multimonitor awareness Harvest’s DIGI HealthCare Solutions GiniPACS -  Integration with GiniPACS RIS
  9. 9. DICOM – Query, import, send and receive DICOM images Harvest’s DIGI HealthCare Solutions GiniPACS - – Multiframe image support Imaging Tools – – – – – – Stacking Window/Level Image layout Thumbnails Reference lines Synchronized stacking – Spatial locator
  10. 10. Measurements/Annotations – – – – – Linear ROIs: ellipse, rectangle, irregular polygon Mean and standard deviation reporting on ROIs Measurement calibration Text user annotations Harvest’s DIGI HealthCare Solutions GiniPACS - Overlays – Study/image information – DICOM overlays – Image scale Utilities – – – – Clipboard Export to BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, TIF, AVI Study anonymization Ability to open files from Windows Explorer
  11. 11. Benefits OF PACS  Strategic Benefits  Operational Benefits  Patients  Radiologists  Radiographers  Hospital consultants (non-radiology)  Hospital managers Harvest’s DIGI HealthCare Solutions GiniPACS - The Benefits of implementing PACS can be classified in many different ways,
  12. 12. Strategic Benefits Harvest’s DIGI HealthCare Solutions GiniPACS -       Seamless Networking between multiple locations Reliable, Secure, High-speed data transfer Improved Patient care and shorter hospital stays Superior Doctor Collaboration Faster Diagnosis leading to better patient care Reduced Waiting time Operational Benefits      Increased Operational efficiency Quick return on investment Improved record keeping and data retrieval Uninterrupted access across broad region Scalability allows the network to grow.
  13. 13. Patients PACS transforms a patient’s experience of the care they receive in a number of ways.  Not having to carry packets of film around the hospital and between sites during the course of their care pathway Harvest’s DIGI HealthCare Solutions GiniPACS -  Less waiting time to receive results  A speedier move to the next point of treatment or discharge  Fewer appointments wasted and operations postponed because of nonavailability of images as a result of lost or poor quality images  Less re-testing and, therefore, lower radiation dosage  Potentially quicker discharge from hospital and better care planning resulting from easier access to images and test results
  14. 14. Radiologists PACS enables clinicians to be able to access the right image in the right place at the right time to support an efficient, high quality and well communicated diagnosis. Harvest’s DIGI HealthCare Solutions GiniPACS - Digital imaging allows:          Faster delivery of medical images, No lost or misplaced image The ability to report whenever you have free time. Reliable quality of images. Flexible viewing with the ability to manipulate images on screen Instant access to historic images and patient records, Better collaboration, view from multiple terminals and locations A more efficient radiology department. Improved learning and training opportunities, for trainee radiologists and for existing radiologists
  15. 15. Radiographers There are a number of ways in which PACS influences your role as a radiographer.  Radiographers can very quickly determine the quality of the image taken. Harvest’s DIGI HealthCare Solutions GiniPACS -  As a result of electronic requesting, radiographers have all the necessary information available to them in a digitalized format.  Information only needs to be entered into the system once.  Radiographers experience lower radiation doses,  The ability to manipulate images  PACS contributes to a better working environment, as the lack of film processing will result in a quieter and chemical free workspace.
  16. 16. Hospital consultants (non-radiology) The impact of PACS go well beyond a Hospital radiology department. Harvest’s DIGI HealthCare Solutions GiniPACS - Non-radiology consultants will be affected by PACS, as this system contributes to the following:  Fewer wasted appointments and postponed procedures because of nonavailability of patient images  Instant access to patient images, regardless of location.  Better collaboration between radiologists and clinicians.  Experience shows patients feel more engaged and better informed when they can see their images on screen, this can lead to better quality consultations for both the patient and the consultant.
  17. 17. Hospital managers Many hospital managers see PACS as a 'must have' for a modern hospital, especially as it brings a number of improvements: GiniPACS -  PACS frees up valuable space within a hospital  PACS eliminates the health and safety issues associated with chemical processing.  Administrative staff, responsible for image retrieval and filing, are being freed up to undertake more productive tasks.  Patients are processed more quickly with fewer delays. This helps contribute to better health care. Harvest’s DIGI HealthCare Solutions  Cost savings are made as film and processing chemicals are no longer needed.
  18. 18. PATIENT Physician Workstation Registration XRAY XRAY US US CT MRI MRI MODALITIES MODALITIES WORKSTATIONS Workstation Report Transcription MRD EXISTING RADIOLOGY DEPARTMENT Harvest Infotech Pvt. Ltd. 18
  19. 19. RIS Client XRAY XRAY US PACS ARCHIVE US CT RIS Server Image Server Backup MRI MRI WORKSTATIONS PACS NETWORK Report Transcription Harvest Infotech Pvt. Ltd. 19
  21. 21. RIS Client XRAY XRAY US PACS ARCHIVE US CT RIS Server Image Server Backup MRI MRI … … … … WORKSTATIONS GINIPACS IMAGE WORKFLOW Harvest Infotech Pvt. Ltd. 21
  22. 22. PATIENT … … … … Physician Workstation Physician Workstation … … … … XRAY RIS Client PACS ARCHIVE XRAY US US CT RIS Server Image Server Backup MRI PRINT-FAX MRI WORKSTATIONS … … … … … … … … ACCESSIBILITY TO THE ENTIRE Physician Workstation HOSPITAL Harvest Infotech Pvt. Ltd. Workstation 22