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Training on Reputation Marketing


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Beyond Online Reputation Management - How to instill a culture of Reputation Marketing into your organisation.

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Training on Reputation Marketing

  1. 1. By Paul Harvey
  2. 2. Samples Of The Customer NICHE and KEYWORDS if POSSIBLE
  3. 3. One Has 10 Good ReviewsOne Has 3 Review & 1 Bad Review
  4. 4. The Online MarketingGame Has Just Changed
  5. 5. Major
  6. 6. 72% Of Buyers Trust Reviews As Much As Personal Recommendations
  7. 7. Consumers Look Up An Average Of 10 Reviews Before Making A Decision“70% Of Consumers Trust A Business With A Minimum Of 6 – 10 Reviews”
  8. 8. Review sites have algorithms and filtersthat delete all reviews that are postedfrom the same computer IP network. We have proprietary systems andprocesses that can post reviews for acompany without being filtered ordeleted.
  9. 9. Reputation Marketing Is The Most Important Marketing