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8 reminders for ftf trial-witnesses


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8 reminders for ftf trial-witnesses

  1. 1. WITNESSES- Reminders for FTF Trial REMINDERS FOR FACE-TO-FACE TRIAL 3. WITNESSES 3.1. Only one person at a time can speak (“One Mouth Rule”).1 3.2. All persons should observe courtesy. 3.3. A witness who is allowed to speak should always state his/her name, e.g. Mrs. Lim, Mr. Reyes, etc., before speaking so the stenographer will accurately identify the person speaking. 3.4. Only a witness who has been allowed and recognized by the Judge can speak.2 3.5. The witness will address all questions/answers to the Judge and not to the other party, counsel or witness.3 3.6. Do not interrupt a witness but raise your hand to ask permission to reply/respond or supplement. 3.7. Ask for equal opportunity and time to reply/respond or supplement. 3.8. Witnesses shall not pose questions to other witnesses (except for expert witnesses allowed by the Judge to pose questions to other expert witnesses).4 1 Sec. 24.6(c). 2 Sec. 24.6(c). 3 Sec. 24.6(d). 4 Sec. 24.6(e) and Sec. 24.11.