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How to create kick-ass designs…even with very little time and money


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On December 11th, Kathleen Kneram gave the talk entitled "How to create kick-ass designs…even with very little time and money."

Many designers miss the opportunity to design the best possible solution because they don’t take the time to make connections and listen to the experts within their reach. From the beginning, designers need to build relationships with business and technology partners and strive to work in a more integrated, interactive, and, dare I say, more agile approach. Only by effectively working with a small group of experts from the user community, business visionaries, and technical innovators can you build the best possible solution.

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How to create kick-ass designs…even with very little time and money

  1. 1. How to create kick-ass designs… even with very little time and money Kathleen Kneram December 11, 2013
  2. 2. Process alone will not result in a great design “Six Sigma Black Belt Ultra… with the groin branding to prove it.”
  3. 3. Be a Good Mensch People can sense when you don’t have their interests in mind
  4. 4. Discover the REAL problem "Abiding Spirits" by Suzan Lovett
  5. 5. Tell a story Example Scenario: View Latest Research Ratings Advisory ! Detail page contains assorted links and tabs; content not on one page ! Related Research tab shows a seemingly random list of assorted documents ! Research is split across a number of ill-defined doc types, published at different times ! Goes to competitor’s site first, because competitor’s site is easier to use “I’ll go to (a competitor’s site) first, then I’ll go to (the company’s) if I have the time…” — Director, Global Ratings Advisory User Issues Business Impacts  Research content is inconsistent  Hampers deepening of relationships  Related research functions are ineffective  Sites are difficult for users to understand and navigate with established clients  Detracts from the company’s reputation as an authoritative source of high quality info
  6. 6. It’s all about the model
  7. 7. Once the model is spot on… Sweat the details – they matter Simple is really, really hard Revisit, revise BUT know when to put down the paint brush
  8. 8. “The best design is the one that gets built,” Jared Spool
  9. 9. No time, fancy labs, or budget?