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Draw More, Talk Less


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Jason Robb presented "Draw more, talk less" on May 9, 2012
A hands-on sketching workshop for managers, developers, designers, and pretty much anybody with hands and eyes.

During the workshop we learned:
- Why sketching is so important
- More than just the basics of sketching interfaces and interactions
- Integrating sketching into your workflow
- How to get your colleagues to draw more (and talk less)
- And if we have time, how to draw an owl

Jason is an independent designer and illustrator. He builds prototypes, designs websites and web apps, and creates large-scale visual notes at conferences. He's worked for a bunch of design agencies and startups. And he thinks you're just swell.

Published in: Technology
  • A huge thanks to everyone who attended! If you have any follow-up questions or comments: leave a note here, email me directly or say hello on Twitter
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Draw More, Talk Less

  1. 1. Harvard Web Working GroupMay 9, 2012 • @jasonrobb • #DMTL
  2. 2. Harvard Web Working GroupMay 9, 2012 • @jasonrobb • #DMTL