An Introduction to MIT's Drupal Cloud


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Michael Rossetti lead a talk that focused on MIT's upcoming service offering known as Drupal Cloud. We will try to go over what the service offers, the goal of the service, why we chose Drupal, our custom Drupal distrobution, a brief description of the infrastructure, the status of the project, the road map of the project, and ideally showcase a few of our pilot participants sites and give a little demo.

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An Introduction to MIT's Drupal Cloud

  1. 1. Introduction toDrupal Cloud { Drupal as a Service @ MIT
  2. 2. Drupal Cloud Team• Michael Rossetti• Sean Preston• Bill Karas• Chris Giles• Camilla Fox• Karen Piotrowski
  3. 3. What is Drupal Cloud?• Self-service offering that provides a simple, secure and flexible way for members of the MIT community to create and manage websites.• Leverages the Drupal CMS as the platform
  4. 4. Why Drupal?• It’s Developer friendly!• Flexible and Powerful• The community• Security• Consistent Improvement
  5. 5. Goals of Drupal Cloud• Give the community a relatively quick way to get a website up and running at no cost.• Stop ourselves from repeatedly paying for the same things.• Allow the user to focus on what’s important to them: The Content
  6. 6. What the service offers• Quick sign up/site registration• Hosting on our infrastructure• Security and Maintenance updates• Access to MIT Adaptive – a customized Drupal distribution
  7. 7. What about the self-service part?• Not offered: Developer resources for site building• Not offered: Help Desk level support or Training• Offered: An open ear to the community• Offered: A community website and Documentation• Offered: The ability to leverage 3rd party services
  8. 8. MIT Adaptive distribution• Special selection of contributed modules• Custom themes• Custom modules• Preconfigured site settings
  9. 9. Contributed Modules (Modules provided to us by the Drupal community)• Identify• Integrate• Configure
  10. 10. Themes ( We only have one  )• MIT Adaptive theme – flexible and responsive• More themes on the way!• Ask about our “Deal of the Century”
  11. 11. Custom Modules ( We have lots of these  )• MIT Events• Cloudhelper• Shibboleth• CSS Injector Images/Fonts
  12. 12. What can’t users do!?• Install their own themes• Install their own modules• Have OS/code level access
  13. 13. Let’s Compromise!• Do: Administer modules! (Wait…)• Do: Administer permissions and roles! (What?!)• Do: Upload media resources and create your own CSS!
  14. 14. Administer Modules• This is definitely a security vulnerability in the wrong hands• Potential to break site: HIGH• Can’t people with this ability install modules through the UI? :: Enter Module Assign ::
  15. 15. Permissions and Roles• Gives a user all the power they need to perform administrator mutiny. ( Yarrr…  )• Ability to take over user 1 – root user• Enable permissions not originally given or intended for them to have. :: Enter User One, Roles Enable and Permission Assign ::
  16. 16. What does this all mean?• We’re giving users a very open and flexible experience.• We’ve reached a good compromise. The community thus far is pleased with the amount of power at their finger tips..• If we receive feedback about functionality that isn’t on our radar, we will be open to have a conversation about implementing it.
  17. 17. Drupal Cloud Roadmap• Launch new Community Site• Create an advisory committee• Fully Automated• Custom Modules scheduled for deployment• Custom modules scheduled for development• Integration with MIT News Office• UI changes, alterations and updates.
  18. 18. Fun Facts• Alpha Phase: October 2012 – 20 active sites• Pilot/Beta Phase: January 2013 – 85 active sites• Launch: June 2013• We are working closely with our pilots: School of Engineering, CSAIL, etc.• Interested in the infrastructure? Ask at the end, we’re happy to discuss!
  19. 19. Demo and Examples!