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San Antonio DevOps: Fluentd


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An overview of fluentd for the San Antonio DevOps Meetup

Published in: Technology
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San Antonio DevOps: Fluentd

  1. 1. Hart Hoover | @hhoover Josh O’Brien | @OBrienCommaJosh @SADevOps
  2. 2. fluentd
  3. 3. Log all the things to all the things!
  4. 4. …in JSON!
  5. 5. input&{& &&file&{& &&&&path&=>&"/var/log/http.log"& &&}& }& filter&{& &&grok&{& &&&&match&=>&[&"message",&"%{IP:client}&% {WORD:method}&%{URIPATHPARAM:request}&% {NUMBER:bytes}&%{NUMBER:duration}"&]& &&}& }
  6. 6. Fluentd Events Time Tag Record passed from source or adding a parsed time message routing in fluentd JSON
  7. 7. #&receive&events&via&HTTP&& <source>&& type&http&& port&8888&& </source>
  8. 8. #&read&logs&from&a&file&& <source>&& type&tail
 path&/var/log/httpd.log& format&apache
 tag&apache.access&& </source>
  9. 9. #&DOCKER&OMG& <source>& &&type&tail& &&format&json& &&path&/var/lib/docker/containers/ID/IDYjson.log& &&pos_file&/var/lib/docker/containers/ID/IDY json.log.pos& &&tag&docker.container& &&rotate_wait&5& &&read_from_head&true& </source>
  10. 10. #&save&alerts&to&a&file&& <match&alert.**>&& type&file&& path&/var/log/fluent/alerts&& </match>
  11. 11. #&save&access&logs&to&MongoDB&& <match&apache.access>&& type&mongo& database&apache& collection&log&& </match>&
  12. 12. #&Post&to&IRC& <match&**>& &&type&irc& &&host&localhost& &&port&6667& &&channel&fluentd& &&nick&fluentd& &&user&fluentd& &&real&fluentd& &&message&notice:&%s&[%s]&%s& &&out_keys&tag,time,message& &&time_key&time& &&time_format&%Y/%m/%d&%H:%M:%S& &&tag_key&tag& </match>
  13. 13. #&forward&other&logs&to&servers&& <match&**>&& type&forward& &&<server>&& &&&&host& &&&&weight&20&& &&</server>& &&<server>&& &&&&host& &&&&weight&60&& &&</server>
  14. 14. #&Send&logs&to&ElasticSearch& <match&**>& &&type&elasticsearch& &&logstash_format&true& &&host&localhost& &&port&9200& &&index_name&fluentd& </match>
  15. 15. Client Libraries Ruby Python Java PHP Node.JS Scala
  16. 16. Install with Chef Vagrantfile & kitchen.yml included!
  17. 17. Possibly Better
  18. 18. @SADevOps