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Collaborative Consumption: Citizens' Greener Evanston, OhSoWe and the City of Evanston. Presented at Evanston Green Drinks, November 8, 2011. 10,000 Neighbors campaign design by sr4 Partners LLC, Chicago.

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  • Rediscover Sharing TRANSITION
  • The 2011 Community Agenda, it is an invitation to actively participate, connect and engage with others as we strive to improve Evanston’s capacity to address environmental, economic, and social equity goals.
  • Rediscover Sharing TRANSITION
  • Slide 9: Closing slide, how to join and invite others
  • When an Evanston community member joins 10,000 Neighbors,you can join one of five CGE Agenda Groups already organized on OhSoWe…or, you can register their existing group and extend an invitation to members to start sharing. (Choose ‘Add Your Group’ from your Dashboard.)
  • Haque is pronounced “Hawk”
  • Reduces transaction costs, helps coordination, builds trust, handle finances, do this while protecting privacy (you can choose to say no when sometimes in person that is awkward). You get stars for every positive interaction (more if you fix the dress / drill). Come up with a list of Ways to be a Good Neighbor. In the past, no one could be held accountable. Here,
  • From Janelle Orsi, The Sharing SolutionMain Points:FencesNeighbors (and kids) don’t know each otherSeparate play spaces for kidsThree different grillsVacuum Cleaner
  • From Janelle Orsi, The Sharing SolutionMain Points:Shared play area for the kids like a playgroundOne grill that everyone sharesGood friends with neighborsEveryone gets different types of fruit!Single picnic table
  • Evanston 10,000 Neighbors

    2. 2. the community agenda
    3. 3. 1. ENERGY EFFICIENCY Helping to make our homes more energy efficient.2. COMMUNITY EDUCATION Expanding awareness of sustainable lifestyles.3. INTEGRATED TRANSPORTATION Seeking innovative approaches to transportation.4. COLLABORATIVE COMMUNITY Making us all better consumers.5. RENEWABLE ENERGY Finding new solutions for renewable energy.http://agenda.greenerevanston.org
    4. 4. Community Agenda WebHubhttp://agenda.greenerevanston.org
    5. 5. rediscover sharingBe one of the 10,000neighbors who arerediscovering the notionof what’s mine is yours.
    6. 6. how we organizeand mobilize10,000 neighbors
    7. 7. Share More. Consume Less. Save Money. chuck templeton chuck@ohsowe.com
    8. 8. Did you know? Cars sit unused twenty three hours a day, onaverage, and many families own more than two. Lisa Gansky, The Mesh
    9. 9. Did you know?In the US, 80% of the items people own are usedless then once a month. Rachel Botsman & Roo Rogers, What’s Mine is Yours.
    10. 10. Did you know?“If all Americans rented or borrowed just 1 item a year from a neighbor instead of buying it, we would divert > 3 billion pounds from our landfills every year” (saving roads, fuel, land and vehicle maintenance) Chuck Templeton, OhSoWe.com, Inc.
    11. 11. Share More.Neighbors - block club Team – Yahoo Group Colleagues – email list•wheel barrel •tent •back pack•ladder •chain saw •canoes•power washer •drill •steam cleaner•bike pump •bolt cutter •cooler•bread maker •car •axe•air mattress •axe •bike•snow thrower •folding table •game council•… •… •…
    12. 12. Share More.Neighbors - block club Team – Yahoo Group Colleagues – email list•wheel barrel •tent •back pack•ladder •chain saw •canoes•power washer •drill •steam cleaner•bike pump •bolt cutter •cooler•bread maker •car •axe•air mattress •axe •bike•snow thrower •folding table •game council•… •… •…
    13. 13. Super Easy to Get Involved1. Join 10,000 Neighbors Group @ www.10000neighbors.com2. Join one (or more) of the Agenda 3. Get your Neighbors involved Groups • Add/ start your group to • Energy Efficiency OhSoWe.com • Community Education • Invite the members of your • Integrated Transportation group to join you • Collaborative Community • Start sharing • Renewable Energy Find our more at OhSoWe.com or contact me at chuck@ohsowe.com
    14. 14. Sustainability integral to City Strategic Plan and GoalsCity of Evanston Strategic Goal: To create the most livable City in AmericaStrategic Plan Goal for Infrastructure: Protect and optimize the City’s natural resources and built environment, leading by example through sustainable practices and behaviorsNatural Resources Vision: Evanston will be known as “The Green City”. We will embrace the best ecological practices and policies in our government, services and infrastructure.
    15. 15. Evanston Climate Action Plan isroadmap for reducing Evanston carbon footprint Progress: 50% of ECAP 220 strategies initiated, in-progress or completed Energy & Buildings Waste Reduction & 31 Strategies Recycling 23 Strategies Transportation Land & Water 27 Strategies 19 Strategies Renewable Energy Food 11 Strategies 4 Strategies
    16. 16. 2012 Strategy – Focus on high impact areas Reduce energy usage. Reduce vehicle miles traveled. Reduce waste. Increase recycling and composting.Further progress requires us to dig deeper and get creative.
    17. 17. 10,000 Neighbors of Evanston can helpBorrow, lend, re-purpose, donate, and re-envision ourstuff. There is no garbage.Car pool, car share, group bikerides, and a walking school bus canget us to our destination. Share skills and equipment to retrofit, rehab, and reclaim our abundant use of energy.
    18. 18. Leverage savings and pool resources so ournext generation of stuff is more efficient, lesspolluting, and taking up less of our time.
    19. 19. We can find the solutions for renewable energy that will be necessary in a finite world. We can discover innovative approaches for how we adapt to an ever changing climate.what can We can connect and share to build a sustainable community.we do? We can show others how a community of neighbors can create a powerful sustainability movement.
    20. 20. Appendix Slides
    21. 21. OhSoWehttp://10000neighbors.com
    22. 22. 27
    23. 23. Value Chain Value CycleMarket Economy Sharing Economy Centralized Distributed (Mesh) Concepts from Haque’s New Capitalist Manifesto and Botsman and Rogers’ What’s Mine is Yours Network images from “Paul Baran and the Origins of the Internet,” the RAND Corporation. 28
    24. 24. Trust?The Internet • Self-Policing • Reduces Transaction Costs • Enables Coordination • Builds Trust • Handles Finances • Protects Privacy 29
    25. 25. Our Neighborhoods From The Sharing Solution by Janelle Orsi 30
    26. 26. Our Neighborhoods From The Sharing Solution by Janelle Orsi 31