Online backup and its myths


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Online backup and its myths

  1. 1. Online Backup – Its Myths<br />I have came across many situations where backup is almost at lower priority, which unfortunately is the most important part of any organization.<br />Not only taking backup is important but to test it whether when required to restore is available is of greater importance than that.<br />For Small and medium size businesses, there is always a task to take backup and store the same at a safe place. Like large corporations, they may not have dedicated people assigned for the task, so in this situation going thru backup using DVDs, External Drives, USB Drives or any other form of backup does not do much. Firstly, they are not offsite, so if anything goes wrong [i.e. fire or any natural calamity] data is almost lost. Secondly, it is not available anywhere or everywhere, and in today’s internet world you require data instantly and third and the most important they are not secure as they can tend to broken / misplaced / lost or error prone. The most safe, convenient and affordable solution is online backup.<br />The following are top 5 myths about online backup:<br />
  2. 2. Myth #1 - Online Backup is Insecure<br />Considering my data is stored on some external Service Providers Data Server, causes panic to many people. Understandable, but now-a-days the kind of security provided by these Online Backup Service Providers are excellent. Following are some of the most common features present in a good Online backup Service Providers Data Center.<br /><ul><li> 128 or 448 bit encryption
  3. 3. security cameras
  4. 4. personnel access controls
  5. 5. backup electricity generators
  6. 6. using multiple ISPs
  7. 7. high-end firewalls
  8. 8. clustering and mirroring techniques
  9. 9. fire suppression</li></ul>You can get enterprise class Data Secure Storage at affordable Cost. And you are the only one who has access to your data which can be accessed from anywhere.  Your data is fully encrypted while in transit so no one can access the same.<br />
  10. 10. Myth #2 - Online Backup is Expensive<br />When was the last time you had a data crash or unable to restore your important data and you had to pay considerable amount to try to recover data and still unable to get what you wanted? Online Backup is not costly, it stores your valuable data and you have access your data from anywhere. You get complete peace of mind when your data is backed up.<br />You do not require a IT specialist to do your job, you can free up IT time. Freedom from routine backup and restore tasks allows redirection of staff time to value-driven projects with greater impact on productivity and profitability.<br />
  11. 11. Myth #3 - Daily Backups are difficult<br />Doing a manual backup can be a task and that’s the reason people tend to forget to do backup whereas, Online backup most providers have a piece of software installed on your computer and you have to set up once, stating the files to backup and shall do automatic data transfer. Some do scheduled backups while others are continuous which means that is stored as soon as saved.<br />So set it….back it up.  <br />
  12. 12. Myth #4 - Online Backup is Not Reliable<br />Thinking USB Drives or CDs drives shall last forever. USB Drives are small and handy but they have a limited capacity. Imagine you have to backup large files. USB drives are the most vulnerable to be lost and you can tend to forget and misplace. Get any old CD and try to play the same, I bet you shall not be able to play the full CD, simply because these technologies are temporary solutions.<br />Online Backup keeps your important files and folders saved forever.<br />
  13. 13. Myth #5 - How much data can I store?<br />How much data would like to store? Online Backup is the only one where you can store unlimited data for the life. All other resources have a limit to store.  No additional hardware required at your end. Access your data from anywhere. Your data is with you all the time no matter where your laptop or PC is. No matter, how old files you require you get them instantly. Online Backup provides the best security, flexibility at an affordable cost, no other technology comes close to that.<br />