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Brief Presentation Of The Boeing Company

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  1. 1. By Harshit Gangwar 13030122052
  2. 2. A B O U T An American Aviation Company
  3. 3. P R O D U C E S
  4. 4. P R O D U C E S Fixed Wing Aircrafts Commercial Aircrafts
  5. 5. P R O D U C E S Fixed Wing Aircrafts Fighter Jets
  6. 6. P R O D U C E S Rotor Craft Attack Helicopters
  7. 7. P R O D U C E S Rotor Craft Military Cargo Helicopters
  8. 8. P R O D U C E S Tilt Rotor Aircraft Multi-Role Aircraft
  9. 9. P R O D U C E S Boeing Missile Systems
  10. 10. P R O D U C E S Satellites
  11. 11. F A C T S
  12. 12. F A C T S World’s Largest Aircraft Manufacturer
  13. 13. F A C T S World’s 2nd Largest Defense Contractor
  14. 14. F A C T S United States Largest Exporter By Dollar Value
  15. 15. F A C T S Net Revenue US$ 81 Billion (2012)
  16. 16. H I S T O R y
  17. 17. H I S T O R y Founded By William E. Boeing In Seattle, Washington, USA July 15, 1916
  18. 18. H I S T O R y William E. Boeing Studied At Yale University
  19. 19. H I S T O R y After William E. Boeing Completed Education He Started Working In Timber Industry
  20. 20. H I S T O R y Where He Learned About Wooden Structures
  21. 21. H I S T O R y So In March 1900 Boeing Bought Heath's shipyard in Seattle on the Duwamish River, which later became his first airplane factory.
  22. 22. H I S T O R y Initially William E. Boeing Founded The Company By The Name Of Pacific Aero-Products Co. Later He Named It As Boeing Boeing's original logo
  23. 23. H I S T O R y Boeing Initially Designed Airplanes For US Navy Boeing Model 1
  24. 24. TimeLine
  25. 25. 1930’s Era In Early 1930’s Boeing Developed One Of The Most Advanced Aircrafts Of That Era Boeing Model 200
  26. 26. 1930’s Era It Was Known As Monomail as it Used To Deliver Air Mails Boeing Model 200
  27. 27. 1940’s Era Boeing 377 was put into production in the late 1940s, Boeing 377 Stratocruiser
  28. 28. 1940’s Era Around 56 Boeing 377 Were Built For Air Passenger Transportation Boeing 377 Stratocruiser
  29. 29. 1950’s Era One Of The Largest Manufactured Jet Liner 707 was build by Boeing Boeing 707
  30. 30. 1950’s Era Till Date Over 1000 Boeing 707 have been manufactured Boeing 707
  31. 31. 1960’s – 70’s Era The 707 and 747 formed the backbone of many major airline fleets through the end of the 1970s.Boeing 747
  32. 32. 1980’s Era By This Time Aircrafts Were The Backbone of Transportation And Air Force Boeing 737
  33. 33. 1980’s Era Thus This Era Kicked The Rapid Growth Of The Boeing Company Boeing 737
  34. 34. 1990’s Era Boeing Merged With McDonnell Douglas Under The Name The Boeing Company In A US$ 13 Billion Deal
  35. 35. 2000’s Era In September 2001, Boeing moved its corporate headquarters from Seattle to Chicago.
  36. 36. The Current Era The Current Chairman & CEO of Boeing Is James McNerney
  37. 37. The Current Era Boeing is organized into five primary divisions : Boeing Commercial Airplanes Boeing Defense, Space & Security Engineering, Operations & Technology Boeing Capital Boeing Shared Services Group
  38. 38. Business With India
  39. 39. Business With India • Air India has been a Boeing customer since 1960, when it acquired the 707 jetliner. • By 1962, Air India had earned the distinction of becoming the world’s first all jet airline.
  40. 40. Business With India • In 2006 India Signed An Agreement With Boeing To Purchase Civil Aircrafts Worth US$ 11 Billion In Upcoming Years.
  41. 41. Business With India • In 2008 India Purchased 8 boeing P-8 Air Command Aircraft For The Navy
  42. 42. Business With India • In June 2011, India’s Ministry of Defence signed an agreement with the U.S. government to acquire 10 Boeing C 17 Globemaster III airlifters. • The deal is the largest defense contract to have been signed by the Indian government with the United States.
  43. 43. Business With India C-17 Military Transportation Aircraft Used By Indian Air Force
  44. 44. Business With India • In 2013 India Signed An Agreement To Purchase 22 Apache Helicopters For US$ 1.4 Billion
  45. 45. Thank You