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Importance of insights into multisite


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Importance of insights into multisite and how NYU uses it

Published in: Data & Analytics
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Importance of insights into multisite

  1. 1. Importance of Insights into Multisite How NYU uses it
  2. 2. Some unanswered questions ● How many sites are being created and when? ● What is the most popular theme or a plugin among all the sites? ● Are all my plugins compatible with latest WordPress version? ● Are any of my 10000s sites getting spammed? ● Is some user misbehaving within my multisite environment which affect overall network performance? ● How are my users connected to each other through different sites?
  3. 3. WP Network Stats ● Developed for New York University ● Can answer all of the above questions and many more ● Features - ○ Background processing for generating new statistics for the network. It allows you to safely generate stats without compromising the performance of your large multisite network. ○ Ability to fine tune batch processing settings. ○ Protected network admin settings. ○ Notification when the stats are available. ○ Analytics dashboard using D3 charts to gain insights into some of the generated data. ○ Generates set of CSV files corresponding to different types of stats. ○ You can selectively generate the stats you need - Sites Stats, Plugins Stats, Themes Stats or Users Stats.
  4. 4. Some Insights from NYU’s WordPress service
  5. 5. Sites Created By Date vs. Time of Day
  6. 6. Site Privacy, Active Theme, DB Version
  7. 7. Multidimensional Detective ● Find sites with >200 users, >20 active plugins, >1000 posts, >5000 comments or >1000 attachments
  8. 8. Sites Registered Over Time
  9. 9. Users Registered between two dates
  10. 10. Sites Created By Date vs. Time of Day
  11. 11. Users Interconnection
  12. 12. Use cases ● Send targeted communication emails. e.g., ○ To all the admins of sites which has more than 1000 attachments about potential violation of terms of use. ○ To site admin who is allowing comments from public about potential spam issues. ○ To all the users who use a specific plugin/theme about upcoming changes to that plugin/theme. ● Decide migration strategies when replacing/retiring a plugin/theme based on its usage. ○ What to do when a plugin/theme is found incompatible with latest WordPress release ● Archive/delete sites or content created by alumni.
  13. 13. Questions