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Job Perf

  1. 1. Presented By: Harshit Aditi
  2. 2. What is Performance Measurement? Performance Measurement is a program management tool. It is…… an organized process for gathering information to determine how well programs and activities are meeting established needs and goals.
  3. 3. What are Performance Measures? Performance measures let us know: • how well we are doing • if we are meeting our goals • if our customers are satisfied • if our processes are in statistical control • if and where improvements are necessary.
  4. 4. Types of Performance Measures Performance measures are divided into five types. Process Output Measures Measures Input Measures Impact Measures Outcome Measures
  5. 5. Need For Performance Measurement • To ensure customer requirements have been met • To be able to set sensible objectives and comply with them • To provide standards for establishing comparisons • To provide visibility and a “scoreboard” for people to monitor their own performance level • To highlight quality problems and determine areas for priority attention • To provide feedback for driving the improvement effort
  6. 6. Benefits of Performance Measurement • Set goals and standards. • Detect and correct problems. • Manage, describe, and improve processes. • Gain insight into, and make judgments about, the effectiveness and efficiency of programs, processes, and people. • Determine whether organizations are fulfilling their vision and meeting their customer-focused strategic goals.
  7. 7. Process of Performance Measurement Analyze/report actual Identify the process flow performance Identify the critical Compare actual activity to be measured Performance to goal(s) Establish performance Take corrective actions goal(s) or standards If necessary Establish performance Make changes to bring measurement(s) Back in line with goal Determine need of Collect data new goal(s)
  8. 8. Role of Performance Measurement • Monitoring • Control • Improvement • Coordination • Motivation
  9. 9. Key(s) of success for an Organisation • Specific • Measurable • Achievable • Relevant • Timely
  10. 10. What Performance Measures Won’t Tell You • The Cause and Effect of Outcomes Are Not Easily Established. • Poor Results Do Not Necessarily Point to Poor Execution. • Numerical Quotas Do Not Fix Defective Processes. • Measurements Only Approximate the Actual System. • Performance Measures Do Not Ensure Compliance with Laws and Regulations.
  11. 11. To summarize a performance measurement The use of performance measures in business is hardly new. Companies have been measuring costs, quality, quantity, cycle time, efficiency, productivity, etc., of products, services, and processes. What is new to some extent is having those who do the work determine some of what should be measured in order that they might better control, understand, and improve what they do. All high-performance organizations, whether public or private, are, and must be, interested in developing and deploying effective performance measurement so that they can remain high performance organizations.
  12. 12. THANK YOU Prestented by Harshit kasliwal