Social media v2.32035049


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Social media v2.32035049

  1. 1. - Raj C Mruthyunjayappa Managing Director, TALISMA
  2. 2. Modeling the Behavior of Participants in SocialNetworking SitesThe use of social networking sites (SNS) has becomewidespread in a variety of non-profit and social justicecontexts. While before Greenpeace and the WorldWildlife Fund would need to organize mail-incampaigns, now all it takes is a tweet, a Facebook wallmessage or a YouTube video to spark a movement.
  3. 3. WHY SOCIAL MEDIA is Important? 4 Million Wiki articles Over a Billion videos Over 2 Billion Blogs 73% of active online users use Social Media Over 40% have their own blog 39% subscribe to RSS feeds Over 60% of internet users are part of social network 83% watch video clippings 78% of people trust recommendation of other customers IT’S THE FUNDAMENTAL SHIFT IN THE WAY WE COMMUNICATE
  4. 4. Traditional Methods Old communication methods are monologue Only 18% TV ad campaigns generate ROI 90% of people who can skip TV ads do Average person is exposed to over 3000 advertisements a day Only 14% of people trust advertisements
  5. 5. NEW COMMUNICATION MODEL IS A DIALOGUE Reason #1: People are talking about your brand right now!!  34% post opinions about products and brands on their blogs  36% think positively about companies those have blogs  Over 40% trust bloggers view on internet Reason #2: Social media will only become more pervasive and as such become a critical factor in success or failure of business Reason #3: Tomorrow consumers are todays “Digital natives”
  6. 6. Future looks bright
  7. 7. SOCIAL CRM