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Copy of product plan report

  1. 1. A BUSINESS PLAN OF “WELCOME BISCUIT INDUSTRIES” In Partial Fulfillment of MBA Program Semester – 3 Noble Engineering College, Junagadh Submitted By: Guided By: Name & Enroll No: Prof. Asif Memdani HARSHAD TRADA. (127380592055) Gujarat Technological University (Academic Year: 2012-2014)
  2. 2. DECLARATION I undersigned Mr. Harshad Trada, the student of Sem-III (M.B.A.). Here, I declared that the Business Plan Report is my own work and has been carried out under the guidance of Prof. Asif Memdani. Noble group of institutions. - Junagadh. Further I declared that this report is not submitted to any other for appearing any examination. Date: Place: Junagadh Signature of the Student
  3. 3. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Business Plan Report is an essential for business plan that the entrepreneur makes before venturing into the actual production. It is also an instrument for acquiring financial assistance. The preparation of this report helped me a lot to learn many more things and helps to develop entrepreneurial skill. I am very much thankful to Prof. Asif Memdani. Who has provided me the theoretical and practical knowledge for preparing this report and I am also thankful to all staff members for valuable guidance and co-operation. I am also sincerely thankful to all those who helped me directly or indirectly in the preparation of this report. Place : Junagadh Date : Yours Faithfully (Harshad V. Trada ) M.B.A.
  4. 4. INTRODUCTION OF INDUSTRY (BUSINESS) As the technology changes every day in today’s fast moving world, new opportunities are opening up in the field of small sector in India and the world over. Biscuits are consumed by all the human being on earth. It doesn’t matter that they falls into which age group. From a small child to the teenagers, adults, mature person or even old peoples trend to eat biscuits. There is an unbelievable craze of biscuits from U.S.A. to Japan, Europe to Asia, and Africa to India. Every country, every person is habituated to have eaten ice-cream. Somebody have in the form to sweet dish, some in the form of fashion, some in the form of status and some have no reason. Because biscuits creates a magic in the minds of everybody. From a lower class people to higher class a biscuit remain its position and also becomes a product to be stored by households. A Biscuits are consumed worldwide at the rate of approximately 15 kegs. Per capital. While in India it is near about 0-30 kegs. And biscuits consumption in the country is expected to increase from the present 20 lakhs tones per annum. The milk producing countries like New Zealand, Denmark, India etc. are expected to give further boost to the biscuits industries process in India and particularly in Gujarat. So, the facts figures are clearly defines that biscuits is not just a product but it is also become a part of our life. That day is not so far when biscuits are declared as a basic necessity.
  5. 5. PROJECT DATA (ADDRESS) OF BUSINESS Name of Unit : WELCOME BISCUITS INDUSTRY Address : Opp. Reliance petrol pump, junagadh road, Bhesan - 390051 Name of Product : Biscuit Size of Unit : Small Scale Industry Total Employees : 300 Employees Name of the Partner : (1) Harshad Trada (2) Vimal Savaliya Working Hours : 24 Hours Working Days : 300 Days Weekly Off : Sunday Capacity Utilization : 75% Capacity Slogan : “Always Believe in Good Quality Product”
  6. 6. BIO-DATA OF OWNERS OR PRINCIPLES “WELCOME BISCUIT INDUSTRIES” is a small scale industry and there are two partners as per their knowledge and different responsibility. The details about partners are as under. PARTNER-1 :- Name : Harshad v.Trada Age : 27 Years Address : Near Raneshvar Temple, Junagadh Road, Ranpur–362030 Qualification : M.B.A. Present Activity : The M.D. of biscuit Industry Responsibility : C.E.O. Financial Contribution : 50% Experience : 5 years Share in Profit : 50% PARTNER-2 :- Name : Vimal p.Savaliya Age : 28 Years Address : 401 Siddhi Apartment, Junagadh Road, Bhesan – 365601. Qualification : M.COM. Present Activity : Promoter of biscuit Industry Financial Contribution : 50% Experience : 5 Year Share in Profit : 50%
  7. 7. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The demand for biscuit is increasing day by day. The life style and living standards are changing our country is furnished with high society culture. The fact thing is that, today in this fact generation many of the changes take a place. Especially in the field of biscuit through it was not a new product for people. But it has an important characteristic it may never loses it market, because the word “biscuit” itself is having a deep- rooted meaning that no consumer can fed up from eating biscuit. Looking to the internal and increase in export demand, there is a good scope for starting new manufacturing units in different parts of the country. Bhesan is the starting place of city, where a large number of workers started manufacturing units. The demand for quality goods is increasing. Hence there is a scope for another 10 to 15 new units every year. The raw material required for the manufacture of biscuit available and some material also exported from foreign. The biscuit industry is profit making and self-performance are improving year after year. The biscuit industry has a huge verity of biscuit. The Company have huge brand name locally in Gujarat a good base to expand. The industry has good manufacturing facilities providing excellent quality product. The industry has a well experienced and technically qualified well and succession business plan. The biscuit industry has wide market network with established customer base. The biscuit industry has brand visibility lower than the major player opportunity in the market in the Gujarat and across the country. A decline in the capacity utilization of biscuit would lead to major negative impact on the biscuit sales parameters in the market, so new creativity and innovation in the business is needed. The manufacturers are facing threats from the competition of other biscuit company who manufacture biscuit and sell to the customer. Flour and sugar are basic raw material for the biscuit industry and their prices are expected upward in the future, so these are one of the threats of biscuit business.
  8. 8. The welcome biscuit industry has a improve distribution network across Gujarat and India to increase a sales of company. The biscuit industry improves his advertising strategy to promote the product and increase sales. Children market is one of the opportunities for biscuit industry. The demand of the biscuit is derived from demand in two key user young people and children. The industry is largest user segment for Indian biscuit market. The immediately increase in milk prices has resulting in pricing and margin pressure on biscuit manufacturer. MARKET SEGMENTATION Market consists of buyers, and buyers differ in one or more respects. They may differ in their wants, purchasing power, geographical locations, buying attitudes and buying practices. Any of these variables can be used to segment a market. It is a process of dividing the total market for goods and services into small groups, such that the members of each group are similar with respect to factors that influence demand. It is a strategy of ‘divide and conquer’ i.e. dicing market in order to conquer them. Its philosophy is something for everybody within practicable limits. It enables the market to give better attention to the selection of the customer and offer an appropriate marketing plant for each segment for a group of buyers having homogeneous demand. In “welcome biscuit industries” they have selected target market to satisfy the wants of customers. They have divided the target market in different division. Children market Youngster generation market. Old generation market.
  9. 9. FUTURE OUT LOOK AND TRANDS Biscuit Industry has specified future plans to follow. It has fixed goals to be achieved in future. Certain future plans of units as under. Company wants to increase its sales and profit and be a large scale industry in future. Company wants to wider network in whole country. For it they are deciding to establish branches in most of State in India. To improve or add new flavor of biscuit in future. Thus, this industry has bright future vision and it wants to extend its coverage.
  10. 10. PRODUCTION PLAN PRODUT MANUFACTURING PROCESS OF WELCOME BISCUITS INDUSTRIES Receipt of raw material ↓↓↓↓ Mixing ↓↓↓↓ Molding ↓↓↓↓ Baking ↓↓↓↓ Cooling ↓↓↓↓ Weighting ↓↓↓↓ Packing & dispatched
  11. 11. Product manufactured process Biscuit is one of the most popular snacks used all over the world and liked by people of all age groups. The specialty about biscuits is that they can be taken with different things like tea, coffee, milk, etc. Let's know about the manufacturing processes involved in the production of biscuits. The manufacturing process consists of the following steps: (1) RECEIPT OF RAW MATERIALS:- The raw materials received from the supplier are stored in the respective containers which has highly advanced technical inputs for the proper maintenance of flour through it is a perishable product. There after the raw-materials are taken to the assembly along with the milk and then production process starts. (2) MIXING:- In this process all ingredients like flour, fat, sugar etc., are put together in the right proportion for dough formation. The ingredients are fed into the mixers, where they are mixed properly to prepare the dough. Here the dough temperature and mixing time play an important role in the manufacturing of biscuits. Normally mixing time is between 10- 15 min but it usually depends upon flour characteristics. It is performed in two or three stages with different mixing speed. (3) MOULDING:- Mixing is followed by molding, in which the dough is laminated into sheets and is passed down to gauge rollers and appropriate sheet thickness is achieved for cutting. It is here that biscuits are given a variety of shapes and sizes using cutter or molder. The speed of the molder or the cutter depends on the variety of the biscuit. Use of molder or cutter depends on the type of the dough where molder is used for short dough type of biscuit and cutters are used for sheet variety or hard dough. (4) BAKING:- It is the third stage in biscuit making process, where the molded biscuits are put into the baking oven on required temperatures. There are various baking options with different kinds of ovens available like direct fired, indirect fired and hybrid ovens, which can be used keeping in mind the desired temperatures, the convenience and cost. Various methods of heating like conduction, convection and radiation are used in the ovens. These ovens also have dampers to control moisture inside the oven section. Generally, the ovens are classified as 4 zone, 5 zone or 6zone ovens where length varies from 40 meter to 80 meters. Biscuits are carried on wire mesh band in oven.
  12. 12. (5) COOLING:- After baking biscuits, they are passed on to cooling conveyors for natural cooling prior to packing. These conveyors are generally 300 - 400 ft. and can be of two or 3 deck type as per space availability. In the conveyors, the temperature is brought down to room temperature. Natural cooling is preferred to force cooling as it maintains the texture quality of biscuit. (6) WEIGHTING:- In this stage, the weight of the particular ornament is made and for this balancing machine is used. From the weight the price of the ornament is calculated. This calculation is note down in a proper paper from which the customer can know the details. (7) PACKING & DISPATCHED:- After cooling, the biscuits are stacked and fed into packing machine. These biscuits can be availed in different packaging materials in different packs like slug packs, pouch pack or family packs. These packs are then put into secondary packing’s like cartons for transporting to the retailers. Packing material that are used for used for biscuit packaging are BOPP, Laminates (pearliest or metalized), pouches. The readymade biscuits are dispatched as per the order given. For this, we have a storage vans and trucks. The biscuits are packed in the boxes, packets and other packs as per the requirement. Thus, these are the step involving in the production of “biscuits”. One thing that cares of is to whole production process by machines only. The production process fully exempt from the human touch. So we are considered the quality which is the first requirement of consumers.
  13. 13. JUSTIFICATION OF LOCATION Location is one of the most important factors is to be taken into consideration before starting my industry. If the unit is located at a place where all required raw material power, labor, transportation etc. facilities are available at lower cost. The location plays a very important role in success of business. There are as under. Availability of Raw Material : The raw material and machine are easily available that are concerned milk, flavor, sugar, banking, flours, vanilla, liquid milk etc. hence availability of raw material will not be a problem for the unit. Availability of Labor :- Out of all the resources available to the organization. Human resources occupy a key position that’s why we can say that labor is a key of business. Availability of Finance :- In human body blood is very important likewise finance is also life blood for every business organization without finance any organization business cannot start. So, location of the business is selected at that place where banking facility easily available. Availability of Transportation :- It is prerequisite for a unit to have proper transportation facility. It is required for getting raw materials as well as distributing finished goods in terms a transportation facility having good location.
  14. 14. Other Facilities :- Along with all above mentioned facilities like the insurance, tele-communication services, post offices services etc. are available in nearby area. Thus, all the required facilities such as raw material, water, power, transportation etc. are easily available at this location. RELIANCE PETROL PUMP Bhesan Welcome BISCUITS INDUSTRY
  15. 15. DETAILS OF MACHINERY & EQUIPMENTS Sr. No. Name of Machine Qty. Value Suppliers 1 Cooling machinery 1 150000 Coro seal Industry Plot 78/C-Sector 25, Mumbai-400002. 2 Packaging machinery 1 75000 Alight Industry New Chamber – 6 Ahmadabad. 3 Cold Storage Container 2 1800000 2-B, M.G.Road, Mumbai – 400 003. 4 High Tech Blenders 2 125000 Accurate Pvt. Ltd. 225, Bandar Hill, Mumbai – 400 053. 5 Molding Machinery 2 40000 Holy pack Industry Capital Comm. Center Ahmadabad – 380 009. 6 Contingencies & Electron Charges (at 10%) -- 225000 -- Total Cost of Plant Machinery 2415000
  16. 16. RAW MATERIAL & SUPPLIERS Raw materials are one of the important things for production. If there is no raw material then there would be no product of this unit. The firm obtains most of raw material from the local market. The important raw materials required for the manufacture of biscuits and it is as follows. Milk Sugar Essence flours Cream Almonds Milk Powder Baking Powder Packing Material Chocolate Colures Essence Connector Button Cells and Solar Cells.
  17. 17. Suppliers of Raw Material : (1) “Ayush Flour Corporation ” Doodh Sager Marg, Rajkot – 360 001. (2) “Ramakrishna Dairy” 7, Bajaj Estate, Silver Avenue Road, Rajkot – 360001. (3) “Krishna Chocó ltd. ” Near Shree ram aprt. Baroda – 394 004. (4) “Vishvash sugar ltd. ” Near Shree ram aprt. Rajkot – 362310.
  18. 18. MARKETING PLAN Marketing plan consist these four element pricing, distribution, promotion, product forecasts. Hear in case of “WELCOME BISCUIT INDUSTRIES” all elements are present but in history of sources of this industry every element has played different role as we know. “WELCOME BISCUIT INDUSTRIES” producing different types of biscuits product so less need of promotional tools. The main need of the marketing of “WELCOME BISCUIT INDUSTRIES” Is to deliver the best quality of a product to right consumers at right place and for right price. ELEMENTS OF MARKETING PLAN:- Marketing plan has four elements. Pricing Distribution promotion Product forecast
  19. 19. (A) PRICING INTRODUCTONS:- Price is the first p’s of marketing plan. Pricing decision has strategic importance in any enterprise. Pricing governs the very feasibility of any marketing programmed because it is the only element in a marketing plan. Accounting for demand and sales revenue. Pricing can be change very quickly. So it is one of the most flexible elements of the marketing plan. Pricing is too cost oriented, it is not revised often enough to capitalize on market changes. So to set price is very difficult task of management. Right price decision will lead toward success and profit, while wrong and faulty price decision may because the cause of failure. DEFINITION:- “Price is the valuation placed upon the product by the offered.” It has to cover pricing, discounts, allowances and terms of credit. It deals with price competition”. SETTING PRICE:- The firm has to take into account many factor for setting their pricing. They are six steps procedure for price setting. 1) Selecting the price objective 2) Determine demand 3) Estimating cost 4) Analyzing competitors price and offers 5) Selecting a pricing methods 6) Selecting the final price 1) Selecting the pricing objectives:- The first decide what they want to accomplish with the particular product. They should clear their objectives. It is depended on pricing decision so it is necessary to select better pricing objectives. “WELCOME BISCUIT INDUSTRIES” Has many objective and they are aware about that.
  20. 20. 2) Determining demand:- The price of a will lead toward a different level of demand and therefore they have a different impact in its marketing objectives. In normal case demand and price are inversely related i.e. Higher the price and lower the demand. “WELCOME BISCUIT INDUSTRIES” Has sold their product in different market and their price is formulates according to the different product and demand in the market. 3) Estimating cost:- In the setting of prices, includes all estimating cost that the can charged. There are two types of floor cost areas under. 1) Fixed cost like salaries wages, bonus to employees, depreciation, income tax, insurance etc. 2) Variable costs are like repairs of machineries raw materials costs, excises duty etc. “WELCOME BISCUIT INDUSTRIES” Includes all the entire production cost, distribution cost and its fair return and also fixed and variable cost. 3) Analyzing competitor’s prices and offers:- Price should be fixed according to the analyses to the competitor’s prices and offers what is the prices of competitors and what they offer to the customers? It should be know by the. “WELCOME BISCUIT INDUSTRIES” Has to consider the competitors’ price and offer and they fix the price according to the customer abalones. 4) Selecting a pricing method:- Should select those pricing methods which are suitable for the product. Pricing is affected of the market and also product he pricing method are like mark-up/ cost-plus pricing, target return pricing, going rate pricing, etc “WELCOME BISCUIT INDUSTRIES” Accept cost-plus pricing method because it is suitable and favorable method for the product 5) Selection the final prices:- “WELCOME BISCUIT INDUSTRIES” has produced different types of product and their cost is depending on product. They are exporting their product in biscuits market. Prices of their different product are not same. Fixed the price according to the different types of product cost and their delivery cost.
  21. 21. (B) DISTRIBUTION (PLACE) INTRODUCTION In the field of marketing channels of distribution indicates routes or pathways through which goods and services flow or more from producers to consumers. In Channels of distribution there of intermediaries between producer and consumers. Channel of distribution term contain two different words channel means link or bridge and distribution means the product to the customer. After production the next problem faced is that of selling and distributing. As we know that production is made to satisfy the need of the customers. So, it must reach to the consumer for whom it is made. Thus a way trough good flow from the producers to the consumer is called channels of distribution. The marketing channels decision are among the most critical decision faced by marketing because selected channels affect all the other marketing decision. Distribution is the delivery of the product and right to consume. It includes sub elements. Channel of distribution Transportation Location Ware housing DEFINITION:- “Marketing channel can be viewed as sets of inter-depended organization involved in process of making a product or service available for use as consumption.” Every producer seeks to link together the set of marketing intermediaries that fulfill the firm objectives. This set of marketing intermediaries is called as the marketing channel. Every producer seeks to link together the set of marketing intermediaries that fulfill the firm objectives. This set of marketing intermediaries is called as the marketing channel.
  22. 22. OBJECTIVE OF THE CHANNEL:- 1) Achievements of the best possible coverage of the target market. 2) Assuming that the consumer incurred in minimum execration and procuring the product. 3) Ensuring that the firm is able to carry on with its manufacturing activities confident that the channel will take of the distribution job. 4) Ensuring that the distribution is cost effective. CHANNEL OF DISTRIBUTION:- Distribution channel decisions require a special attention as this involves long term commitments to the other firms with whom marketer enters into contracts. The most fundamental factor for channel choice and channel management is the economic criteria i.e. cost and profits. But there are number of other factors such as nature of the products, market trends, competition outlook, pricing policies, typical consumer needs and manufacturer himself who should be considered. There are two types of channel: Direct Channel Indirect Channel “WELCOME INDUSTRIES” is producing biscuits goods. So in this case, direct channel will be more difficult than indirect channel. So the company is not uses direct channel of distribution and i.e. Manufacturer Consumer “WELCOME INDUSTRIES” uses indirect channel of distribution. For this, they appointed zone wise dealers under whom sub dealers are appointed. This channel is as under: Manufacturer Distributors Dealers Consumer MODES OF TRANSPORTATION Transportation is the necessary for all the company Mode of transportation is the function having permanent importance in distribution process .the choice of transport is governed by a few criteria, such as speed, frequency of service, dependability, safely, operational flexibility and all the element cost. Please note that decisions on means of transport are closely related to the size of inventory and on the location of warehouse.
  23. 23. 1) By railway 2) By road 3) By air 4) By water “WELCOME BISCUITS INDUSTRIES” transport his product by road in many cities bhesan, Ahmadabad, Bhavnagar, junagadh, vishavadar and also the transport biscuits in many villages. From the above modes of transportation “WELCOME BISCUITS INDUSTRIES” used the one types of transportation by road. It is depend on the product selling activities. This decision is taken by the marketing manager who considers all the transporting cost in the modes of transportation. LOCATION:- Location plays a very important role in marketing management. Location is the place where anything is done in the industry. Located or situated. Location must be a good one where any infrastructure facility is easily available and distribution of the product or transport of the product is easily available. Every promoter chooses better location where all the facilities are available. “WELCOME BISCUITS INDUSTRIES” Is located in at BHESAN. In this location all the infrastructure facilities are easily available. WAREHOUSES:- The word ‘storage’ means holding the stock of goods for a relatively longer period as the good are not immediately in demand. Warehousing involves more than storage. Warehouses perform many of the usual function of storage. Warehouses are fixed facilities where we store our inventories for longer period. IN“WELCOME BISCUITS INDUSTRIES” in his warehouses good facility for product. “WELCOME BISCUITS INDUSTRIES” have machinery facility like this: air compressor, cold storage, and cooling machine.
  24. 24. (C) PROMOTION INTRODUCTION:- Promotion is a form of communication with an element of persuasion to accept ideas, product services and hence persuasive communication becomes the heart of promotion, the fourth element of marketing plant. In essence, promotion is the spark plug of our marketing mix and an important marketing strategy. In marketing, effective communication is absolutely necessary even though you have a superb product, best package, and also you offer a fair price promotion need has been considered as the sale instrument in marketing communication. DEFINATION:- “Promotion is the process of marketing communication to inform, persuade, remind and influence consumer or user in favors of your product or service”. Thus, it is a short term incentive to encourage the buyer to buy the product. Sales-promotion consist of techniques like display shows selling efforts. It can be classified as under. Tools and techniques of sales promotion. The main promotional tools are as under; 1) Samples:- Sampling is the most effective but most expensive way to introduce a product. It can be delivered door to door, by mail or by its attachment with other products. Gives some samples free and sometime charged a small amount to set its costs. 2) Coupons:- Coupons are certificates that give buyer a saving than they Purchase specified buyers. More than 322 billion coupons are distributed in the United States each year. 3) Premiums:- Premiums are good offered either free or at low cost as an incentive to buy a product. A premium may come inside the package or outside the package. 4) Allowance:- An allowance is an amount offered in return for the dealers agreeing to feature the manufacturing parts in some way. In the above the “WELCOME BISCUITS INDUSTRIES” uses coupon and allowances. These tools are used sometimes only.
  25. 25. Components of promotion mix:- Markets have adopted a communication view of their firm’s promotional activities. Receiver is now regarded as an active participant in the process of communication. All marketing communications must be planned as part of total system, not as independent pieces. The promotion mix includes four ingredients which are shown below Advertising Personal selling Sales promotions Publicity All form of promotion try to influence consumer’s attitudes, beliefs, ways of living or life style, values and preference towards a and its product, and there by influence his / her behavior. ADVERTISING:- INTRODUCTION:- Advertising is the most important component or tool of the marketing promotion plant. Advertising is the use of paid media by a seller to communicate persuasive information about its product services or its organization. In simple term the important of advertising has been summed up in the simple strategy statement. “WELCOME BISCUITS INDUSTRIES” Is telling and selling. DEFINITION :- “Advertising is a salesmanship without personal salesman.” -Manson & rath. “Advertising is any Paid firm of non-personal presentation and promotion of ideas and services by an identified sponsor.” -American marketing association
  26. 26. ADVERTISING OBJECTIVE:- The main goal of advertising is to inform persuade and remind. There can be number of objective of advertising like building up brand performance, create market for new product, retaining customer etc. as advertising is an integral part of promotion is must have one or more of the specific objectives. “WELCOME BISCUITS INDUSTRIES” Producing different types of product so they know that it is necessary to advertise for their product so they are used media: Media Advertising media is a vehicle, which carries the sales message of an advertiser to the prospects, by that way they said in closing the gap between producer& consumer. Effective advertising refers to informing the public about the right product at the right time through the right medium. Conveying a right message through a wrong medium at the wrong time would be definite waste of resources. Right media selection is therefore the crux of the success of the entire advertising campaign. Media selection refers only to the selection of a specific medium of advertising from the following:- MEDIA:- ADVERTISING MEDIA BRCODCAST MEDIA NEWS PAPERS MAGAZINES HORDINGS POSTURE DIRECT PRESS In “WELCOME BISCUITS INDUSTRIES” since starting there is less need for advertising because their brand loyalty high in the market. The buyers have total trust on the good will of the .On the other view point is producing product, which is raw material for other industry. Therefore, they need not to increase awareness of their product, as there is enough demand in the market. Therefore, they need less advertising for their product. However for new product mainly uses these Medias i.e. advertising media direct, posture & hording.
  27. 27. PERSONAL SELLING:- INTRODUCTION Personal selling refers to oral face to face interaction or conversation between a sales representative and prospective customer for the purpose of making sales. Basically, personal selling is promotional tool used by a firm with the help of a well-trained and competitive spirited sales person. Personal-selling is a unique tool as it is a face to face transaction between a sales person and prospective customer. DEFINITION:- “Personal selling is an effective communicative instrument used by a business from through trained sales force to obtain the best result”. “WELCOME BISCUITS INDUSTRIES” Know the objective and important personal selling. But the industries is famous in the market so it is not required selling. It does not use this tool. SALES PROMOTIONS:- According to sales department, they use sales promotion, as it is one of the effective marketing efforts, which stimulates the consumer purchasing and dealer’s coupon public display etc. “WELCOME BISCUITS INDUSTRIES” gives sales promotion at consumer level and dealer level. PUBLICITY:- INRTODUCTION:- Publicity is another important communication of promotional tool. It is non-personal stimulation of demand for a product, service or a business unit by placing commercially significant news about it in a publication or obtaining Favorable presentation of it upon radio, television, or stage is not paid for by the sponsor. DEFINITION:- “Publicity is a marketing tool instruments any group that has an actual or potential interest on ability to achieve its objectives”. According in “WELCOME BISCUITS INDUSTRIES” always accept any sponsorship of cultural programs imagination of sports like cricket tournament etc. to get publicity. According to them good & favorable publicity can provide you lots of benefits.
  28. 28. (D) PRODUCT (FORECASTS) INTRODUCTION Product is the four from of the four p’s of marketing plan .it is the most tangible and important single component of the marketing programmers. The meaning of product is: “Anything that can be offered to satisfy a need or want of the customer “OR “Product is an entity which serves the benefits to the customers” Which a product, there is nothing to distribute, nothing to promote, nothing to price. To the marketer products are the building blocks of a marketing plan good product are the key to market success. product decision are taken first by the marketers and these decisions are central to all other marketing decision such as price ,place and promotion product is the vehicle by which a provides consumer satisfaction. It is the engines that pull the rest of the marketing programmed. The product concept according to Philip Kotler is:-“Consumer will favor those products that offer most quality performance or innovative feature” DEFINATION:- “The product may be a good a service or just an idea”. A product is all thing offered to a market. Those things include physical objects, design, brand, package, label, price, services, supportive literature, amenities and satisfaction not only from physical product and services offered but also from ideas, personalities and organizations. In short, a product is the sum total of physical, economic, social and psychological benefits. Marketers must define their market in terms of product functions – what the customer expects from the product. Product is a basic element of marketing. Two important of the product strategy are. To place a new product in the marketing i.e. product innovation. To make change in the existing product i.e. product planning and development.
  29. 29. Product is the thing possessing utility. It has many components like: Product range Product variety Product quality Feature Brand name Packaging etc.
  31. 31. DIFFERENT PACAGING:- 50 Gms. 100 Gms. 150 Gms. 200 Gms. 250 Gms. 300 Gms. 400 Gms. SWEET BISCUITS RANGE :- ALMOND NUTS : - 5RS. BIG BANG : - 5RS. SMALL GOODAY : - 5RS. CRUNCHY CRACKER : - 10RS. SWEET SOFTY : - 10RS. SALTY CRUNCHY : - 20RS. KAJU CREM : - 25RS. NAJUK NAMKIN : - 25RS. BUTTER COOKIES : - 50RS. HAPPYHAPPY : - 50RS.
  33. 33. MANPOWER REQUIREMENTS Manpower is a key of the business. It is very important decision to decide how many people require into the business. Following given number of employer and employees are required: Sr. No. Particular Amt. 1 Production Manager 1 2 Engineer 2 3 Supervisor 3 4 Skilled Workers 27 5 Unskilled Workers 260 6 Guard 1 7 Managing Director 1 8 Marketing Manager 1 9 Personnel Manager 1 10 Finance manager 1 11 Clerk & Typist 1 12 Peon 1 Total 300
  34. 34. FINANCIAL PLAN SALARY & REMUNERATION (1) Factory Staff : Sr. No. Designation Total No. Monthly Salary Total Yearly Salary 1 Production Manager 1 45000 540000 2 Engineer 1 37500 450000 3 Supervisor 1 27000 324000 4 Skilled Workers 4 18000 864000 5 Unskilled Workers 6 9000 648000 6 Guard 1 10500 126000 Total 2952000 Add : 20% Bonus 590400 Total Cost of Factory Staff 3542400 (2) Office Staff : Sr. No. Designation Total No. Monthly Salary Total Yearly Salary 1 Managing Director 1 45000 540000 2 Marketing Manager 1 37500 450000 3 Personnel Manager 1 37500 450000 4 Finance manager 1 22500 270000 5 Clerk & Typist 1 22500 270000 6 Peon 1 7500 90000 Total 2070000 Add : 20% Bonus 414000 Total Salary of Office Staff 2484000
  35. 35. REQUIRED FIXED ASSETS Land and Building : Particulars Sq. Mts. Rate (Rs.) Total Cost Land 6100 2000 12200000 Building 5000 500 2500000 Plant and Machinery : Sr. No. Name Qty. Total Cost 1 Cooling Machinery 1 150000 2 Air Compressor 2 75000 3 Cold Storage Container 5 1800000 4 High Tech Blenders 4 125000 5 Molding Machinery 2 40000 6 Contingencies and Electron Charges -- 100000 7 Computer 10 210000 Total 2500000 Total Fixed Assets : Particulars Amt. Rs. Land 12200000 Building 2500000 Plant and Machinery 2500000 Other Asset 500000 Total 17700000
  36. 36. WORKING CAPITAL REQUIREMENT Sr. No. Details Period Amt. 1 Raw Material 25 Days 3000000 2 Work – In – Progress 2 Days 150000 3 Finished Goods 10 Days 450000 4 Bill Receivable 30 Days 375000 5 Current Expenses : Electricity Bill Salary Water Repairs and Maintenance Transportation 2 Month 1 Month 1 Month 5 Days 10 Days 7500 42000 3000 3000 19500 Total Working Capital 4050000
  37. 37. COST SHEET Particular Amt. Rs. Raw – Material Consumed Purchase Less : Closing Stock Add : Utilities Direct Wages 3000000 -- 750000 500000 Prime Cost (A) 4250000 Add : Repairs Manager’s Salary Supervisor’s Salary Watchman’s Wages Dep. On Machines Dep. On Building 3000 54000 32400 12600 125000 250000 Total Factory Cost (B) 477000 Add : Accountant’s Salary Clerk’s Salary Postage and Telephone Exp. Telegram Exp. Insurance Exp. Medical Exp. Legal Exp. Dep. On Other Assets Int. On Capital 27000 27000 36000 30000 65000 26500 32000 25000 1590000 Total Admin. Exp. (C) 1858500 Cost of Production (A+B+C) 6585500 Add : Opening Stock of Finished Goods -- Less : Closing Stock of Finished Goods 585000 Sales 6000000
  38. 38. SALES AND PROFIT DETAILS Sr. No. Year Sales Profit 1 2013-2014 6000000 96100 2 2014-2015 9000000 1475000 3 2015-20156 8000000 1877000 4 2016-2017 8500000 2260000 5 2017-2018 9500000 2487000 BREAK EVEN ANALYSIS Particulars 2013-14 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17 2017-18 Sales 6000000 7000000 8000000 9000000 9500000 Less: Variable Cost / Exp. Raw Material Electricity Bill Sales Exp. 3000000 20000 260000 2500000 50000 30000 3500000 65000 50000 3000000 50000 70000 5000000 55000 90000 Total Variable Exp. 3040000 2580000 3615000 3120000 5145000 Contribution 2960000 4420000 4385000 5380000 4355000 Less: Fixed Cost / Exp. Depreciation Salary & Wage Repairs Admini. Exp. 400000 602400 3000 1858500 390000 650000 5000 1900000 500000 500000 8000 1500000 460000 850000 10000 1800000 5500000 900000 18000 1400000 Total Fixed Cost 2863900 2945000 2508000 3120000 2868000 Profit 96100 1475000 1877000 2260000 1487000
  39. 39. MARKETING RESEARCH INTRODUCTION:- Research is common parlance refers to search for knowledge. Once can also define research as a scientific and systematic search for pertinent information on specific topic. Research is also called as scientific investigation. Some people think that research as a movement, from the known to unknown. Research is an essential and powerful tool in leading man towards progress. Without systemic research there would have been very little progress. The advanced learner’s dictionary of current English lays down the meaning of research as “A careful investigation or inquiry especially through search for new facts in any branch of knowledge.” In short, search of knowledge through objectives and systematic method of finding solution to a problem is called research. MARKETING RESEARCH ON COSTOMER SATISFACTION Marketing research is the systematic and exhaustive search for study of the facts relevant to any problem in the field of marketing. It is a systematic and intelligent investigation about unsatisfied needs and wants of potential buyers. Marketing research is very important because it gives knowledge regarding changing attitude of consumers towards their product and it is also important while formulation of marketing strategies. There are many methods of marketing research such as: Survey Method Mail Method Field Method Panel Method Observation approach “WELCOME BISCUITS INDUSTRY” is dealing with industrial products; the reach is restricted to the actual and potential buyers, location, volume of purchase and motives. Marketing research becomes important for this company also because it gives the real idea to solve any problem that comes in the way of marketing for changing the attitude of customers. The total marketing research is made of research of total 7 different parts, product, price, market, sales, advertising etc.
  40. 40. As for marketing research is concerned “WELCOME BISCUITS INDUSTRY” has recently adopted it in south region because south India is the best marketing field of automobile in India and also company wants to find out the gold opportunities or possibilities of development in that field. In researching the market this company had adopted a survey and observation techniques in allocating the date. MARKETING RESEARCH PROCESS DEFINE THE RESEARCH PROBLEM:- Every company has a particular goal. A study without objectives cannot reach the destination. My project work programmed was also directed to some particular targets and the main objectives of the study are as bellow; Marketing research is to provide information that will assist marketing managers in recognizing and react to marketing opportunities and problems. Marketing research is the function, which links the consumer, customer and public to the marketer through information. Research as a movement, a movement from the known to the unknown. Marketing Research study is the way to find out the hidden assets of the organization, which should be implemented in proper way to expand the business with the help of our prospective customers. Marketing research is an art of scientific investigation. A careful investigation or inquiry especially through search for new facts in any branch of knowledge. Systematized to effort to gain a new knowledge. Business research as systematic inquiry that provides information to guide business decision. DATA COLLECTION:- There are mainly two types of method for data collection i.e. primary and secondary. The primary data are those which are collected afresh and for the first time, and thus happen to be original character. Secondary data, on other hand, are those which have already collected by someone else and which have already passed through the statistical process. For our research analysis we used primary data collection method. In this method we collect our data though questionnaires.
  41. 41. SAMPLE SIZE:- We have fill up questioner to our 30 customer at different area of India To find out “customer satisfaction of “welcome industries”, the one way is Research Methodology to deal with the customer and their preferences. We have select 9 parameter according to “welcome biscuits industries” product it’s given below. Quality-wise satisfaction. Price-wise satisfaction. Packing-wise satisfaction. Delivery-wise satisfaction. Response of staff & communication satisfaction. Complaint handling satisfaction. Overall reputation of our Brand satisfaction. Technical support during Enquiries satisfaction. Post delivery service satisfaction.
  42. 42. DATA COLLECTION INSTRUMENT Date: CUSTOMER FEED BACK FORM NAME : - ……………………………………………….. GENDER : - …………....... AGE : - ……………… CITY/ TOWN : - ….………….. We wish to improve our service and quality of our product. Therefore, please let us know where we stand in satisfying your requirements. Vice President (Mktg.) Sr. no. Satisfaction Parameters Your Rating Reason for poor rating 5 4 3 2 1 1 Quality-wise 2 Price-wise 3 Packing-wise 4 Delivery-wise 5 Response of staff & communication 6 Complaint handling 7 Overall reputation of our Brand 8 Technical support during Enquiries 9 Post delivery service Suggestions for improving satisfaction level : Rating Criteria: 5=Excellent. 4=Very Good. 3=Good. 2=Average. 1=Poor. Please (√) tick mark in appropriate rating. “WELCOME BISCUITS INDUSTRIES” ANALYSIS AND INTERPRETATION:- Data analysis and interpretation are conduct according to customer feedback. The criteria of satisfied or dissatisfied according customer rating of parameter. Over here the unit of measurement is percentage. We have fill up questioner to our 30 customer at different area of India. According questioner data we have conduct briefly analysis and interpretation of all 9 parameters and overall satisfaction and dissatisfaction.
  43. 43. AVARAGE OF ALL CUSTOMER RATING User's satisfaction parameters All (30) Customers' rating 5 4 3 2 1 Excellent Very good Good Average Poor 1 Quality-wise 42.86 33.33 23.81 0.00 0.00 2 Price-wise 14.29 57.14 23.81 4.76 0.00 3 Packing-wise 38.10 42.86 19.05 0.00 0.00 4 Delivery-wise 23.81 42.86 23.81 4.76 4.76 5 Response of staff & Communication 33.33 52.38 9.52 4.76 0.00 6 Complaint handling 23.81 57.14 19.05 0.00 0.00 7 Overall reputation of our Brand 19.05 61.90 19.05 0.00 0.00 8 Technical support during Enquiries 9.52 76.19 14.29 0.00 0.00 9 Post delivery service 4.76 76.19 14.29 4.76 0.00 Overall average percentage 23.28% 55.56% 18.52% 2.12% 0.53%
  44. 44. Overall average percentages:- The analysis and interpretation of above data we can says in above bar chart that the response given by the respondents about excellent overall percentage according to 23%, very good according to 57%, good according to 18%, average according to 2% and poor according to 1%. So we can say that according to the is criteria customers 97% are satisfied and 3% customers are dissatisfied in overall average percentage. Overall average percentage (30)Customers' rating 5 4 3 2 1 Excellent Very good Good Average Poor Total 23.28% 55.56% 18.52% 2.12% 0.53% 100.00% 0.00 10.00 20.00 30.00 40.00 50.00 60.00 Series1 23.28 55.56 18.52 2.12 0.53 Excellent Very good Good Average Poor 5 4 3 2 1
  45. 45. CONCLUSION In the business plan Report on Welcome Biscuits industries, I have discussed all financial data and other relevant information. The market of Biscuits industries is expanding its demand for the product is increasing day by day. The return in this business is also satisfactory. At last it can be said that future of this product is very bright. With the expectation of high profitability and good completing of high is assumed that it would be the perfect product to be manufacturing in today’s environment.
  46. 46. BIBLIOGRAPHY Marketing Management (4 p’s of marketing) - Philip Kotler Marketing and Sales Promotion - S. A. Sherlekar New Entrepreneurs - P.C. Jain Financial Management - I. M. Pandey & Prasanna Chandra Link : business plan (project report) .com Reference of previous research data. Website: