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Copy of copy of harshadpatel final 10 d har

  1. 1. Noble Group of Institutions 1 A Summer Internship Project Report On “Marketing mix” At “SHREE SHEETAL ICECREAM INDUSTRIES” In Partial Fulfillment of MBA Program Semester - II Noble Engineering College, Junagadh Submitted By: Guided By: Name & Enroll No: Prof. Asif Memdani HARSHAD TRADA. (127380592055) AJAY BHUVA. (127380592008) Gujarat Technological University (Academic Year: 2012-2014)
  3. 3. Noble Group of Institutions 3 Declaration I, Trada Harshad & Bhuva Ajay of MBA (Semester – III) of Batch 2013-2014 studying at Noble Group of Institution, Junagadh declare that the project work entitled, Marketing Mix of SHREE SHEETAL INDUSTRIES” was carried on by me on partial fulfillment of my MBA programmed under GTU. This project was undertaken as a part of academic curriculum according to university rules and norms and it has not commercial interest and motive. It is my original work and is not submitted to any other organization for any other purpose. Date: - You’re faithfully; Harshad Trada & Place: Junagadh Ajay Bhuva
  4. 4. Noble Group of Institutions 4 CERTIFICATE
  5. 5. Noble Group of Institutions 5 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I would like to express my heart-felt gratitude to my guide Ms. Jay Talati (H.O.D) MBA department of, Noble Group of Institutions Junagadh. They have not only accepted to me as guide on the subject but also have given me the liberal patronage, expert advice, generous help and effective encouragement, without which I would not be able to complete the project successfully. My project work at SHEETAL is a brilliant and brain storming experience. It was peopling at SHEETAL who supported and co-operated without their willing co- operation the work could not be successfully completed. Last but not the least; I am also grateful to all the respondents, friends and all others who helped us in completion of this project work.
  6. 6. Noble Group of Institutions 6 PREFACE As a new paradigm based on proper integration of formal teaching and actual practice, this Summer Training has been introduced under the Degree of Master of Business Administration (M.B.A) to get a feel of actual Business Environment. To bridge the gap between theory & practice and to cultivate proper temperament and generate much needed morale i.e. to help the students to identify their strong and weak points in the following and appreciating various organizational activities. So that appropriate measures can be taken at an earliest time. Finance is the heart of any organization. Proper utilization of financial resources is necessary for any organization to survive. With the purpose of getting myself well acquainted with the atmosphere of prevailing industry, I undertook eight weeks training at “SHREE SHEETAL INDUSTRIES This report presents the workings, findings and recommendations from the study of Marketing Mix at “SHREE SHEETAL INDUSTRIES. It gives the better understanding of the financial position of “SHREE SHEETAL INDUSTRIES Finally I shall consider my hard work worthwhile, if this endeavor is able to satisfy all those concerned and proves useful to anyone or for any further study in future.
  7. 7. Noble Group of Institutions 7 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY I have done summer training in “SHREE SHEETAL INDUSTRIES” in Amreli. “SHREE SHEETAL INDUSTRIES” have a four department like production, finance, marketing and human resource. They see better future of the Ice cream industry in India so to produce more quantity of Ice cream & to cope up with demand of the product & to expand unit he started manufactured ice-cream. The major objective of the study is to proper understanding the Marketing Mix of SHEETAL INDUSTRIES and to suggest how attracting the customer. In the marketing world manager quite often says “retaining customer is more important than acquiring one, we will examine the importance of this sentence .the organization uses communication tools to make their product and brand aware among the consumer. The customers are also benefited by relationship marketing in term of improved service quality, personalized care, reduction of customer stress, customer improvement, etc. The ICE-CREAM project has been investigating how to make compelling experiences for end-users. The full journey from beginning to completion of the training report of the company was very existing and full of experience summer internship provides the opportunity to get the exposure of working culture of the organization. In the beginning of our project it begins with the company’s profile and then general information.
  8. 8. Noble Group of Institutions 8 GENERAL INFORMATION ABOUT INDUSTRY
  9. 9. Noble Group of Institutions 9 INTRODUCTION OF INDUSTRY GENERAL SCENARIO: Ice-cream is consumed by all the human being on earth. It doesn’t matter that they falls into which age group. From a small child to the teenagers, adults, mature persons, or even old peoples tend to eat Ice cream. There is an unbelievable craze of Ice-cream from U.S.A. to Japan, Europe to Asia, and Africa to India. Every country, every person are habituated to have Ice cream. Somebody have it in the form of sweet dish, some in the form of fashion, some in the status and some have no reasons. Because Ice cream creates a magic in the minds of everybody. From a lower class people to the higher class, Ice cream remains its position and also becomes a product to be stored by households. Ice-cream is consumed worldwide at the rate 180 of approx. 1 kgs. While in India, it is near about 0-3 kgs. And Ice-cream consumption in the country is expected to increase from the present 20 lacks tones per annum to 30 lacks tones per annum by 2005. The milk producing countries like New Zealand, Denmark, India etc. are expected to give further boost to the Ice-cream industries processes in India and particularly in Gujarat. So, the facts, figures are clearly defines that Ice cream is not just a product, but it is also become a part of our life. That day is not so far when Ice cream is declared as a basic necessity.
  10. 10. Noble Group of Institutions 10 Bio-Data of company NAME: SHREE SHEETAL INDUSTRIES PLANT: ADDRESS: - “SHREE SHEETAL INDUSTRIES.” Plot No. 78 - 79 - 80, Opp. S.T. Bus stand, G.I.D.C., Estate, Amreli - 365601 Phone no: - (02792) 240673 Fax no. : - 240501 E mail : - Employees: - 250
  11. 11. Noble Group of Institutions 11 Machinery available;-
  12. 12. Noble Group of Institutions 12 Company profile In modern business has become dynamic and complicated. we are introduced our self as the large ice cream manufactured of Amreli, and first ice cream company to be certified with ISO-9001:2000. This certificate it self speaks volumes about the company and product. With this certification we achieved another milestone. We have large to give satisfaction to our honorable customer. In quality and quantity and satisfaction of customer tried more and more to shape the “SHREESHEETAL ICE CREAM INDUSTRY” in today’s form. Today Company producing over 60 plus ice cream flavors’ & categories in ice cream products. Companies have large distributors to give satisfaction to customer all over the India. A JOURNEY OF SHEETAL ICE CREAM INDUSTRIES About “SHREE SHEETAL ICE CREAM INDUSTRIES” In 1996 visinors of the “SHREE SHEETAL ICE CREAM INDUSTRIES” Mr. JAGDISH D.BHUVA have no idea to expend these industries like toady, In our industry Mr. jadish d. Bhuva starting to make ice cream with passion to satisfy peoples need of ice cream. After that in 1999 Mr. Sanjay Bhuva starting to walk on this path this was vision of Mr. jadish d. Bhuva. After starting the industry in Amreli city Gujarat state the company always thinks about the customer satisfaction and always thinks thinking to give more & more verities in market, with affordable price. After 2000 sheetal ice cream industry has been a major force in the distribution of product to the customer. Sheetal is dominated to market player in the field of ice cream market. “Give customer to that product what they demand, in competitive market”. It is the product strategy of “SHREE SHEETAL INDUSTRIES”.
  13. 13. Noble Group of Institutions 13 Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF) is India’s largest food products marketing Organization. It is a State level apex body of milk co-operatives in Gujarat that aims to provide remunerative returns to the farmers and also serve the interest of consumer by providing quality products which are good value for money. The SHEETAL Revolution stated as awareness among the farmers, grew and matured into a protest movement. Over 5 decades ago, the life of a farmer in an Amreli district was very much like that of his or her counterpart any where else in India. His/her income was derived almost entirely from seasonal crops. The income from milk buffaloes was undependable. Private traders and middleman control the marketing and distribution system for the milk. As milk is perishable farmers were compelled to sell it for what ever they were offered. Often, they had to sell cream and ghee at throw way prices. In this situation, the one who gains was the private trader. Gradually, the realization dawned on the farmers that exploitation by the trader could be checked only if marketed their milk themselves. SHEETAL was the result of that realization. SHEETAL has emerged as the largest selling ice cream brand in the organized sector while quality market share is declining. While SHEETAL’s sales have been growing steadily over the past 3 years and stood at to over Rs. 210 crores in 2006 up from Rs. 160 crores in 2003. Quality Walls sales declined during the same period and stood at Rs. 172 crores during 2006, down from Rs. 190 crores in 2003. SHEETAL is targeting to become an 800 crores Rupees ice cream brand by 2015 and to consolidate its position will add more outlets.
  14. 14. Noble Group of Institutions 14 Objectives and business philosophy of SHEETAL The main stakeholder of SHEETAL is the farmer member for whose welfare SHEETAL exists. SHEETAL states that its main objective is the 'carrying out of activities for the economic development of agriculturists by efficiently organizing marketing of milk and dairy produce, veterinary medicines, vaccines and other animal health products, agricultural produce in raw and/or processed form and other allied produce'. SHEETAL aims to market the dairy and agricultural products of co-operatives through: Common branding Centralized marketing Centralized quality control Centralized purchases and efficient pooling of milk. SHEETAL has declared that its business philosophy is as follows: To serve the interests of milk producers and to provide quality products that offer the best value to consumers for money spent. The biggest strength of SHEETAL f is the trust that it has created in the minds of its consumers regarding the quality of its products. SHEETAL stands for guaranteed purity of whatever products it produces. None of its products are adulterated. In India, where such trust is hard to come by, this could provide a central anchor for Alum’s future business plans.
  16. 16. Noble Group of Institutions 16 Organizational structure of SHEETAL “SHEETAL” is a lean organization, a strategy that is believed to provide it with a cost advantage. At its headquarters in Amreli, four general managers (GMs) and four assistant general managers (AGMs) assist the managing director (MD). The four AGMs look after the functions of marketing, systems, co-operative services and technical projects, respectively. The four GMs are in charge of marketing (dairy products), human resources development and marketing, finance and quality assurance, respectively. The whole country is divided into five zones, each headed by a zonal manager responsible for the sales of all products within his zone. These managers report to the MD but functionally each also reports to the various AGMs/GMs at the headquarters. There are 50 sales offices spread across the country (of which only two are in Gujarat); a sales manager heads each office and is assisted by sales officers and field salespersons. The entire country has been represented in this structure. Size & form of the organization The types of industry according to the size, Large-scale industry We are introduce our self as the large ice cream manufacture in Amreli and first ice cream company in to be CERTIFIED WITH ISO. This certificate it self speaks volumes about the company and the product. Company has large scale of distributors to give more service to customer all over the place in Gujarat. In industry 250 employs are working and 100 employs working out of the industry.
  17. 17. Noble Group of Institutions 17 PRODUCTION DEPARTMENT
  18. 18. Noble Group of Institutions 18 PRODUCTION DEPARTMENT Introduction In all industrial units, production is the basic activity all the other activities revolved around this activity. The production activity is nothing but the systematic conversion of one form of materials into another other form. This either creates or enhances the utility of the products or services. E.g. a piece of wood has no doubt, some utility. However, when it is converted in to a chair with some mechanical processing, the utility of the material i.e. a piece of wood would enhance substantially. “Production is the process by which goods & services are created.” -E. S. Buffa. Now a day, therefore both goods & services fall in to the scope of production management. It was formally considered as manufacturing mgt only. But now after inclusion of services in to its scope, it is broadly known as "Operation management". Operations by formal definition are a process of changing inputs in to outputs, with the creation or adding some value to some entity. Production management is a decision making managerial function. The decisions are made regarding the production processes required for converting the raw-materials into finish goods & the production or output should be according to specifications, in the specified quantities, as per the schedule & at minimum cost. Thus, production department is the heart of whole the organization. Proper management operates separate department for production. The information of this department will be explained in this segment. “A process is any activity or group of activities that takes one or more inputs, transforms & adds value to them & provides one or more outputs for its customers”. Products are the goods and services produced and processes are the facilities, skills and technologies used to produce them. Production processes are essential to produce products
  19. 19. Noble Group of Institutions 19 and the available process limit what products can be produced. Production function is the primary function of an industrial enterprise. It is also known as conversion process or transformation process that transforms some of the inputs (raw materials and components) into outputs, which are useful for the consumer. PRODUT MANUFACTURING PROCESS OF SHEETAL ICE CREAM INDUSTRIES Placing order for raw material ↓↓↓↓ Checking raw material ↓↓↓↓ Melting the dairy material ↓↓↓↓ Heat treatment ↓↓↓↓ Shaping ↓↓↓↓ Weighting ↓↓↓↓ Packing ↓↓↓↓ Delivery
  20. 20. Noble Group of Institutions 20 PRODUCT MANUFACTURING PROCESS Production is the step by step procedure it involves the following steps. Placing an order for raw materials - The first step of production is to place the orders of raw materials. In local territory the dealers like bullion merchants are available easily. These raw materials are of standard brand. Apart from this many local producers are available for the raw material. The price rate is that of which is going on into the market. We place the order of raw material at required quantity to which payment is made after a month. Checking – After the raw material is received the second important step is to check the quality and quantity of raw material. It is necessary to examine that the quality or quantity is of our kind or not. If there is any dilemma regarding raw material than the producer should verify it to the supplier of raw materials. Melting the Dairy material – The third step is to melt the raw material in the furnace. The required materials are melted in big tubs. Heat treatment – The melted materials are now given heat treatment by various furnaces to make it into some solid form. Shaping – Now the material is given different shapes by different machines. The different shapes of candies, cones, ice cream cups are given by their respective machines. Weighting – In this stage, the weight of the particular ornament is made and for this balancing machine is used. From the weight the price of the ornament is calculated. This calculation is note down in a proper paper from which the customer can know the details. Packing and Delivery – This is the last stage of the process. A particular kind of packaging technique is used for the packing the ICE CREAM. The ICE CREAM is properly packed into their flavor and types of ice cream in sheetal ice cream industries.
  22. 22. Noble Group of Institutions 22 RAW MATERIAL USED There are various types of raw materials that are used in during making in Ice Cream process. Major Raw Materials used for making Ice Cream are: Milk Cream Skim milk powder Dry fruits Fresh fruits Flavors Sugar Stalulizer Emulsifiers agents Chocolates All the materials used in process are managed by Storage Department. And their quality is checked by Research and Development Department.
  23. 23. Noble Group of Institutions 23 HUMAN RESOURCE DEPARTMENT
  24. 24. Noble Group of Institutions 24 H.R. DEPARTMENT Introduction Personnel management is the direction and co-ordination of human in business organization. This obtaining maximum production with minimum efforts, stress and strain on the individual workers and group of workers and without sacrifice genuine well being of the employee. The objective of personnel management is to obtain maximum individual development, desirable work, atmosphere and interpersonal relation. “The personnel management the understanding as people at work and on the basis of knowledge formulates personal policies of the enterprise”. In short, personnel management is management tactful. STRACTUREOFHUMAN RESOURCE DEPARTMENT GENERAL MENAGER PERSONAL MANAGER PUBLIC RELATION OFFECER PERSONAL TIME KEEPER TIME CLERKS
  25. 25. Noble Group of Institutions 25 RECRUITMENT, SELECTION AND INDUCTION Recruitment :- In industries they are using internal as well as external sources. The policy for recruiting the person through external sources in such that, 1. Advertisement in the newspapers. 2. Applications are collected form the sources. 3. Scrutiny of applications. 4. Interview call is sent. Selection:- Selection policy passes through following steps in sheetal ice cream industries. Formation of selection committee, Selection committee conducts interview Checking of references Physical checking Placement Induction:- When a candidate is finally selected, he/she is issued with appointment letter and is asked to join the organization on a specific date. Induction is following up action of hiring and concerned with the problem of introducing or work oriented a new employee to the organiz After, appointing new candidate, he/she is being introduced with staff and make aware about rules and regulations of the company.
  26. 26. Noble Group of Institutions 26 TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT In”SHEETAL ICE CREAM INDUSTRY” no special training program is conducted because, they select mostly trained and experienced employees. But, in case of fresh candidate on the job training is provided by the senior officer and experience manager. This company gives the training duration of six months by the experts of experienced engineers. In the company there is no separate department for training, only on the job training is provided to middle and bottom level employees. Besides, the seminars and conferences are also held and group discussion is also arranged for the top level officers for the solving particular problem. WAGES & SALARY ADMINITRATION In”SHEETAL ICE CREAM INDUSTRY wages are determined on the basis of job and as per the government rules and regulation while salary is determined on the basis of competitive rates. Employee’s wages and salary are fixed but increment is given on their basis of performance and efficiency. From their wages some amount of provident fund which is 12%, income tax and ESI scheme is deducted and wages and salary paid on the date 7th and 8th every month. Normal figures of wage and salary: 1. Workers (per month) Minimum - Rs. 1500 Maximum- Rs. 4500 2. Officers (per month) Minimum – Rs. 10000 Maximum- Rs, 25000
  27. 27. Noble Group of Institutions 27 EMPLOYEES WORKING HOURS IN SHEETAL INDUSTRIES MONDAY - 10.00 A.M. TO 9.00 P.M. TUESDAY - 10.00 A.M. TO 9.00 P.M. WENESDAY - 10.00 A.M. TO 9.00 P.M. THURSDAY - 10.00 A.M. TO 9.00 P.M. FRIDAY - 10.00 A.M. TO 9.00 P.M. SATURDAY - 10.00 A.M. TO 9.00 P.M. SUNDAY - CLOSED EMPLOYEES’ BENEFITS AND SERVICES Facilities provided by the sheetal ice cream company 12% provident fund Yearly bonus 20% 15 days gratuity 30 days leave per year 5 days medical leave Dearness allowance Medical allowance Attendance bonus Free transportation service
  28. 28. Noble Group of Institutions 28 FINANCE DEPARTMENT
  29. 29. Noble Group of Institutions 29 FINANCE DEPARTMENT INTRODUCTION As human body is impossible to survive without oxygen, an organization needs proper finance to survive in this competitive business era. Finance is the base for building an effective & incompatible organization. Without base, we cannot build a building similarly without finance we cannot imagine future of any business organization. “Financial management is concern with the efficient use of an important economic resource namely, capital funds. From above definition, we can understand that financial management involves, rising of funds & their effective utilization keeping in view the overall objectives of the firm. This requires great caution & wisdom on the part of management. Planning always plays an important role for arranging different activity of the organization. As planning determine future course of action in present. Financial planning relates with financial activities of the organization. More clearly Financial planning means deciding in advance, the financial activities to be carried on to achieve the basic objectives of the firm. Financial planning is the most affecting factor to financial resources and position of the company. So Financial manager should formulate financial plan after considering running condition and position of the firm. Financial planning is highly related with disbursement of income and creation of income. The success of business is highly on financial planning. “The process of estimating the funds requirements of a firm and determining the sources of funds is called financial planning.” Above definition simplifies that financial planning relates with determining the future course of action related with financial department.
  30. 30. Noble Group of Institutions 30 Financial planning or plan can be formulated for different period of as following. Long Term Planning Medium Term Planning Short Term Planning ”SHEETAL ICE CREAM INDUSTRY” has good financial planning. Bank of Baroda provides finance to the company. In long term planning this company think about expansion of business & modernization of company. ”SHEETAL ICE CREAM INDUSTRY” has a separate department for financial management. It uses various financial techniques & devices for administrating the financial affairs of the firm in the most effective & efficient way. Therefore we can say that financial management is the entire gamut of managerial efforts devoted to the management of finances both its sources and uses of the firm. WORKING CAPITAL MANAGEMENT Working capital is what makes a company work. It is just not possible to carry on the business with only fixed assets. Working capital is must. In adequacy of working capital chocks any business to death. Working capital is also called as "circulating capital" it is that pail of capital, which is require to purchase current assets i.e. to meet regular & recurring needs of a business firm like rent, advertising, power & so on. Working capital management in general meaning refers to the excess of current assets over current liabilities. A sound working capital management policy is one which ensures "Higher profitability & proper liquidity." The goal of working capital management is to ensure that the firm is able to continue its operations and that it has sufficient cash flow to satisfy both "Maturing short term debt & upcoming operational expenses” In”SHEETAL ICE CREAN INDUSTRY” the position in the market.
  31. 31. Noble Group of Institutions 31 Organization structure of finance department As we know, that finance department holds a key position in each & every business unit, because it handles all the monetary transactions of the company. Moreover, it co-ordinates all the activities performed inside the organization. The other entire departments, before taking any decision have to consult the finance department. So we can say that efficiency of the organization is totally depending upon the finance department. The organization of the finance department should be such that it helps to provide finance to all other departments on proper time & smooth working of the whole organization can be possible. FINANCE DEPARTMEN CHART FINANCE DEPARTMENT Chairman and Director General Manager Finance Manager Accountant Financial Officer Excise Clerk Accountant Clerk
  32. 32. Noble Group of Institutions 32 Capitalization:- If a firm wants to operate its all functions properly & smoothly, it needs proper funds in accurate form & quantity. Capitalization is a tool through which estimation about funds required in the business - long term or short term can be made. On the accounting view point capitalization means capital require for business but from the financial view point it refers to the total financial sources available with the firm which includes owned & borrowed capital with surplus & reserves. Type of Capitalization: Over capitalization Under capitalization Fair capitalization A corporation is over capitalized when its earnings are not large enough to yield a fair return on the amount of stocks & bonds that have been issued or when the amount of securities out standing exceeds the current value of assets. Under capitalization is totally opposite to over capitalization where the value of assets is more then sufficient to yield a fair return on the amount of shares & debentures. A corporation may be under capitalized when the rate of profits, it is making on the total capital is exceptionally high in relation to the return enjoyed by similarly situated companies in the same industry or when it has too little capital with which to conduct its business .In fair capitalization, the earnings of the company are equal to the return on the amount of shares & debentures. SOURCES OF FINANCE Financial management involves the three important areas: Investment Decision Financing Decision Dividend Policy
  33. 33. Noble Group of Institutions 33 Among them, the investment decision is the first step to be taken up by the owners. This involves the decisions regarding the procurement of funds. So it is necessary to study the different sources of finance available. This decides the cost of capital. So the sources you select to procure the funds should be such that they would minimize the cost of capital. The terms and conditions of different institutions should be studied and compared while taking the decision about borrowed capital. The balance between owned and borrowed capital should also be kept in mind at that time. At the initial stage of business firm, generally capital is brought by the owner and some outside institutions, banks etc. But when the business starts growing, the reinvestment of profits becomes also an important source of capital. Here”SHEETAL ICE CREAM INDUSTRY. So it is having share capital as a major source of finance. Some borrowed capital is also brought in the company. Moreover, now the retained earnings have also become an important source of finance for the company.
  34. 34. Noble Group of Institutions 34 MARKETING DEPARTMENT
  35. 35. Noble Group of Institutions 35 MARKETING DEPATMENT IN ORGANISATION INTRODUCTION Marketing of the product is a quite essential factor in modern time without proper marketing the product cannot get enough output of sales. To have a wide marketing organization is much important with a view to make more and more sales in product and by that to earn more profit. Marketing organization is to vital because organization cannot merely satisfied with selling only, but with selling it because their duty to look after their effective factor of production as cost, transportation other important factor. It is necessary to decide quite properly regarding this entire factor which can be done by effective marketing organization. The organization chart of marketing department of “SHREE SHEETAL INDUSTRIES LIMITED” is as under: MARKETING DEPARTMENT CHART MARKETING DEPARTMENT Chairman & Director General Manager Marketing Manager sales officer marketing Officer Excise Clerk Clerk
  36. 36. Noble Group of Institutions 36 MARKETING MIX
  37. 37. Noble Group of Institutions 37 INTRODUCTION According to some critics “market” means a place where buyers and sellers meet each other and exchange the goods. Marketing is a social and managerial process that involves identifying unsatisfied need and wants of consumers, producing goods and services to satisfy those needs and wants, determining appropriate price, promotion and distribution & maintaining reelection with market is marketing. Every one terms about marketing management. So for each and every it is important to set out the marketing department. It can be defined as a process of exchange of goods and services from producers to customers to satisfy needs and organization providing its items has to market its product. Each and every organization has to make marketing efforts. So the marketing decision has its own importance in the efficiency and resources of any organization. Marketing involves the activities such as advertising, publishing, promotion efforts, distribution etc. Thus the basic task of marketing is to satisfy ever increasing need and wants of customer by carrying out systematic marketing process. Marketing mix is one of the key concepts in modern marketing theory. For each segment or sub-division of the market the formulates a combination of a no. of devices or types of marketing activities .those are co- ordinate into single marketing programmed to reach a programmed to reach a particular target of multi segments. The combinations of these marketing methods or devices are known as the marketing mix. In practice marketing mix are used by the in following ways. The firm chosen the product first, that would meet the identified need of the chosen consumer for target route. Secondly it performs in selecting price mechanism to achieve the consummation of the marketing process. Thirdly, if perform various distribution place function like transportation, warehousing, channel management etc., so that product can conveniently reach to the consumer. Lastly firms carries out a no of promotion measures with to communication with the consumer and promoting the product. Thus the firm prepares an offer mix of product price, place and promotion which are known as four elements of marketing mix.
  38. 38. Noble Group of Institutions 38 DEFINITION OF MARKETING MIXES: “Marketing mix is the set of marketing tools that the firm uses to purchase its marketing objectives in the target” -Philip Kotler In short the marketing mix consists of every thing the firm can do to influence the demand for its product. Marketing mix in a company Marketing mix consist of four element product, price, place and promotion. Hear in case of “SHREE SHEETAL INDUSTRIES” all elements are present but in history of sources of this industry every element has played different role as we know. “SHREE SHEETAL INDUSTRIES” producing different types of ice-cream product so less need of promotional tools. The main need of the marketing of “SHREE SHEETAL INDUSTRIES” Is to delivery the best quality of a product to right consumers at right place and for right price. ELEMENTS OF MARKETING MIX: Marketing mix has four elements. Product mix Price mix Place mix Promotion mix
  39. 39. Noble Group of Institutions 39 A) Product mix INTRODUCTION Product is the first from of the four p’s of marketing mix .it is the most tangible and important single component of the marketing programmers. The meaning of product is: “Anything that can be offered to satisfy a need or want of the customer “OR “Product is an entity which serves the benefits to the customers” Which a product, there is nothing to distribute, nothing to promote, nothing to price. To the marketer products are the building blocks of a marketing plan good product are the key to market success. product decision are taken first by the marketers and these decisions are central to all other marketing decision such as price ,place and promotion product is the vehicle by which a provides consumer satisfaction. It is the engines that pull the rest of the marketing programme. The product concept according to Philip Kotler is:-“Consumer will favor those products that offer most quality performance or innovative feature” DEFINATION: “The product may be a good a service or just an idea”. A product is all thing offered to a market. Those things include physical objects, design, brand, package, label, price, services, supportive literature, amenities and satisfaction not only from physical product and services offered but also from ideas, personalities and organizations. In short, a product is the sum total of physical, economic, social and psychological benefits. Marketers must define their market in terms of product functions – what the customer expects from the product.
  40. 40. Noble Group of Institutions 40 Product is a basic element of marketing. Two important of the product strategy are. To place a new product in the marketing i.e. product innovation. To make change in the existing product i.e. product planning and development. Product is the thing possessing utility. It has many components like: Product range Product variety Product quality Feature Brand name Packaging etc. PRODUCT LINE & PRODUCT MIX Product line and product are two commonly used expressions for denoting the rang and variety of the products of a multi product firm. A group of related product constitute a product line may be compose of several product line. The product mix can be described as the entire range of products of a for sale. Product mix need not consist of related products. The product mix of a has four main characteristics. Consistency, Length Width, Depth, and this four dimension are the tools for developing the co’s product strategy
  41. 41. Noble Group of Institutions 41 Type of Product SHEETAL ICE CREAM is made from Milk and Milk product, Sugar, Stabilizers and Emulsifiers. COMPOSI TION:- • Total Solids 40% to 41% • Milk Fat 13.5% to 14.5% • Sugar 15% Approx. • Acidity 0.17% to 0.19% • Protein 3.9% to 4.1% FOOD ENERGY VALUE: Calories per 100 ml -196.7 kcal FLAVOURS: Vanilla Strawberry Pineapple Rose Mango Chocolate Honey-Dew-Melon Tutti-Frutti KesarPista KajuDrakes Butterscotch Raj Bhog PACAGING:- 100 M.l. 150 M.l. 200 M.l. 250 M.l. 300 M.l. 400 M.l.
  44. 44. Noble Group of Institutions 44 Product life cycle The product life cycle concept derives from the fact that product’s sales volume and sales revenue follow pattern of phase cycle. The life cycle is a fact of existence for every product. The stage of P.L.C. has below, 1) INTRODUCTION During this stage of product life cycle the product is born or put in the market with full scale production and marketing programme. In this stage, sales revenue begins to grow but the rate of growth is very slow. 2) GROWTH It is the period during where the product is accepted by consumer and the traders. During the growth stage the rate of increases of sales turnover is very rapid. Profit is also increase at an accelerate rate. The time is given top priority to the volume of sales. 3) MATURATY During this stage keen competition brings pressure on pricing increasing marketing expenditure and falling prices will reduce profit. Overall marketing effectiveness becomes the key factor in the stage of maturity. Low prices increasing competition raising marketing costs and declining profit are the features of this stage 4) SATURATION The saturation point occurs in the market when all potential buyers are using the product and we have only replacement sales. Prices may fall rapidly and profit margin became a lower or small. 5) DECLINE The “SHREE SHEETAL INDUSTRIES” Is having same product life cycle and it is in between the growth stage. They always use the innovative in their product. Once the peak or saturation point is reached, product inevitable enters the decline stage and became obsolete. It may be gradually displaced by some new innovation. Sales drop severely, competition windless and even than the product cannot stand in the market. The “SHREE SHEETAL INDUSTRIES” after the starting to make Ice Cream Company improved his product and sales day after day in the ice cream market, with passion to satisfy the customer with local brand of ice cream.
  45. 45. Noble Group of Institutions 45 B) Price mix INTRODUCTION Price is the second ps of marketing mix. Pricing decision has strategic importance in any enterprise. Pricing governs the very feasibility of any marketing programme because it is the only element in a marketing mix accounting for demand and sales revenue. Pricing can be change very quickly. So it is one of the most flexible elements of the marketing mix. Pricing is too cost oriented, it is not revised often enough to capitalize on market changes. So to set price is very difficult task of management. Right price decision will lead toward success and profit, while wrong and faulty price decision may because the cause of failure. Economist defines price at the exchange value of a product or service always expressed in money. To the consumer the price is an agreement between seller and buyer concerning what each is to receive. Price is the mechanism or device for translating into quantitative terms the perceived value of the product to the customer at a point of time. To the buyer price is a package of expectation and satisfaction. “Price is the valuation placed upon the product by the offered. It has to cover pricing, discounts, allowances and terms of credit. It deals with price competition”. Sub elements:- Price list Discount Allowance Payment period Credit in terms etc.
  46. 46. Noble Group of Institutions 46 OBJECTIVE AND IMPORTANCE OF PRICING Objective of pricing:- Before starting any activity first of all their goals and objectives are determined and on the basis of its different strategies and policies are formulated to achieve this goal and objective. There are different goals and objectives of pricing are as under : 1) Profit centered Maximization of profit 2) Sales oriented Growth in sales Growth in market share Maintaining market share 3) Status quo. Avoiding or meeting competition Non price competition IMPORTANCE OF PRICING : Pricing is a matter of vital importance to both buyers and seller in the market place. In money economy, without prices cannot be marketing. Price decision is the important factor because success or failure of any organization depends on it. The important of price can be outline as under: Proper pricing helps firm in its growth, profit and its future. It helps in market positioning. It plays supporting role to survive and growth in competitive situation It helps to product differentiation and strategy formulation of the form Pricing having vital influence on sales volume. Brand image can be built up with the help of pricing.
  47. 47. Noble Group of Institutions 47 “SHREE SHEETAL INDUSTRIES” Also knows the importance and objectives of pricing so they are careful to fix the pricing of product. PRICING POLICY In every organization pricing policing policies are required to make. Pricing policies are formulated by keep in mind the future, the formulation of pricing depends upon source, variables marketing philosophy. Competitive conditions and firms marketing and pricing objectives. In “SHREE SHEETAL INDUSTRIES.” Is determined by the top level marketing with the help of production and other department. At the time of price fixation they consider the following points. Raw –material cost Weight of product Production process cost Machinery overhead cost Rate of the worker Delivery cost of the product etc. So the above are the main factor and they consider that points and prepared its policies. SETTING PRICE The firm has to take into account many factor for setting their pricing They are six steps procedure for price setting. 1) Selecting the price objective 2) Determine demand 3) Estimating cost 4) Analyzing competitors price and offers 5) Selecting a pricing methods 6) Selecting the final price 1) Selecting the pricing objectives:- The first decide what they want to accomplish with the particular product. They should clear their objectives. It is depended on pricing decision so it is necessary to select better pricing objectives.
  48. 48. Noble Group of Institutions 48 “SHREE SHEETAL INDUSTRIES” Has many objective and they are aware about that. 2) Determining demand:- The price of a will lead toward a different level of demand and therefore they have a different impact in its marketing objectives. In normal case demand and price are inversely related i.e. Higher the price and lower the demand. “SHREE SHEETAL INDUSTRIES” Has sold their product in different market and their price is formulates according to the different product and demand in the market. 3) Estimating cost:- In the setting of prices, the includes all estimating cost that the can charged. There are two types of floor cost areas under. 1) Fixed cost like salaries wages, bonus to employees, depreciation, income tax, insurance etc. 2) Variable costs are like repairs of machineries raw materials costs, excises duty etc. “SHREE SHEETAL INDUSTRIES” Includes all the entire production cost, distribution cost and its fair return and also fixed and variable cost. 4) Analyzing competitor’s prices and offers: Price should be fixed according to the analyses to the competitor’s prices and offers what is the prices of competitors and what they offer to the customers? It should be know by the. “SHREE SHEETAL INDUSTRIES” Has to consider the competitors’ price and offer and they fix the price according to the customer abalones. 5) Selecting a pricing method: Should select those pricing methods which are suitable for the product. Pricing is affected of the market and also product he pricing method are like mark-up/ cost-plus pricing, target return pricing, going rate pricing, etc “SHREE SHEETAL INDUSTRIES” Accept cost-plus pricing method because it is suitable and favorable method for the product 6) Selection the final prices: “SHREE SHEETAL INDUSTRIES” has produced different types of product and their cost is depending on product. They are exporting their product in ice- cream market. Prices of their different product are not same. Fixed the price according to the different types of product cost and their delivery cost.
  49. 49. Noble Group of Institutions 49 These are the prizes of sheetal ice cream product:- ICE-CREAM RANGE:- FAMILY PACKS - 45 RS. KULFI NUT - 20 RS. KAJU KATRI - 20 RS. JAMELI LASSI - 15 RS. BUTTER SCOACH - 15 RS. RIPPL PANDEY -10 RS. ROLL CUT - 20 RS. MATKI - 15 RS. VANILLA - 15 RS. KING CONE -10 RS. MAVA MALAI - 10 RS. KULFI RANGE:- MAVA MALAI -10 RS. CHOCOBAR -10 RS. MANGO DOLLI -10 RS. CHOPATI - 5 RS.
  50. 50. Noble Group of Institutions 50 Place mix
  51. 51. Noble Group of Institutions 51 C) Place mix INTRODUCTION In the field of marketing channels of distribution indicates routes or pathways through which goods and services flow or more from producers to consumers. In Channels of distribution there of intermediaries between producer and consumers. Channel of distribution term contain two different words channel means link or bridge and distribution means the product to the customer. After production the next problem faced is that of selling and distributing. As we know that production is made to satisfy the need of the customers. So, it must reach to the consumer for whom it is made. Thus a way trough good flow from the producers to the consumer is called channels of distribution. The marketing channels decision are among the most critical decision faced by marketing because selected channels affect all the other marketing decision. Distribution is the delivery of the product and right to consume. It includes sub elements. Channel of distribution Transportation Ware housing Inventory Location DEFINITION:- “Marketing channel can be viewed as sets of inter-depended organization involved in process of making a product or service available for use as consumption.” Every producer seeks to link together the set of marketing intermediaries that fulfill the firm objectives. This set of marketing intermediaries is called as the marketing channel. OBJECTIVE OF THE CHANNEL:- 1) Achievements of the best possible coverage of the target market. 2) Assuming that the consumer incurred in minimum execration and procuring the product. 3) Ensuring that the firm is able to carry on with its manufacturing activities confident that the channel will take of the distribution job. 4) Ensuring that the distribution is cost effective.
  52. 52. Noble Group of Institutions 52 SELECTION OF CHANNELS;- The channel decision or selection are most important decision in marketing, which has select so that important thing is now to deliver the product the hand of ultimate can be achieved .the most common routes used for bringing the products in the market from producer to consumer are as follow. 1) Zero level / direct channel: There is no intermediary in the market under this channel. It is also called direct channel. In this channels consumer buy the product directly to the producer. There is no any agent, dealer, and wholesaler. It is called zero level channels. 2) One level channel: This channel option is preferable when buyers are large. In this channel one intermediary is exit it is either agent or wholesaler or retailer, in this channel consumer buy the product from the one intermediary. It is not necessary that consumer goes to buy product directly to the producer. 3) Two level channels:- In this channel, there are two intermediaries wholesaler and retailer. They used this channels when ’s consumer are spread everywhere. This is the traditional channel. The wholesaler buys the large quantities from the producers and sells it to a number of retailers and retailers sell its product to the ultimate consumer. 4) Three level channels:- In this channel there are three level of distribution. This includes wholesaler, agent and retailers. The wholesaler buys the product from the producer and sell its product to the agent sell its product to the retailer and retailer its product to the ultimate consumer. 5) Multi level channels:- When more than three intermediates in distribution channel then it is known as multi level channel when the sell their product in big cities then more channels required.
  53. 53. Noble Group of Institutions 53 “SHREE SHEETAL INDUSTRIES.” used 1st & 2nd channel. Sometime they use zero level channels. In require place their use one level otherwise it is not necessary to create a channel between producer and consumer. MODES OF TRANSPORTATION Transportation is the necessary for all the company Mode of transportation is the function having permanent importance in distribution process .the choice of transport is governed by a few criteria, such as speed, frequency of service, dependability, safely, operational flexibility and all the element cost. Please note that decisions on means of transport are closely related to the size of inventory and on the location of warehouse. “SHREE SHEETAL INDUSTRIES” transport his product by road in many cities bhesan, Ahmadabad, Bhavnagar, junagadh, vishavadar and also he transport ice cream in many villages. From the above modes of transportation, “SHREE SHEETAL INDUSTRIES” used the one types of transportation by road. It is depend on the product selling activities. This decision is taken by the marketing manager who considers all the transporting cost in the modes of transportation. LOCATION AND WAREHOUSES Location plays a very important role in marketing management. Location is the place where anything is done in the industry. Located or situated. Location must be a good one where any infrastructure facility is easily available and distribution of the product or transport of the product is easily available. E very promoter chooses better location where all the facilities are available. “SHREE SHEETAL INDUSTRIES” Is located in at Amreli. In this location all the infrastructure facilities are easily available. The word ‘storage’ means holding the stock of goods for a relatively longer period as the good are not immediately in demand. Warehousing involves more than storage. Warehouses perform many of the usual function of storage. Warehouses are fixed facilities where we store our inventories for longer period. IN “SHEETAL ICE-CREEAM INDUSTRIES” in his warehouses good facility for product. Sheetal industries have machinery facility like this: cooling tower, air compressor, cold storage, big refrigerator.
  54. 54. Noble Group of Institutions 54 PROMOTION MIX
  55. 55. Noble Group of Institutions 55 D) Promotion mix INTRODUCTION Promotion is a form of communication with an element of persuasion to accept ideas, product services and hence persuasive communication becomes the heart of promotion, the fourth element of marketing mix. In essence, promotion is the spark plug of our marketing mix and an important marketing strategy. In marketing, effective communication is absolutely necessary even though you have a superb product, best package, and also you offer a fair price promotion need has been considered as the sale instrument in marketing communication. DEFINATION “Promotion is the process of marketing communication to inform, persuade, remind and influence consumer or user in favors of your product or service”. The component and aim are show in the following diagram. Promotion mix is the persuasive communication about the product by the offere to the prospect. It covers the following sub-element. Sales promotion Advertising Personal selling Publicity AIM Promotion Advertising, sales Promotion, Personal selling, Publicity Publicity & Acceptance by Other of ideas, Goods & services
  56. 56. Noble Group of Institutions 56 Components of promotion mix:- Markets have adopted a communication view of their firm’s promotional activities. Receiver is now regarded as an active participant in the process of communication. All marketing communications must be planned as part of total system, not as independent pieces. The promotion mix includes four ingredients which are shown below Advertising Publicity Personal selling Sales selling Sales promotion. All form of promotion try to influence consumer’s attitudes, beliefs, ways of living or life style, values and preference towards a and its product, and there by influence his / her behavior. SALES PROMOTION INTRODUCTION Sales promotion is an important instrument in marketing to lubricate the marketing efforts. Today, sales promotion is a necessity and not merely a luxury or a fashion. It is not expenditure; it is an investment which can pay rich dividends. It is an integral part of the marketing effort. DEFINATION “Sales promotion is a bridge or a connecting link between advertising and personnel salesmanship”. Thus, it is a short term incentive to encourage the buyer to buy the product. Sales-promotion consist of techniques like display shows selling efforts. It can be classified as under.
  57. 57. Noble Group of Institutions 57 1) Customer promotion:- It is direct towards the customer. Here the customers are offered different types of incentives like contest label package, coupon, free sample, gift article etc. 2) Trade promotion:- It is direct towards the retailer, dealers, distributors etc. hence, they are offered different types of incentives such as discounts or bulk purchase, cash discount, dealer contest etc. Tools and techniques of sales promotion The main promotional tools are as under; 1) Samples: Sampling is the most effective but most expensive way to introduce a product. It can be delivered door to door, by mail or by its attachment with other products. Gives some samples free and sometime charged a small amount to set its costs. 2) Coupons:- Coupons are certificates that give buyer a saving than they Purchase specified buyers. More than 322 billion coupons are distributed in the United States each year. 3) Premiums:- Premiums are good offered either free or at low cost as an incentive to buy a product. A premium may come inside the package or outside the package. 4) Allowance:- An allowance is an amount offered in return for the dealers agreeing to feature the manufacturing parts in some way. In the above the “SHREE SHEETAL INDUSTRIES” uses coupon and allowances. These tools are used sometimes only.
  58. 58. Noble Group of Institutions 58 ADVERTISING INTRODUCTION Advertising is the most important component or tool of the marketing promotion mix. Advertising is the use of paid media by a seller to communicate persuasive information about its product services or its organization. Advertising is an impersonal salesmanship for mass, a means if mass communication. Advertising is cost effective way to disseminate messages to build brand, preference and to motivate the developing nation consume certain product. In simple term the important of advertising has been summed up in the simple strategy statement. “SHREE SHEETAL INDUSTRIES” Is telling and selling. DEFINITION :- Advertising is a salesmanship without personal salesman. -Manson & rath Advertising is any Paid firm of non-personal presentation and promotion of ideas and services by an identified sponsor. • -American marketing association ADVERTISING OBJECTIVE The main goal of advertising is to inform persuade and remind. There can be number of objective of advertising like building up brand performance, create market for new product, retaining customer etc. as advertising is an integral part of promotion is must have one or more of the following specific objectives. Promotion of new product Supporting personal selling. To create brand performance and immediate buying action. Supports channel member and make an immediate sales. To create reputation for the product industry limitation.
  59. 59. Noble Group of Institutions 59 “SHREE SHEETAL INDUSTRIESS” Producing industrial product. There is no necessary to advertise for their product so they are not used advertising. But sometimes they use the advertising media, news paper, magazine etc. to inform about the product. Media Advertising media is a vehicle, which carries the sales message of an advertiser to the prospects, by that way they said in closing the gap between producer& consumer. Effective advertising refers to informing the public about the right product at the right time through the right medium. Conveying a right message through a wrong medium at the wrong time would be definite waste of resources. Right media selection is therefore the crux of the success of the entire advertising campaign. Media selection refers only to the selection of a specific medium of advertising from the following. MEDIA:- ADVERTISING MEDIA BRCODCAST MEDIA NEWS PAPERS MAGAZINES HORDINGS POSTURE DIRECT PRESS In SHEETAL ICE CREAM INDUSTRIES since starting there is no need for much advertising because their brand loyalty high in the market. The buyers have total trust on the good will of the .On the other view point is producing product, which is raw material for other industry. Therefore, they need not to increase awareness of their product, as there is enough demand in the market. Therefore, they need less advertising for their product. However for new product mainly uses three Medias i.e. direct, posters & pamphlets.
  60. 60. Noble Group of Institutions 60 PERSONAL SELLING INTRODUCTION Personal selling refers to oral face to face interaction or conversation between a sales representative and prospective customer for the purpose of making sales. Basically, personal selling is promotional tool used by a firm with the help of a well-trained and competitive spirited sales person. Personal-selling is a unique tool as it is a face to face transaction between a sales person and prospective customer. Personal selling is a job performed by employee sales person to win customer and influence their attitude. The sales person person performing personal selling must have knowledge about the product, customer, and market and, the result of personal selling will also depend on overall personality including his / her language, looks style, age, smartness and manners of sales persons. DEFINITION:- “Personal selling is an effective communicative instrument used by a business from through trained sales force to obtain the best result”. Objective of personal selling:- To increase current sales level. To achieve sustain market share over a long period Setting higher priority to profit. Customer selling expense level. “SHREE SHEETAL INDUSTRIES” Know the objective and important personal selling. It produces industrial product and it is famous in the market so it is not required selling. It does not use this tool.
  61. 61. Noble Group of Institutions 61 PUBLICITY INRTODUCTION Publicity is another important communication of promotional tool. It is non-personal stimulation of demand for a product, service or a business unit by placing commercially significant news about it in a publication or obtaining Favorable presentation of it upon radio, television, or stage is not paid for by the sponsor. It has great potential for building awareness and preference in the marketing place, repositioning product and depending than the major public relation tools are publication, events, speeches, public services activities and corporate identify media and telephone information service activities. Definition:- “Publicity is a marketing tool instruments any group that has an actual or potential interest on ability to achieve its objectives”. Feature of publicity: It is a non-paid from of presentation. There may not be a sponsor for publicity. It secures additional space in the media. It is having commercial as well as social significance. In some of cases it is not possible to control on it. Publicity has greater degree of creditability of public rather than Advertisement. Sometimes negative publicity will lead to unfavorable and negative public Image.
  62. 62. Noble Group of Institutions 62 SWOT ANALYSIS STRENGTHS : Company have brand huge brand name locally in Gujarat a good base to expand. Sheetal ice cream has good manufacturing facilities providing excellent quality The directors of sheetal ice-cream are well experienced and technically qualified well and succession plan. Sheetal ice-cream has wide market network with established customer base. Sheetal ice-cream is able to obtain skilled workers are comparatively lower cost. Sheetal ice-cream is profit making and self-performance are improving year after year. Sheetal ice cream has a huge verity of ice cream and candies. Company has a good reputation and experience for being the industry for ever 17 year. WEAKNESS : Sheetal industry has brand visibility lower than the major player opportunity in the market share across the country. A decline in the capacity utilization of ice-cream would lead to major negative impact on the ice-cream sales parameters in the market. The manufacturers are facing threats from the other ice-cream company who manufacture ice-cream and sell to the customer. The names of popular brands in the replacement market at very low prices. Milk and sugar are basic raw material for the bearing industry and their prices are expected upward in the future.
  63. 63. Noble Group of Institutions 63 OPPORTUNITY : Tie- up with food chains restaurants. Sheetal ice cream has a improve distribution network across Gujarat and India, Sheetal ice-cream improves his advertising strategy advertisement to increase sales. Children market is one of the opportunities for the Sheetal ice-cream. The demand of the ice-cream is derived from demand in two key user young people and children. The Sheetal ice cream industry is largest user segment for Indian bearing market. THREATS :- Most people are health conscious people refraining from sweets. The immediately increase in milk prices has resulting in pricing and margin pressure on bearing manufacturer of ice cream. There is a chance of sales tax reduction in government subsidy in near future. Threats from the existing competitors as well as local ice cream brads. Most people are not brand conscious ,so the loyalty might be an issue for competition
  64. 64. Noble Group of Institutions 64 RESEARCH METHOLODOGY
  65. 65. Noble Group of Institutions 65 Research methodology 1. Introduction:- Research is an academic activity and as such the term should be used in a technical sense. Research methodology is a way to systematically solve the research problem. The systematic approach concerning generalization and the formulation of a theory is also research. Research is in common parlance refers to a search for knowledge. Research has its special significance in solving various operational and planning problems of business and industry for an industry to adjust its supply schedule within the limits of its projected capacity. We study the various steps that are generally adopted by a researcher in studying his research problem along with the logic behind them. All this means that it is necessary for the researcher to design his methodology for his problem as the same way differ from problem to problem. 2. What is Research? Research is the fountain of knowledge for the sake of knowledge and an important source of providing guidelines for solving different business, governmental and social problems. It is a sort of formal training which enables one to understand the new development in one’s field in a better way. Research is an original contribution to the existing stock of knowledge making for its advancement. Research implies the researcher is interested in more complicated and general situations. Research methods and techniques although they may vary considerably from one science to another are usually given the name of scientific method. “SHEETAL ICE-CREAN INDUSTRIES’ not doing research but, sometimes it depends on market position of the product. So, the research methodology is not included in detail of my report of SHEETAL ICE CREAM INDUSTRIES. my report is based on the “secondary data of marketing mix”.
  66. 66. Noble Group of Institutions 66 FUTURE PLAN OF COMPANY IN FUTURE COMPANY LAUNCH NEW PRODUCT (ICE-CREAM) IN THE MARKET:- SHEETAL launch two new ice-cream products in the future SHEETAL Pro-life Probiotic Wellness ice cream India’s First Probiotic Ice cream What don’t you have to do in order to be healthy? You work all day, catch your deadlines and catch the commute home before your favorite shows ends. Between all this, you have to ensure that you eat healthy to stay well and catch all rest. It seems like maintaining good health, itself, is taking a toll on your health. Here’s a delicious way to stay well. SHEETAL is all set to storm the Ice cream market with a new range of probiotic ice cream aimed at the total health conscious. Proboitic means “for life”. Proboitic are defined as “live beneficial culture administered in adequate amounts which confer a beneficial health effect on the host”. The human large intestine is an active site of no of microorganism known as gut micro flora. In a healthy person it a balance of a number of beneficial a bacteria. The gut micro floras actively play a role in health maintenance by modulation of immune system, protection from pathogens and virus invasion through gastrointestinal tract. They also aid in food digestion. a part from these beneficial bacteria also synthesizes some vitamins in gut. Our food habit, living habit, medication to cure disease, stress & strain, Age etc can cause
  67. 67. Noble Group of Institutions 67 the disturbance in balance of gut microfilaria. The disturbed gut micro flora can create a chance for pathogens and viral invasion. SHEETAL probiotic wellness ice cream has been made to confer the health benefit of these probiotic. Available in so many flavors packed in good packing: SHEETAL Probiotic wellness ice cream is available in: 125ml/500ml+500ml free and 1.25 liters in 5 flavors: Vanilla with chocolate sauce/Strawberry/chocolate/shahi Anjir and fresh litchi price ranging from Rs.15 (125ml) to 110(1.25litrs). SHEETAL Pro-life Sugar Free Probiotic Wellness frozen dessert India’s First low fat low calorie Delight Several generations of Indian consumers have grown up eating ice creams, which traditionally is combination of full cream milk, lot of sugar and nuts. Now with the changing trends, life style and climatic conditions people are becoming more and more health conscious. Keeping in mind the need of these calorie conscious people, SHEETAL is introducing first time in India- SHEETAL pro-life sugar free probiotic wellness frozen dessert. For an obesity person, it is always advisable to curb down their calorie intake. Because, high calorie intake causes the genesis of fat in body which gets stored in adipose tissues. Even though when no fat is consumed, excess digestible sugar in your diet can make you fatty. Too much sugar intake increases your vitamin B requirement and can make you Vitamin B deficient. For, managing low calorie diet, it is suggested to consume digestible sugar free and low fat diet which is rich in dietary fiber, protein and other nutrients. SHEETAL Pro-life sugar free Probiotic wellness dessert : LOW FAT LOW CALORIE SHEETAL Pro-life sugar free Probiotic wellness dessert has been made by reduced fat content and sugar replaced with combination of low calorie sweetener(Fructo-oligo saccharine and sucralose).These sweeteners has very low glycolic index because they sparingly gets digested by digestive enzymes in stomach and small intestine. Profile sugar free wellness frozen desserts has also been added with probiotic cultures which imparts a gastrointestinal well being and health benefiting factor. Low Fat:
  68. 68. Noble Group of Institutions 68 SHEETAL Pro-life Sugar Free delight is containing 50% less fat than the normal ice cream. Low Calorie – Sugar replaced with low calorie sweetness. Added benefits of low calorie sweetness (Fructo oligosaccharide): Fructo oligosaccharide is known as soluble dietary fiber. It escapes digestion at upper gastrointestinal tract and at large intestine it acts as a food for beneficial bacteria, thus improving gut micro flora. Improved gut micro flora ultimately leads to a number of health benefits; say improved resistance to food born disease, stimulation of body disease fighting ability, vitamin synthesis in gut, prevention of formation and growth of colon cancer. Who does SHEETAL Pro-life Sugar Free Proboitic wellness suit best? Any one who wants to control/manage OBESITY? SHEETAL’s Pro-life Sugar free probiotic wellness frozen dessert is enriched with live beneficial cultures that help your overall well being and health. Benefits: Has low fat and calorie content: hence reduces obesity Contains no added sugar Improves immunity and digestion Prevent gut infection and manages traveler’s diarrhea Available in so many flavors packed in international packing: SHEETAL Pro-life Sugar free wellness delight is available in: 125ml/500ml+500ml free and 1.25 liters in 5 flavors: Vanilla with chocolate sauce/Strawberry/chocolate/shahi Anjir and fresh litchi price ranging from Rs.18 (125ml) to 120(1.25litrs).
  69. 69. Noble Group of Institutions 69 Suggestions The company has more concentrate on the production of the product and sales of product. They should be provided to customer more and more quality and quantity to attract the customer. They should taking steps to provided customer to improved product features, packaging, creating awareness about product and other necessary action. They should be use good raw material and affordable price to customer. It shows the results in the sales of the company. The Operating expenses should be reduced and sales should be increased in the competitive market.
  70. 70. Noble Group of Institutions 70 Conclusion The Project Report on Ice-Cream industries. I have discussed 4ps of marketing mix and other relevant information. The market of Ice-Cream industries is expanding its demand for the product is increasing day by day. The return in this business is also satisfactory. At last it can be said that future of this product is very bright. The expectation of high profitability and good completing of high is assumed that it would be the perfect product to be manufacturing in today’s environment. After analyzing each department of this, I can conclude that at SHEETAL, every employee values the customers are satisfaction & retention over the past 17 years. They involve their customer at the design stage and help develop the Ice cream that will stand the rigorous environment resulting in no downtime. Product range of this sheetal ice cream is very high. There is no any case of conflict or grievances in the history of the workers are highly satisfied with the wage and salary system & the welfare policies adopted by the . The marketing department of the needs no reference because the product is in full demand and the personnel are highly experienced and worth. The is also involved in export business. There is a constant increase in the sales & profit of the. Moreover, has not issue any preference share or debentures till now. “SHREE SHEETAL INDUSTRIESS” is highly dedicated to each & every segment of the unit whether it’s marketing, production, human resource or finance. The customers of SHEETAL are delighted to work with them at every stage. The experienced & competent employees attend to their clients from all over the world from the first inquiry to the delivery of the Ice cream. Due to this constant performance, the occupies a strong position in the Ice cream industry as a whole especially among the top twenty companies of this field in India. So according to me the future of this ice cream industries is very bright & prosperous.
  71. 71. Noble Group of Institutions 71 BIBILOGRAPHY Marketing Management - Philip Kotler Sales promotion & advertising management -M.N.Mishra Research methodology - C.R. Kothari Website: - WWW.SHEETAL ice Link: - Info@SHEETAL ice-cream,sheetal shops Marketing mix -Wikipipedia, the free The Marketing mix and 4Ps of -