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Test management checklist


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Test Management Checklist for Test Manager

Published in: Leadership & Management
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Test management checklist

  1. 1. TestManagement- Checklist For TestManager’s By Harsha Kumar
  2. 2. Test Manager Checklist Task Deadline Brief Description Done Phase Planning Who is your replacement (second test manager, help)? Name: Who required the project? Who is 'Business'? Name: Who is Project Manager? Name: Who is Busisness Analist? Name: Who is Solution Designer? Name: Are there upcoming meetings? Make Schedule. When: Are there past meetings? Request MOM from the PM. The organizator of the meeting writes MOM after it with what all participants have agreed to do. If you are the Plan resources (test team: who, MDs, vacations). Name: Period: Replacements: Make email test group (update people for everything). TestGroup - consists of testets involved in project; Name: Participants: Is there already email project group, made by PM? Request to be added in. Email ProjectGroup consists of PM, BA, SD, TM, Managers, Senior Managers, Vendor, other people involved; Find document with basic information for project; Level: High or Low Make a list with questions; Q&A: Direct them to PM for organization, BA for business requirements, SD for technical solution; Require Project Plan Schedule from PM. Update with deadlines which must be met, including test manager responsibilities; Plan deadlines for tasks. Make ToDo list. Use Microsoft OneNote. 1.Creation of test plan, test cases plan and test cases, according to the deadlines in Project Plan Schedule; 1.2.Creation (days, testers involved) 1.3.Approvement (days, review group(managers, PM, vendor, etc.) Update Sharepoint or else, where PM has created project space, where all documentation will be uploaded. Plan bug track system. Choose system. Check its availability, readiness, compabillity with project. Write issue management procedure. Expected bug lifecycle (priority, status, time for reaction, etc.) Ensure access to bug track system to all participants. Send the procedure to all participants in projects, divided in teams. Plan location for test execution with PM. Plan where will be executed every kind of test.
  3. 3. Phase Analyse Prepared list with analysed and answered questions from planning phase Be part of Business Requirement Specification creation. Participate in meetings with Business. Analyse requirements and propose cases, which needs attention and resolution, to minimize risk of unexpected scenarios, bugs and CRs during testing phase. Start creation of Project Test Plan. Write down all major points: Goals Type of tests which will be executed Bug tracking system Bug track procedure Conditions for test results acceptance. Exit/Entry Criteria Suspension/Resumption Criteria Start planing test data if needed. Check if there are any criterias. Check environment. Keep updated shared folder with BRS versions. Keep updated testers with information about project. Phase Design Start creation of test data. Plan test data management (what is needed to keep test data clean, plan backup and restores to prevent test data loss, etc) Write test cases Write instructions for using involved systems according to test cases. Start drawing diagram of all systems which will be integrated. Which systems will be involved? How will they transfer information, how will communicate, by what, etc; Draw process flows (ex. WS communication way) Update Project Test Plan - plan all needed types of testing. Share all needed TNS, links, password in shared folder.
  4. 4. Phase Development & Testing Plan when will be needed restores and backups. Check if all needed systems are ready for use. Manage Recourses Made list with defects for which is responsible Vivacom or specific team. Monitor delivery of functionalities Start backup/restore checklist Write down all changes which are made to environment and test data by dates. Update test cases Manage reports Plan environmt changes - if merge will be performed, what regression or other test should be made Phase Parellel Run and Deployment (GO LIVE) Prepare Known issues list. 0 / 0
  5. 5. ABBR PM Project Manager BA Business Analist SD Solution Designer TM Test Manager MD Man Days MOM Minutes of Meeting CR Change request