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Want to start with your own business or do you want to expand your current business into new horizons? if the answer is yes, then we can help you with the same. Enroll for our partnership programs. Contact +91-9892854892 to know more over it.

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ibraine partnership program

  1. 1. Web Marketing Solution iBraine Reseller Program We are proud that iBraine has already partnered with more than 24 agencies around the globe, with almost maximum of these agencies from the United States. And even more so that our retention rate for partners exceeds 97%. We value your participation in our reseller / partner program and together we can make this a mutually beneficial program for both our companies. We offer three different partnership models which are listed below. You can opt for any of the programs as per your needs. Every model is designed for you to get the best of your service and to earn the maximum as per your need and time. Advantages of signing up for our reseller program:  Complete confidentiality, Non Disclosure Agreement not to contact your clients.  Help with initial technical details about the project.  Customized budgeting as per your client.1  Free private label reports with your Company’s “look & feel”.  24/7 availability for assistance on any of your client related queries. www.ibraine.com harsh@ibraine.com +91-9892854892 – harsh.pareek88 – pharsh88
  2. 2. Web Marketing Solution 1. Private Label Service If you are looking to expand your business by including more services to your current list, then this is the perfect plan for you where you can choose to start any of our Digital Marketing service under your brand name where you will outsource the projects to us and our identity will always be hidden for everyone. Your clients will never know about us. Advantages of Private Label Model 1. Confidentiality is always our priority. We will never disclose any information about our relation to anyone. You client will receive service from your company and will always be unaware of our identity. 2. Be assured that your name will never be disclosed anywhere. All the reports and co-ordination, conference call, emails, presales calls etc will be made under your brand name and iBraine will never appear anywhere. 3. Your clients would be contacted under your own brand name. We will also help you with converting a leads into a sales for an interested clients. Usually many clients asks to speak with a technical person who will be handling their projects before starting with the project and so our technical team will assist you with pre sales calls. Also the client provided by you will never be pitched from iBraine till its in service with your company. 4. We don’t charge anything before the project is started. There is no Start-up and Set-up fee for any project. All the projects will be charged purely on the plans delivered and there won’t be any charges for any other technical help and pre sales reporting. 5. You will get all the presales support and audit reports. All the clients for all the services will be eligible for pre sales, audit, weekly and monthly report. 6. Priority support for any client reporting or queries. With our Private Label Service, you will be eligible for our priority support plan2 where you can always ask for any report or conference call on an urgent basis. Our team will always be available to help you on short notice also. www.ibraine.com harsh@ibraine.com +91-9892854892 – harsh.pareek88 – pharsh88
  3. 3. Web Marketing Solution Plans and Pricing for Private Label Service With our Private Label service, you are always eligible for a customized plan and proposal for your clients. Either you can choose a custom plan available on our website for each service or you can ask for a customized plan for the clients depending on the number of service the client wants to start or depending on the size of business. Agreement There will be a Non-Disclosable Agreement signed between us to make sure that we will never disclose your identity to anyone of you working with us. This will give both the companies a confidence over each other. Exams Being our Private Label Partner we will also help you and your company to get different types of certification from Google, Bing and other platforms on your name which will help you to get more projects and this will also get your clients a confidence over your company for Digital Marketing Services3 www.ibraine.com harsh@ibraine.com +91-9892854892 – harsh.pareek88 – pharsh88
  4. 4. Web Marketing Solution 2. Authorised Reseller/ Franchisee Service Do you have a settled business or still looking for something to add to your income? Become an iBraine Authorized reseller. Pitch clients on our brand name or forward us some leads and allow our sales team to close the leads. Advantages of Franchisee Model  Save money by working from home.  You can use our well settled Brand name to pitch clients.  Get access to our reports and marketing materials.  You will be eligible to use our logo and portfolios to pitch clients.  24/7 Support from our sales and other teams. 3. Referral Service This takes the least amount of time and is the easiest of all our services. It’s also a great way to earn money. All you need to is sign up with iBraine Affiliate Program and, using the forms given to you, refer iBraine services to your friends. You earn affiliate commissions for each sign-up from your referrals. If any of the above services interest you, then contact us immediately and we can provide you with more details. Contact You can always get in touch with us for any query or assistance. Email – harsh@braine.com Tel – +91-22-65315666 / +91-22-402240944 Cell - +91-9892854892 Gtalk – pharsh88 Skype – harsh.pareek88 www.ibraine.com harsh@ibraine.com +91-9892854892 – harsh.pareek88 – pharsh88