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  1. 1. Multination corporation (MNC) areoften divided into three broadgroups :-Horizontally integratedmultinational corporationsVertically integratedmultinational corporationsDiversified multinational
  2. 2. Multinationals have played animportant role in globalization .Given their international reach andmobility , many countries andsometimes regions within countries ,sometimes compete with each otherto have MNC’s locate their facilities (subsequent tax revenue ,employment and economic activity )
  3. 3. One Billion plus populationIndia amongst top 10 largesteconomies , 4th largest in terms ofpurchasing power parity250 – 300 Middle ClassesGross Domestic Product ( G.D.P)growing over 8-9% . Makes it one of thefastest growing economies.Easier Access to Capital
  4. 4. Sustaining a high level ofinvestmentTechnological gapExploitation of natural resourcesUndertaking the initial riskDevelopment of basic economicinfrastructureForeign exchange gap
  5. 5. MNC’s have become vehicle oftechnology to the developing countries.Greater employment and careeropportunities are provided by theseMNC’sMNC’s make commendable contributionsto the inventions and innovations in thehost countryPractice of MNC’s bring to the hostcountry , latest technique in the fields
  6. 6. MNC’s create monopolies in themarket and eliminate localcompetitorsMNC’s may create depletion ofresources due to its continuous useby overseas countriesMNC’s generally import rawmaterial due its overuse byoverseas companies
  7. 7. The name Vodafonecomes from Voice data fone, chosen by the company to“Reflect The Provision Of Voice And Data Services Over Mobile Phones.“
  8. 8. Vodafones original logo, used until the introduction of the speechmark logo in 1997In 1980, Sir Ernest Harrison OBE, chairman of Racal Electronics plcs, the UKs largest maker ofmilitary radio technology, agreed a deal with Lord Weinstock of General Electric Company plc toallow Racal to access some of GECs tactical battlefield radio technology. Briefing the head of Racalsmilitary radio division Gerry Whent to drive the company into commercial mobile radio, Whentvisited GEs factory in Virginia, USA in 1980.In 1982, Racals newly formed Racal Strategic Radio Ltd subsidiary won one of two UK cellulartelephone network licences, with the other going to British TelecomThe network, known as RacalVodafone, was 80% owned by Racal, with Millicom holding 15% and Hambros Technology Trust 5%.Vodafone was launched on 1 January 1985.Racal Strategic Radio was renamed RacalTelecommunications Group Limited in 1985.On 29 December 1986, Racal Electronics bought out theminority shareholders of Vodafone for GB£110 million.Under stock market pressure to realise full value for shareholders (the mobile unit was being valuedat the same amount as the whole Racal group), in September 1988, the company was again renamedRacal Telecom, and on 26 October 1988, Racal Electronics floated 20% of the company. The flotationvalued Racal Telecom at GB£1.7 billion On 16 September 1991, Racal Telecom was demerged fromRacal Electronics as Vodafone Group.
  9. 9. 21st centuryThe headquarters of Vodafone Romania in Bucharest.On 28 July 2000, the Company revertedto its former name, Vodafone Group plc. In April 2001, the first 3G voice call was made onVodafone United Kingdoms 3G network.In 2001, the Company acquired Eircell, the largestwireless communications company in the Republic of Ireland, from eircom. Eircell wassubsequently rebranded as Vodafone Ireland. Vodafone then went on to acquire Japans third-largest mobile operator J-Phone, which had introduced camera phones first in Japan.On 17December 2001, Vodafone introduced the concept of "Partner Networks", bysigning TDC Mobil of Denmark. The new concept involved the introduction of Vodafoneinternational services to the local market, without the need of investment by Vodafone. Theconcept would be used to extend the Vodafone brand and services into markets where it doesnot have stakes in local operators. Vodafone services would be marketed under the dual-brand scheme, where the Vodafone brand is added at the end of the local brand. (i.e., TDCMobil-Vodafone etc.)In 2007, Vodafone entered into a title sponsorship deal with the McLaren Formula Oneteam, which has since traded as Vodafone McLaren Mercedes.In May 2011, Vodafone GroupPlc bought the rest of the shares of Vodafone Essar from Essar Group Ltd with value of$5 billion and became a solely owned of Vodafone Essar.
  10. 10. Vodafone in INDIA came withacquiring Hutchison essarlimited.Vodafone was launchedofficially on 21st September2007.Than on hutch was rebranded
  11. 11. Vodafone has givenbirth to the Zoozoo:a special charactercreated specificallyto convey a valueadded service (VAS)offering in each ofthe newly releasedcommercials.
  12. 12. Vodafone has come with creativeadvertising campaign for its variousplans.This strategy has captured theimagination of millions.The strategy is a buzz that lives up to thebrand image of great creatives andclever marketing.In the first 10 days of IPL (Indian premierleague) it has reached a cumulative of 89million people.
  13. 13. This has helped the company to raise not only itsprofits through sales but has also tremendouslyincreased its brand value.Zoozoos have become so popular that Vodafonehas succeeded in its effort of viral or buzzmarketing. Their add campaign has gained so muchpopularity all over the world.The viewership for the add is highest among allthe adds. What’s interesting is that there aresome 25 such commercials planned under thiscampaign, 10 of which are already on air.
  14. 14. Zoozoos have beensuccessful in givingVodafone a makeover andestablishing maximumbrand presence.The charm of the Zoozoowas itself a great self-marketing strategy andthey were instant successamong masses. Within fewdays, Zoozooz created ahuge audience for them,
  15. 15. Zoozoos dominating socialnetworking sites.Created StrongAssociation.Wallpapers, ringtones, videos,, stories etc ofZoozoos.Videos had 3million hits in3 weeks.Most watched video.Most watched brand inbreaks.Vodafone becomes INDIA’s
  16. 16. Low cost ads made a very good impact.Zoozoo Concept highlights the presenceof Vodafone in India very dominantly.The strategy of strong advertising notonly saves lots of money but alsocreates a positive impact in societyregarding their brand.Advertises more relate to common man,leads to more customers.Within a very short period they acquire3’rd place in communication market.