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Wiki Wednesday - CrisisCommons Wiki


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5 minute presentation given a London Wiki Wednesdays about

Photo of me talking:

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Wiki Wednesday - CrisisCommons Wiki

  1. 1. Crisis Commons Wiki (mess) Harry Wood @harry_wood
  2. 3. Used pro-actively for crisis commons organisation. Quite active. Quite messy.
  3. 4. Main Page <ul><li>Visually appealing
  4. 5. Boxes portal style
  5. 6. Selected links </li></ul>
  6. 7. 'Projects' page <ul><li>Big list of projects
  7. 8. Needs compacting
  8. 9. Page-per-project
  9. 10. Status confusion </li></ul>
  10. 11. <ul><li>“upcoming” events
  11. 12. “current” task list
  12. 13. “latest” status </li></ul>Out of date Duplication
  13. 14. Fix it yourself! Always the first step Not my wiki but.. It is a wiki! I can fix it.
  14. 15. Clean up 'project' page List general problems Or specific mess Wiki Guidelines Wiki labels Anyone want to help?
  15. 16. Google it -> Next one - March 20th Harry Wood @harry_wood And finally...