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Beingopen - OpenStreetMap


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Talk about give on Wed 16th Feb 2011 at beingopen:

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Beingopen - OpenStreetMap

  1. 1. Harry Wood
  2. 2. <ul>Not for profit </ul><ul>£ </ul>
  3. 3. Community > 350,000 registered users
  4. 4. Building a map from scratch <ul><li>On the ground surveys
  5. 5. Lot of work (needs lots of people) </li></ul>GPS
  6. 6. wikipedia of maps
  7. 7. Openly Editable
  8. 9. ...results in a map on
  9. 10. ...and many other sites
  10. 11. RAW DATA Open Licensed <ul>XML API. Download a bbox </ul>Download the whole planet! (14GB)
  11. 12.
  12. 14. OSM and Ordnance Survey £many £0 Low quality High quality OS OSM
  13. 15. OSM and Ordnance Survey £many £0 Low quality High quality OS MasterMap OSM OS StreetView OS Landranger
  14. 16. Destroying business models? Destroying monopolies Disruptive tech New geodata niches End users of maps
  15. 17. Use the maps Take the free data Take regular updates Feed your data in? Work with the community ... ...
  16. 18. @harry_wood on twitter
  17. 19. Harry Wood has been an OpenStreetMap enthusiast, and contributor since 2006. He works as a senior software engineer at on projects relating to transport and GPS data analysis. Previously he worked in a technical and OpenStreetMap community development role at CloudMade. In 2011 he has continued to volunteer for the project in several roles, as mapper, developer, documenter, community coordinator, promoter, and the chief London event organiser. These slides are (of course) freely re-usable under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 License Map images cc-by-sa2 contributors.,,, ö,, . Wrecking ball photo by Rhys's Piece Is. Adapted free clipart from