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Part 4


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Part 4

  1. 1. Due to my film being a Thriller certainsocial groups may not be interested inthe storyline and plot because of theoccurrences within the film simply notconcerning them; for example thesocial group ‘chavs’ may not Connectwith the film because one mainconcepts is deep emotions; and chavsmay look upon being deeply emotionalnot cool due to it making then seemless ‘hard’.
  2. 2. Other groups which may what my film arelargely varied; this is because the Thrillergenre isn’t very restrictive, for examplethe sub-genre ‘chick flicks’ is veryrestricted because it mostly appeals tofemales; and more specifically femaleswho enjoy cheap romance. This is unlikeThrillers because the range of contentwithin the genre is vast, thereforeincreasing the possibility of social groupsbeing potentially interested.
  3. 3. Realistically not all friends and people who watch films together are the same socialgrouping; therefore it is hard to narrow down the most common throughout so I willsuggest why a few groupings may be the audience to my film.Besides chavs other groups which may what my film could be:• Social grouping ‘Emo’s’, this is because stereotypically they are very deeplyemotional. They may watch the film because of their familiarity with the strong emotionsportrayed within the psycho’s actions.• The age grouping ‘middle aged’, socially this refers to anyone who is betweenabout 30-50 and I think this age group would watch my film because at this age they aremore considerate and mature due to longer life experience; therefore may enjoy more in-depth, intelligent and well thought out films rather than a younger generation which ismore likely to enjoy intense, fast-paced movies with a weaker storyline.• The social grouping ‘Geek’, geeks may enjoy a Thriller movie because of themore intelligent storylines usually used within the genre, therefore geeks may find itmore potentially exciting to work out the storyline and perhaps predict what will happennext. Whereas other groups such as chavs may not give a second thought or simply notcare.