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Deconstruction of production splash


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Deconstruction of production splash

  1. 1. The original logo has 24 stars whichThe mountain may suggest represented the 24 actors which theystability in the filming previously employed but the moreindustry, because the recent logo has 22 and is technicallycompany has been operating meaningless but they may representsince 1914 this may prove to star quality etc, which projects abe correct. professional image upon the company. The clouds may suggest that the company is above everyone else; therefore on top ofThe space above may the world because ofindicate the is space for ‘Viacom’ short for Videos Audio their extreme successany genre of movie in of 20 award winningtheir company; this is Communications bought out and have movies from 1980-because the firm have 2000.produced movies from a owned Paramount sincelarge range of genres 2006.since their formation.
  2. 2. The blinding lens- The woman herself represents theflare could indicate united states because of theirthe viewer will be national flag draped around her,blinded by the films and is a personification of thestrength of country.perfection. Golden clouds may infer valueThe woman and the power tobeing on the increasetop step may massively asuggest high subjects originalranking and value e.g antherefore good average storylinequality in the transformed intofilm industry. a phenomenal Columbia was sold film. to SONY pictures in 1989 therefore their logo is present on the production splash.